Deck Archetype: Control Warrior

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Deck Archetype: Control Warrior

Post by Warr's奧默 on Mon 03 Aug 2015, 6:42 pm

Control Warrior is a style of Warrior deck designed around taking advantage of the Warrior's strong card draw, survivability vis-a-vis armor, and inexpensive removal. Those features build to a late game with a lot of legendary minions and heavy hitting options. The effective ways in which dealing damage to your own minions as a Control Warrior can be turned into defensive value is fairly unique to this deck style.

Table of Contents

Deck Composition

Iterative versions of Control Warrior have taken various core cards out or changed certain elements of the playstyle, but almost all Control Warriors use the following cards:

2x  Execute
2x  Shield Slam
2x  Armorsmith
2x  Cruel Taskmaster
2x  Fiery War Axe
2x  Acolyte of Pain
2x  Shield Block
1x  Brawl
1x  Sylvanas Windrunner
1x  Grommash Hellscream
1x  Ragnaros the Firelord

These are the 18 cards that appear in most every Control Warrior deck. Variants will have faster or slower options by including additional weapons for either removal or face damage, further late-game legendaries for extra stickiness, taunts or silences as anti-meta answers, or more early game spells for removal. Popular additions may include:

 Frothing Berserker
 Death's Bite
 Kor'kron Elite
 Sen'jin Shieldmasta
 Sludge Belcher
 The Black Knight
 Baron Geddon

New! Some Control Warrior variants using Goblins vs. Gnomes cards have already started to emerge. Typically, those decks are adding cards such as:

 Dr. Boom

Playstyle, Tips, and Notes

Control Warrior thrives off of having ways to build up armor (which can be turned into removal via  Shield Slam), draw cards, and take your opponent's minions off the board early and often. As much as possible, you want to clear the board, while getting as much armor built up and as much card draw as is possible from your minions and spells.


Mulligan away anything higher than a 3-drop. Ideal hands will have a  Fiery War Axe, and it's always great to see one or both Armorsmiths in the early game. Having an  Execute in the event that you're expecting a Ramp Druid or Handlock is also favorable.

Combos and Counters

Most of the combos in Control Warrior have to do with dealing damage to your own minions:

 Armorsmith +  Cruel Taskmaster
 Acolyte of Pain +  Cruel Taskmaster
 Cruel Taskmaster +  Execute
 Shield Block +  Shield Slam
 Grommash Hellscream +  Cruel Taskmaster


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