Blizzard and Community References in WoW

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Blizzard and Community References in WoW

Post by Prefoxfoxfox on Tue 26 May 2015, 4:14 pm

Last year, we made a popular guide to in-game tributes to community members and Blizzard staff. With the launch of the new expansion Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard added many new references so we’ve updated our list for 2014!

This guide looks at Blizzard staff and WoW players who have their names referenced in WoW in some form--items, NPCs, quests, locations. 

Did you know the NPCs placating the angry townsfolk inОчищение Стратхольма are named after the Customer Service team? Perhaps you've tamed Призрачный Краб in Vash'jir, answered Blizzard Historian Старший историк Эвелина's questions on the Timeless Isle, bought battle pets from Бреанни, or found  Необычный перстень-печатки Перкулии in Pandaria :)

We're happy to include additional references, but we've deliberately left out some items and details based on privacy concerns and requests.


  • Wowhead Staff

  • Blizzard Employees

  • WoW Community

  • Death Knight

  • Druid

  • Hunter

  • Mage

  • Monk

  • Paladin

  • Priest

  • Rogue

  • Shaman

  • Warlock

  • Warrior

  • Ashran

  • Pets and Collectors

  • Artists, Crafts, Cosplay

  • General

  • Film and YouTube

  • Elitist Jerks

Wowhead Staff

Many Wowhead staff members received items in Warlords of Draenor:

  •  Загадочный перстень Аруи: This item is named after Aryu, a Wowhead developer! Aryu raided in Ensidia before starting at Wowhead in 2011. He handles all of the data for Wowhead, including datamining at 3 am, presenting Blizzard's data in more user-friendly ways, and adjusting the database to handle unannounced data changes on Blizzard's end so our tools keep working. The flavor text refers to the constant process of datamining and discovering data changes.

  •  Украшенный воинский пояс Ашелии: Ashelia became the site director for Wowhead in 2011! Under her guidance, theTransmog Sets database and Guides were launched, as well as user-favorite contests like the database scavenger hunts. She was also instrumental in growing our News section to cover more beta/PTR coverage and datamining changes. Ashelia also helped acquire LolKing--she spends most of her time there now, but you may catch her on Wowhead/Hearthhead setting up contests or helping with news!

  •  Учетная книга торговли Эрора: This item is named after Erorus, who developed The Undermine Journal and Realm Popbefore starting work at Wowhead in 2013. The flavor text on the item refers to The Undermine Journal, which tracks all auctions. Erorus is behind many features at Wowhead, including the Garrison Calculator, Battle Pet Team Calculator, Character Planner, Blue Tweet Tracker, and Sounds Database.

  •  Необнаружимая преграда Джерека: This item is named after Jerek, a Wowhead developer and designer! Jerek has been part of our battle pet and guides revamp, as well as developing Hearthhead Decks and the Deck Builder. The item is most likely a shield as his favorite character is a Warrior.

  •  Захваты Ноксии: Noxy is the site artist for Wowhead! She does the adorable logos, contest art, and holiday graphics on the site, which you can browse here. She also creates name badges for every BlizzCon, drawing likenesses of WoW players and Blizzard staff. You can check out her 2014 badges here. This year her open slots sold out in just a few days! Noxy also has the related Garrison followers Ноксия Ато, Брайан Шнау, and Сара Шнау.

Previously, several staff members received tributes:

  • I received a BoE ring in Pandaria,  Необычный перстень-печатки Перкулии, as well as  Смоляной плащ Кю-Сай, which sounds like my last name, from Highmaul trash which is a nice counterpart to  Великолепный плащ Джилл.

  • The Alliance garrison follower Клэр "Лисица" is named after former Wowhead developer Poeticdragon--it's a play on her real name.

  • Olivia currently works on Warcraft and eSports for Blizzard, but you may know her from her time at Wowhead assisting with news and co-hosting Wowhead Weekly. Previously she was WoW Insider's PvP and add-on columnist, as well as host Legendary at Gamebreaker TV. She has the Ordos item  Глубокий взгляд Оливии with a PvP model, and she also has the amusing object Долговая расписка, which references a running joke on twitter that Olivia would bake the devs one million cookies each if they implemented cross-realm arenas.

  • Хранитель мудрости Скосирис: Skosiris is the co-founder of Wowhead and as such runs the "organized and clearly labeled" library in Shattrath that makes "the grand libraries of Silvermoon City pale in comparison," according to his in-game dialogue. Each bookcase in the library serves as a different profession trainer.

Blizzard Employees

When reading this section, it's good to note that designers name items after each other for fun--they don't usually name items after themselves.

Alex Ackerman

Alex Ackerman is a PR writer for Blizzard. Her NPC, Алекси Хакеркам, shows up in the Alliance Garrison and sells useful crafting recipes.

Alex "Furor" Afrasiabi

Alex "Furor" Afrasiabi, now the Creative Designer for WoW, has a number of items stretching back to vanilla WoW:

  • The Фрас Сиаби encounter in Стратхольм is filled with references. The former quest  Великий Фрас Сиаби used to send players to explore the old cigar shop, which was revised in Cataclysm to be  Великий Фрас Сиаби. Players can open a mailbox near his shop with  Ключ от почтового ящика Фраса Сиаби, read about his shop in  Реклама Фраса Сиаби, and kill him for  Лучший табак Сиаби. A live version of him, Фрас Сиаби, can be found in Очищение Стратхольма.

  • Players who wanted to obtain the original  Кель'Серрар had to first get  Справочник Форора по истреблению драконов from Dire Maul.

  • Foror and Tigole as a pair are found in the Children's Week delicacy  Клубничное мороженое Тигуля и Форора and the AV item  Картина Форора и Тигуля с подписями мастеров. The original Zul'Gurub also had  Глазная повязка Форора and  Гарпун Тигуля as drops.

  • Фельдмаршал Афрасиаби is a clear reference to his name, there are also NPCs referencing one of his characters, Kariel.Налетчик Кариель is a Rogue trainer and Скелет Кариэля Винтхалуса is an old Dire Maul NPC that was the author of many librams like  Манускрипт здоровья.

  • Кариэль Шелест Ветра is an Alliance night elf follower that can be recruited from the Garrison Inn.

  • Брейзи Нашол sells  Чуть большая порция пива Фраса Сиаби in limited supply, which increases the size of the player.

  • Лорд Афрасастраз gives the daily quest  Оборона Храма Драконьего Покоя for  Быстрая оборона in Dragonblight, and appears in Dragon Soul for the rogue quests  Доказательство силы and  Тайное сообщение.

  • He can be found in several unobtainable items:  Кольцо отваги Алекса and the removed flavor text in  Свисток Проблеска. His name is also on several PTR items like  Ящик с бесконечными припасами для сопротивления Форораand  Утиратель-нейтрализатор Форора.

Alexander "Xelnath" Brazie

Former Encounter Designer Alexander Brazie had an eclectic series of items named after him:

  • In the Plants vs Zombies tribute game, Ботаник Брейзи is the NPC who runs the event. Rewards include  Особый светильник для растений Брейзи and the battle pet  Семена подсолнуха Брейзи.

  • Alliance players in Icecrown Citadel come across the pervy vendor Брейзи Нашол who sells  Черная книга секретов Брейзи for 22,000. This contains  "Добиться дренейской девушки." Сочинение Брейзи.,  "Документ о дворфийских дамах." Сочинение Брейзи.,  "Гномские голубки: гляди в оба!" Сочинение Брейзи.,  "Жертвы ради женщин." Сочинение Брейзи.,  "Эти эксцентричные ночные эльфийки!.." Сочинение Брейзи.. When talking to Brazie, he has interesting dialogue options hinting at creepy and non-legal wares he has to sell (possibly the unused item  Инструмент для гномских услад?).

  • Интендант Брейзи is the Alliance quartermaster for Tol Barad.

Ben Brode

  •  Фолиант Пропавших may reference several songs in the flavor text, but "The Brode to Nowhere" also references Senior Game Designer for Hearthstone Ben Brode.

  • Бенджамин Броуд wanders around your Garrison sounding very excited and cheerful. He sells the Hearthstone-themed toys  Доска для игры в Hearthstone and  Выигрышная комбинация. He wears a red checkered shirt similar to his Hearthstone Credits card  Ben Brode and he tries to blend in with the Horde Garrison by wearing a cartoonish Orc mask—but he’s not fooling anyone.

  • Старший историк Эвелина represents Senior Historian Evelyn Fredericksen, who quizzes players on their lore knowledge in  Вневременный вопрос.

  • Accompanying here are Историк Ллор, named after Sean "Loreology" Copeland and Историк Ю'па, after Justin Parker. Copeland also appears in Stormwind as Шон Коупленд.  Ясность Коупленда is a Draenor BoE named after him as well.

To learn more about the life of a Blizzard Historian, check out WoW Insider's interview with Sean Copeland.

Brian "Desvin" Holinka

PvP Designer Brian Holinka is an Alliance Pandaria PvP vendor (Воитель Голин) and the Horde Pandaria PvP vendor, Ру Десвин, is named after his forum nickname

On the eastern beach in Ashran, Брайан Холинка can be found with Крис Калейки. Both wearing Season 16 Elite gear—the warrior and monk sets.

Chris Kaleiki

Game designer Chris Kaleiki has an awesome twink weapon,  Потерянный тренировочный посох Калейки, and Wrath NPC (Штейгер Калейки) named after him. Check out more of his thoughts on game design on his MMO game design blog.

On the eastern beach in Ashran, Крис Калейки can be found with Брайан Холинка. Both wearing Season 16 Elite gear—the warrior and monk sets.

Chris Kowalski

Chris Kowalski is a senior sound designer.

  •  Музыкальная шкатулка Ковальски, an Ashran item, sooths enemies so they are less likely to aggro you.

  • Первый помощник Ковальски is found on the boat between Theramore and Wetlands.

Chris Metzen

  • Chris Metzen, the Senior VP of Story and Development at Blizzard, is a Winter Veil reindeer you are required to save for  К Метцену!.

  • Metzen is also a member of the Argent Dawn in Northrend: Мститель Метц, Командир Метц

Community Management

  •  Фокусирующий кристалл Тимбала: Senior Community Rep Zarhym was originally known as Timbal on the WoW forums. Many players name their  Призрачный череп battle pet after Zarhym since it closely resembles his forum avatar, and  Целый Зарим is the most recent tribute to him on the Timeless Isle.

  •  Брошенная пластина брони Крайгила: Crygil was one of the forum Community Managers from Wrath. When asked about why he discarded the item, he responsed on the forums "Fel-Reavers can't read. I didn't discard it, it was stolen from me while I slept."

  • Дриск: Drysc, now known as Bashiok, is well-known to forum goers from his Diablo III and Warcraft posts. His NPC is a neophyte Shaman seeking instruction in the Exodar.  He also got another NPC named after him, this time it'sБашиок who drops a dancing tree, the  Дух Башиока. The NPC resembles his forum avatar, which is a tree from Felwood.

  • Критто: This perky pug is the Gamon of Stormwind--although he wears a variety of fashionable hats, he'll attack you. When killed, he drops  Ошейник без щенка. Crithto's avatar on the WoW forums is a Perky Pug, and CM Crithto is an avid pet-battler, writing the weekly Major Payne blog. The pugs with fashionable hats have also been seen in  Ящик с похищенными щенками.

  • Айоникс: This Netherstorm innkeeper is named after longtime Community Manager Eyonix, who left Blizzard in 2010 for SEGA.

  •  Негаснущая свеча: This trinket is named after Community Manager Nethaera, whose forum avatar is a burning candle. Another tribute is Небесный сержант Вандерлип, who shares her real name. This NPC gives the tricky quest  Еще разок задать им жару! needed for  Бомбист Острогорья.

  • Надина Звездный Самоцвет sells Flexible Tier 16 armor in between watching Hearthstone games! This NPC is named afterZeriyah, who is a Community Manager for Hearthstone. The "stargem" refers to her mana crystal avatar used on the Blizzard forums and Nadina references one of her WoW characters.

  •  Плащ языков пламени Кауфебирда: Rygarius, frequently nicknamed “coffee bird” on twitter, is responsible for writing all of the detailed patch notes and hot fixes.

Cory Stockton

  • Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton shows up as Корит Стоктрон, the Zangarmarsh innkeeper with an interesting sense of style ( Вычурная походная шляпа,  Черная рубашка сорвиголовы, purple cape) and the unique beverage  Кенарийская настойка with  Крепкий алкоголь. effect.

  • Relatives of Cory Stockton can be seen in Stormwind (Тайлер Стоктон and Натан Стоктон), Shrine of Seven Stars (Марша Стоктон and Энн Стоктон), Undercity (Аукционист Стоктон), and Dalaran (Кристи Стоктон).

  • Кристи Стоктон's wine shop selling items like  Бочонок старого даларанского красного also fits in well with his interest in fine drinks, documented on Twitter.

  • Корри is one of the NPCs fighting in Tanaan Jungle.

  • Колриг Стоктрон is the bartender at the Spires of Arak Inn for the Alliance. You save him from being poisoned, and then he sends you on a quest which rewards  Таинственный бочонок.

Customer Service in Culling of Stratholme

In Очищение Стратхольма, several townsfolk are named after Blizzard Customer Service. Ironically, much of their dialogue is tied to placating angry citizens about the grain shipment.

  • Брок Трисс: Vrakthris is one of the original Customer Service posters. He also has the tribute NPC Небоступ Врактрис.

  • Стефани Синдри: Syndri is a former Customer Service rep who is now Lylirra, a Community Manager for Diablo III. She later had  Сияющий венец Лилирры named after her.

  • Механический приветствователь RY7R: Named after former Customer Service rep Reythur, whose avatar was a robot quite similar to this NPC's model.

  • Оливия Зенит: Named after former Customer Service rep Zenylith, who is now a Latin Community Manager.

  • Майкл Белфаст: Named after former Customer Service rep Belfaire, who now writes at WoW Insider.

  • Additional NPCs include Эдвард Оррик for Auryk, Патриция О'Рейли for Orlyia, Мал Коррикс for Malkorix, and Брендон Эйредек for Aredek.

Dave "Fargo" Kosak

Before working at Blizzard, Lead Narrative Designer Dave Kosak worked at Gamesply and wrote the Flintlocke comic series, featuring Fargo and Flintlocke, a confused Warrior who wants to be a Hunter and rides a dead ram mount and has annoyed Ironforge in spite of being a dwarf.

  • Греви: One of the main characters in Flintlocke vs The Horde, currently serving as a bartender in Orgrimmar.

  • Фарго Кремневый Затвор sends Alliance players to Twilight Highlands, which is an odd choice after he's nuked Stormwind in a previous installment of Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth.

  • Рок'тар sends Horde players to Twilight Highlands and is the main character of the follow-up series Flintlocke vs. The Horde.

  • Flintlocke has a number of items named after him, such as  Взрыватель Кремневого Затвора which looks like a melee weapon and fits with Flintlocke's combat style.

  •  Птицемет Кремневого Затвора references his signature "Chuck-Shot" which was made with blasting powder and an angry woodchuck. This enchant makes your ranged weapon periodically spit out a critter.

  •  Курострел Кремневого Затвора: When looting corpses, Flintlocke also had to remember to pick up the Chuck-Shot dislodged in his enemies. It was quite dirty, leading to the flavor text "This weapon has clearly never been cleaned. Ever."

  •  Летные штаны Кремневого Затвора: References Flintlocke's debatable skills in flying a "diridgerdabler-able... diriger-jib-gibjer-lobbler... BLIMP" which eventually crashes.

  • Командир Ло Пинь: This badge vendor is named after Lo Ping, who enjoyed hoarding tons of items.

Many followers that can be recruited from the Inn are references to Flintlocke:

  • "Док" Швайцер: This follower can be recruited as Alliance or Horde which is fitting with his guild allegiances.

  • Фарго Кремневый Затвор

  • Роза Крови

  • Катрена Зимний Шорох

  • Малопинг

  • Шери

  • Греви

  • Рок'тар

Dorothy Tu

Dorothy is an internal communications coordinator at Blizzard. Her NPC, Дороти "Двойка", is the Alliance Garrison Fur Trader.

Eric Dodds

The mystery of Edward the Odd’s identity was solved on Twitter—it was revealed that Lead Designer for Hearthstone Eric Dodds was the reference for all the purposely mismatching Edward the Odd items:  Рука Эдварда Странного Воля Эдварда Странного Перстень Эдварда Странного Наплечье Эдварда Странного Ботфорты Эдварда Странного.

Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street

  • Призрачный Краб: Former Lead Systems Designer Ghostcrawler is a rare spawn in Vash'jir, a zone he liked due to his background in oceanography. This rare spawn has the infamous  Общая слабость ability and looks like a spectral version of Ghostcrawler's crab forum avatar.

  •  Мне обещали пони: Pokes fun at players complaining Ghostcrawler didn't give them what they asked for.

  •  На землю!: Back in 2008, Ghostcrawler mentioned that ret paladins could be nerfed to the ground.


According to a comment on Аргонис Солнечное Сердце's page, several Garrison followers are named after Blizzard interns. We'd love to know more information, if you can direct us to other interns with followers, leave a comment!

Jeffrey "Tigole" Kaplan

Former Game Director Jeffrey Kaplan (moved to Titan, now Overwatch) has some humorous test items:  Всезахламитель Тиголя and  [Tigole's Boomstick (TEST)]. He also has the  Гарпун Тигуля from old Zul'Gurub. He's paired up with Foror in the Children's Week delicacy  Клубничное мороженое Тигуля и Форора and the AV item  Картина Форора и Тигуля с подписями мастеров.

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Re: Blizzard and Community References in WoW

Post by Prefoxfoxfox on Tue 26 May 2015, 4:15 pm

Jeremy Feasel

Джереми Фитиль is the Master Pet Trainer at the Darkmoon Faire. Defeating his team, which is no small feat, has a small chance to reward you with  Око Новолуния. In real life, Jeremy Feasel is a Senior Game Designer who recently worked on Garrisons and the Timeless Isle. Кристоф фон Физель is named after his brother, who is engaged in eternal sibling rivalry between his fireworks hat and boastful dialogue.

Joe Rumsey

Lead Software Engineer Joe Rumsey has a series of strong beverages named after him:  Ром Ромси Ром Ромси "Черный ярлык" Светлое пиво капитана Ромси Черный ром Ромси Белый ром Ромси, and  Рецепт: светлое пиво капитана Ромси.

Jonathan LeCraft

 Удочка Умейки: Sr. Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft is referenced in this unused legendary fishing pole which matches  Старый Хитрюга

He also shows up in Shrine of Seven Stars: Джонатан Ле Карф (a tribute to his original hardcore Diablo III character, whose dialogue is the death message) and as Ремеслий Мозголом before he racial changed to gnome.

His latest appearance is as Ремеслий Мозголом, the Ashran quartermaster who can drop every romance novel, including  Скабрезный любовный роман: "Необузданные страсти".

Kevin Jordan

Former Game Designer Kevin Jordan, now at Cryptozoic, worked on Diablo and WoW. There's a series of items named after him like  Кушак Джордана and the popular  Старинный посох Джордана.

Kieu Le

Киу is named after Licensing Coordinator Kieutipie and the follower has her signature pink hair!

Lake Dumont

Lake Dumont is home to a group of NPCs from the same Blizzard team, according to BlizzCon 2010. They are stranded on an island with a crumbling tower--some NPCs are dancing, while others are on the lookout or asleep.

The NPCs include the following: Брандан ВандерпулБрайан ХорнКейси ФултонДжейк ПеттонДжуда МелерДжонни СурпЛарисса БусселЛукас МериноМэри Энн СкуересМатиас ВолькертРайан СлайСом Вандерпул.

Monte Krol

The BoE  Клинок Крола has grown up each expansion:  Колун Крола Лабрисса Крола Ятаган Крола, and finally an elite Крол Клинок. Possible reference to Lead Tools Engineer Monte Krol.

New Hearthglen

The Horde questline in Dragonblight taking players to New Hearthglen references many Blizzard employees.

  •  Никакой пощады пленникам: This captured prisoners you need to kill are named after Blizzard Game Designers.

  • The followup quest,  Истязание истязателя, refers to Истязатель Лекрафт after Jonathan LeCraft.

  •  Дневник верховного генерала Аббендис: Players on  Правду не скроешь loot this book, which has many detailed pages talking about members of the Scarlet Crusade that overlap with Blizzard designers, like Епископ Стрит.

The Night Watch

This series of guards in Duskwood is named after Blizzard employees, such as Дозорный Додс for Lead Hearthstone Designer Eric Dodds, Дозорный Келлер for Lead Level Designer Aaron Keller, and Дозорный Петрас for Art Director Bill Petras.

Olivia Grace

Olivia currently works on Warcraft and eSports for Blizzard, but you may know her from her time at Wowhead assisting with news and co-hosting Wowhead Weekly. Previously she was WoW Insider's PvP and add-on columnist, as well as host Legendary at Gamebreaker TV.

  •  Глубокий взгляд Оливии: Her Ordos item has a PvP model instead of an expected PvE one, due to her time as WoW Insider's PvP columnist.

  • She also has the amusing object Долговая расписка, which references a running joke on twitter that Olivia would bake the devs one million cookies each if they implemented cross-realm arenas.

Pat Nagle

Pat Nagle is a Senior Game Designer who is the namesake of everyone's favorite fisherman:

  • Нат Пэгл was originally found in Dustwallow Marsh, offering the quest  Нат Пэгл, великий рыболов to those with 225+ Fishing, which rewarded  Счастливая удочка Ната.

  • Nat alzo sold  Наживка на грязнотинника, which was used to lureГаз'ранка in old Zul'Gurub. This had the themed loot  Сломанный наколдовыватель Ната Пэгла and  "Продвинутая рыбалка" Ната Пэгла

  • Nat is also the namesake for one of the STV rare fish rewards:  Небывалые рыбацкие сапоги Ната Пэгла

  • Players can read the tantalizing end of a story involving Nat and the resting place of Ashbringer:  "Продвинутая рыбалка" Ната Пэгла, as well as a worn out copy:  Зачитанный экземпляр "Продвинутой рыбалки" Ната Пэгла

  • In Mists of Pandaria, players can become Best Friends with Nat, in  Учимся у профессионалов, which rewards  Рыбацкий стул Ната. He also serves as The Angler's Quartermaster, selling  Шляпа Ната and  Рыболовный журнал Ната among other fishing-themed items.

  • Players of both factions can pick up  Продвинутая рыбалка Ната Пэгла FC-5000 from a Hinterland's quest.

  • A younger version of Nat shows up in Old Hillsbrad Foothills, where he has prophetic dreams about Azeroth's tragedies.

  • Нат Пэгл returns as a follower in Warlords of Draenor—he can be acquired when completing a Level 3 Fishing Shack.

Quality Assurance Ship

The NPCs on The Assurance, a ship docked in Stormwind Harbor due to bugs, are tributes to the Wrath of the Lich King QA team.

Капитан Пол Резчик was the lead QA Analyst and has funny observations on the ship related to QA:

  • "We were all set to sail into Northrend, but we've noticed a severe number of pests aboard our ship."

  • "Before we can set sail to Northrend, we've got to eliminate our pest problem aboard the Assurance."

  • "The Assurance has somehow become inundated with bugs and we are unable to set sail to Northrend."

Other members of the team are present:

  • Assistant Lead QA Analysts: Edgar Flores, Kurtis Paddock, Rian Trost

  • QA Content Specialists: Justin Boehm, Michael Corpora, Meghan Dawson, Benjamin Elgueta, Dan Kramer, Paul Kubit, Serban Oprescu, Art Peshkov, Bob Richardson, Candace Thomas

Russel Brower

Рассел Брауер: In the creative quest  Автор слов и музыки..., players help Рассел Брауер write a song and pick the lyrics. Russel Brower is the Director of Audio/Video and his music can be heard in WoW, Diablo, and StarCraft.

Samwise Didler

Сэм ВайзSamwise Didler is the Art Director at Blizzard and was responsible for the Pandaren concept art.

Scott "Daelo" Mercer

Scott "Daelo" Mercer was the former Lead Encounter Designer for WoW. Around the time he switched departments,  Последние слова Даэло was added. Several NPCs also are named after him, such as Старейшина Даэло in Jade Forest.

Terran Gregory

Терран "Судья" Грегори: Terran Justice Gregory works on the cinematic team, and notable projects include the South Park episode "Make Love Not Warcraft" and the Demon Hunter cinematic. Relatives include Джуди ГрегориДевид Грегори, and Божественная Мария.

Tom "Kalgan" Chilton

  • Аукционист Чилтон: Lead Game Designer Tom Chilton shows up as an auctioneer. He also has the highest level and most expensive cheese:  Сыр Чилтона.

  • PvP vendor Дорисса Чилтоний and her series of capes ( Пышный плащ Дори,  Убранство Дори,  Облачение Дори) may be related as well.

  • Калган is the elite Patrol NPC for the Horde in Ashran.

William Warnecke

  • Вспыл Вояк: This WoD flightmaster is named after Lead Software Engineer William Warnecke.

WoW Community

Death Knight

  •  Вечно холодное кольцо Девия is named after Devium, a tank in which achieved many World/US firsts in Wrath. From Валитрия Сноходица in Цитадель Ледяной Короны.

  •  Чистое небо has quest rewards named after Wrath beta testers:  Сапоги Лейи,  Наплечные щитки кобальта,  Усиленные боевые рукавицы Джейд,  Большой шлем Сикстена.

  • The Death Knights of Acherus: This series of books the Death Knight starting area humorously references many Wrath testers and their gruesome fates. Depending on your phased state you will see one of four different books at different points in their lives. The books cover Jayde, Sixen, Munch, Cobalt, Harmony, Melt, Milton, and Minitalis.

  •  Всевидящие очи Давидиана: Tribute to the remarkable story of a blind player, Hexu, who raids with the help of a guildmate, Davidian, which is honored in the flavor text "Sharp enough to see for two men." Read more about this touching story on WoW Insider.

  • Катерина Джоплин, the Alchemy Vendor in Stormshield, is one of the founding members of the #Acherus IRC channel for Death Knights.

Ordos Loot

  •  Смертоносная корона Магдалены: Magdalena is the owner/moderator of the #Acherus IRC for Death Knights and blogs atSon of a Lich.


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Re: Blizzard and Community References in WoW

Post by Prefoxfoxfox on Tue 26 May 2015, 4:16 pm


  •  Громадные нарукавники Тоскка: Named after Toskk, a feral DPS theorycrafter in previous expansions. Drops fromСаурфанг Смертоносный.

  •  Одежды Фелии из молодых побегов: Phaelia was the author of Resto4Life, a popular Resto Druid blog. The "Sprouting Seed" part refers to her decision to retire when expecting a baby.

  •  Лиановый ремень Мартина: Martiean is a Youtuber who made a popular series of rare spawn videos, some of which can be seen on Wowhead.

  •  Стеганый кушак Астрилиана,  Живой оберег Астрилиана: Astrylian created Rawr, a theorycrafting tool. In Warlords, Говорящий со звездами Астрилиан is fighting in Tanaan Jungle.

  •  Впрыскиватель адреналина Киры,  Царапающий посох Кихрыка: A Druid at the time these items were created and now a Hunter, Kihra is the creator of WarcraftLogs the premiere combat logging site which features fight analysis and combat replays. Кира is also an Alliance follower that can be recruited from the Garrison Inn.

  •  Запасные сапоги Фаска: Fasc was a notable Druid tank theorycrafter and author of BearCAD.

Ordos Loot

  •  Иссеченные ветром поножи Хэмлета: Hamlet is a druid theorycrafter who maintains guides and spreadsheets for balance and resto druids, created an instructional series of Challenge Mode videos, and blogs about a variety of game topics. Originally this had a Monk Tier 16 model that I asked to be changed to a Druid one :)

  •  Древние бриджи Ариэль: Arielle writes at The Inconspicuous Bear and is one of the Team Waffle Podcast hosts.

  •  Мускатный покров Памелы: Pamela Horton was Playboy's Miss October 2012 and a long-time WoW player that got Realm First Herbalist on her Tauren Druid in MoP.

  •  Превосходный нагрудный доспех Зу-Пера: Vee, or Zoopercat, is one of the team members behind Ask. Mr Robot, a site for gear optimization.


  •  БРК-1000: Big Red Kitty was a popular hunter poster, with a Hunter column on WoW Insider. The flavor text refers to a long-running joke/obsession he had with raspberries.

  •  Идеальная стрела Джерпа: Gerp, an Orc Hunter, is Scott Johnson's character--one of the co-hosts of The Instance podcast. This is a great trinket for twinks, as you only need to be 84 to equip it but the item level is 442.

  •  Коричневая алмазная печать Ро-Джера: Rogerbrown is the raid leader of , which was ranked #1 in the world throughout MoP.

  •  Изначальные поножи Дилса: Dills is one of the co-hosts of The Instancepodcast too.

  •  Корона Зехеры из драконьего черепа: Zeherah maintains the Hunter DPS analyzer tool Female Dwarf.

  •  Починенный плащ Фростхайма: Frostheim was a longtime author of the WoW Insider column Scattered Shots and founder of the Warcraft Hunter's Union.

  • Гедра: Gedrah wrote a notable guide on how to play Hunters in classic WoW. He wears iconic classic items includingGiantstalker Armor,  Корона разрушения, and  Рок-Делар, длинный лук Древних хранителей.

  • Great Hunter Gonk: According to troll druid trainer Зен'табра, Greater Hunter Gonk is a raptor loa responsible for teaching trolls how to serve nature spirits, leading to the rise of Troll Druids. Gonktarget is a Hunter and Elitist Jerks forum poster that harshly criticizes druids. He also has the snarky trash items  Неуклюжий лук Кнога and  Корявый лук Нога.  Лук капитуляции Кнога has been added in WoD and Гнок Бездарный is the name of the NPC who "sells" Mythic Foundry gear on the BMAH.

  •  Коричневая алмазная печать Ро-Джера: Rogerbrown is a Hunter and Raid Leader of , which was ranked #1 in the world throughout MoP.

  • Хранитель мудрости Скосирис: Skosiris is the co-founder of Wowhead and as such runs the "organized and clearly labeled" library in Shattrath that makes "the grand libraries of Silvermoon City pale in comparison," according to his in-game dialogue. Each bookcase in the library serves as a different profession trainer.


  •  Брошенные ботфорты Кавана: Kavan is a theorycrafter on Elitist Jerks, contributed to modeling SimC for arcane mages, and develops the mage module on Rawr.

  • Ли Вежа: Lhivera is a forum MVP, develops sims for mages, and maintainsLhivera's Library.

  • Верховный чародей Савор,  Печатка верховного чародея Савора: Savor was one of the original mages in the guild . He wears classic elite caster items from vanilla, including  Вещи некрорыцаря and  Посох Темного пламени.

Ordos Loot

  •  Древний кушак Венрукки: Venruki has gotten Gladiator numerous seasons and was on the winning World Championship Team in 2012.

  •  Маска Дамиена с ледяными разводами: Damien is one of the co-founders of Icy Veins featuring class and raid guides.


  •  Тикари и Кайт: This beverage is named after Tikari who blogs at Tikari's Tricks of the Trade and Kristin, who runs BlizzListand has a Monk named Kayt.

  •  Обугленное кольцо Калли: Named after Calligraphy, a Windwalker monk theorycrafter and Wowhead guide writer.


  •  Угольная печатка Тека: Theck is a protection paladin theorycrafter and blogger, who writes at Sacred Duty andMaintankadin.

  • Zoid is a game developer who has worked on Metroid Prime, QuakeWorld, L4D2, and Dota 2. If you watched Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, he provided commentary during the Metroid Prime speedrun. He has several items across expansions:  Большой пламенеющий меч Зоида,  Обожженные наручи Зоида,  Расплавленные рукавицы Зоида.

  •  Кровавый оплот Абсалома: Absalom is the main tank for Blood Legion, one of the top ranked guilds in the world, as well as the editor of the kill videos for their YouTube Channel. The “Bloody” reference in the shield most likely references the name of his guild.

Ordos Loot

  •  Крепкие наручи передового бойца: Vanguard is a notable PvP who has achieved Gladiator and Rank 1 numerous times.

  •  Великий шлем огня духов Аладии: Aladya is a holy paladin in , which was ranked #1 in the world throughout MoP.

  •  Шипастый ошейник Анафель: Anafielle is a former host of Final Boss and blogger at Sacred Duty.


  •  Счеты Алтора: Althor/Delmortis is a Priest theorycrafter--ironically this is a healing trinket although he focused on Shadow theorycrafting in Wrath.

  •  Кадуцей чистых намерений Джорджио: Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, who also performed on NiN's recent tour, came to CM Zarhym's attention when a picture was posted of him beating Infernal Diablo on tour. Also a heroic raider, Josh was honored with a weapon that pays tribute to his and his girlfriend's character names as well as the vineyard Caduceus Cellars, owned by musician Maynard James Keenan who performed in Puscifer along with Eustis.

  • Chelley is a podcaster on Video Game Outsiders. She has two BoEs named after her:  Стерилизованный скальпель Челлиand  Посох исцеления тьмой Челли.

  • Фасани is the guild master of Logic on Suramar.

Ordos Loot

  •  Блестящий ремень Деревки: Derevka runs the blog Tales of a Priest and is one of the moderators at How to Priest.


  •  Перчатки скрытности Алдрианы: Aldriana was a theorycrafter and the longtime maintainer of the Rogue spreadsheet on Elitist Jerks.

  • Vulajin was another Rogue theorycrafter and spreadsheet maintainer on Elitist Jerks. He has a series of items:  Авулов меч Цинь from Wrath,  Авулова сверхострая заточка in Cataclysm, and  Яростная кираса Вуладжина in MoP. He later switched mains to a Mage, which explains why  Авуловы наручи предков is a cloth item in Siege of Orgrimmar.

  •  Лишний шип Намлака: Kalman was a Rogue theorycrafter in early WoW on Elitist Jerks. "Namlak" is Kalman's name spelled backwards. When the item first came out, all the stats were 32 which makes the numerology reference to 23 in "supernumerary" clearer.

  •  Тикари и Кайт: This beverage is named after Tikari who blogs at Tikari's Tricks of the Trade and Kristin, who runs BlizzListand has a Monk named Kayt.

  • Тролль-прислужник Водин is another Elitist Jerks poster and theorycrafter, who shows up at all the Ring of Blood events--Nagrand (TBC and Warlords), Zul'Drak, Twilight Highlands, and Kun-Lai Summit. There are several weapons named after him:  Противобогомолья заточка Водина,  Счастливое ожерелье Водина, and  Почти лучшая заточка Водина. In addition, Wodin has a pet cat Зена who also gets a special item,  Невероятно шикарный моток Зены.  In Warlords, he has a new item:  Изношенные нарукавники Водина.

  •  Необычный перстень-печатки Перкулии: Item named after me during MoP's beta! I was very excited as early items named after players inspired me to do more in WoW--you can read more about my reaction on my personal blog here. A more subtle item was added in Warlords,  Смоляной плащ Кю-Сай, which sounds like my real name but is curiously itemized for intellect, not agility.

Ordos Loot

  •  Серый капюшон Стикни: Anne Stickney is WoW Insider's resident lore expert and worked on the World of Warcraft Ultimate Visual Guide.


  •  Звонкий щит: Turpster is one of the co-hosts of The Instance podcast. This BoE shield is great for leveling, as it's ilvl 450 but requires level 85 to equip.

  •  Обостряющий мысль шлем Хексу: Tribute to the remarkable story of a blind player, Hexu, who raids with the help of a guildmate, Davidian, which is honored in the flavor text "A man with a friend is never without vision." Read more about this touching story on WoW Insider.

  • Гаргток runs the Ring of Blood events, and  Вычурный кровошмяк Гаргтока is a possible reward from the Twilight Highlands event. Gurg is the guild master of Elitist Jerks.

  •  Тотем щекотки: Tickle is an elemental shaman who founded Sentry Totem and currently works for Blizzard QA. Her item from the Horde Trading Post makes everyone in range laugh.

  • Ронгар is named after Shamanrongar, a former host for the HearthPro Podcast.

Ordos Loot

  •  Опаленный пояс Бинкенштейна: Binkenstein was the founder of Totemspot and an Elemental Shaman theorycrafter.

  •  Проницательный килт Мошни: Moshne is an elemental shaman theorycrafter who frequently posts on Elitist Jerks.


  • Ritssyn has a series of caster items across expansions:  Утраченная подвеска Ритцуна,  Кольцо хаоса Ритцуна,  Жезл скверного колдунства Ритцуна,  Громодробители Ритсина, and  Губительная пелерина Ритцуна. Ritssyn is an anagram for Nisstyr, once the GM of Nurfed. His brother, Indalamar, was an active WoW beta tester and went on to work at Blizzard (covered below in the Warrior section). Rittsyn also shows up in the Green Fire questline for warlocks, as part of the Council of the Black Harvest. In  Наследие мастеров (ч. I), we learn that Rittsyn is an orc enchanter who saw Ragnaros vanquished and is assigned to explore Sulfuron Keep in the hopes of learning even more powerful secrets. Warlocks who have completed the questline get a special Rittsyn quote on their  Свободная воля tooltip.

  • Zinnin is another member of the Council of the Black Harvest, who is based on a warlock in Blood Legion.

  •  Кровопускатель Надагаста: Nadagast has obtained Gladiator in numerous seasons. The 3D model on his item is notable as it shares the look with Season 14 PvP weapons even though it drops from a raid. Душевар Надагаст is also one of the Horde Captains in Ashran.

  • Миа Цветущая: Mia Rose is a former adult film star who was a long-time WoW player and now popular streamer. While she wears modified rogue gear, she has the ability  Соблазн.


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Re: Blizzard and Community References in WoW

Post by Prefoxfoxfox on Tue 26 May 2015, 4:16 pm


  •  Упрямый скарабей Сатрины: Satrina was a warrior theorycrafter and author of several popular addons, like Satrina Buff Frames.

  •  Великий рогатый шлем Лэндсоула: Landsoul is a Warrior theorycrafter who maintained the Warrior spreadsheet on Elitist Jerks back in Wrath.

  • Indalamar was an influential pre-release beta tester who later was hired by Blizzard. He has several original Naxxramas items named after him ( Кольцо судьбы Рамаладни,  Ледяная хватка Рамаладни), as well as  Клинок очищения Рамаладни from Icecrown Citadel and the unused joke item  Новая священная ручная граната Индаламара.

  •  Медный оплот Сутиру: Sutiru was one of the maintainers of the EJ Warrior FAQ.

  •  Утерянный щит Блокейда: Blockade loves collecting shields--at the time of this item's creation, he had 46, which explains the flavor text referencing 47. This shield also has a unique model, making it a worthy transmog item.

  • Верховный полководец Уро: Uro was a Rank 14 Warrior in vanilla who contributed extensively to Warrior PvP discussions. His character in Dalaran is a High Warlord and is dressed in mismatching Fury Warrior gear, including pink  Разноцветные сапоги and purple  Рукавицы истребления. His dialogue references the theorycrafting behind his outfit: "Only a fool would mock the appeance of my battle-garb! This raiment of well-worn steel is from an ancient place of learning!"

  • Джамуз'Ваз: This badge vendor was named after JamesVZ, a vocal critic on Elitist Jerks of the badge catch-up system.

  • Си Друг Низкорослых: Former Death and Taxes member Xi is often abrupt and intolerant of new players on the Elitist Jerks forums, so "Friend of the Small" and a Monk wearing pink flowers is an ironic tribute.

  • Воевода Ноктин: Noktyn, an undead warrior in Nurfed, was the only person to loot  Талисман соединения осколков from Molten Core.

Ordos Loot

  •  Окровавленная бригантина Худрика: Hoodrych has achieved rank 1 and gladiator on his warrior an impressive number of times.

  •  Панцирь сокрушения Омегала: Omegal is one of the main developers on Deadly Boss Mods as well as a Tech Support MVP for the WoW forums.

  •  Пропитанные смолой латные наплечники Росси: Matthew Rossi is known for his warrior and lore columns at WoW Insider.


Many high-level PvPers received tribute NPCs in Ashran—they are captains who aid you when your team is behind, or can be summoned with  Свисток капитана

Their models include neat tributes to their favored classes--for example, Алана Ветряная Шкура is an armored moonkin, andЭлиотт ван Рук is wearing PvP mage gear.


  • Джон Свифти: SwiftyIRL, Warrior wearing Field Marshal's Battlegear, quotes include “B-b-b-b-bladestorm!” and “Macro power!”

  • Джексон Баджира: BajheeraWoW, Warrior wearing Colossal Dragonplate Battlegear (Recolor), quotes include “Fury Bajheera has been unleashed!” and “Hit'em with the flex!” He also has the item  Бахжерайский браслет.

  • Алана Ветряная Шкура: Hotted, Armored Moonkin permanently in  Перевоплощение: Избранный Элуны, quotes include “The power of sun and moon flow through me with a deafening boom!”

  • Мститель Тирли: AthleteFX5, Paladin wearing Winged Triumph Plate (Recolor), quotes include “Hmm, I never had this problem in Alterac Valley.” and “I hope you Horde scum enjoy a shield to the face!”

  • Хильди Горестраж: Hildegard has worked for Arena Junkies and PVP Live as content editor. This NPC is a pink-pigtailed gnome in a flying machine.

  • Матиас Занн: Zunniyaki, Priest wearing old-school cloth gear, quotes include “Fear not Alliance, for fear is now your ally.”

  • Тейлор Влажнозем: Chuck Dewland, Shaman wearing The Elements.

  • Тосан Вселенский Кулак: TosanTribe (Jeremy Anderson): A hybrid Hunter/Monk, quotes include “Galactic Fist Strike!”

  • Брок Безумный: CrazePvP

  • Чани Малфлейм: Chanimal


  • Душевар Надагаст: Nadagast, Warlock wearing Corruptor Raiment (Recolor), quotes include “Alright boys and girls, it's prime time!” and “Chopped and brewed.”

  • Некролорд Азаэль: AzaelWoW, Warlock wearing Voidheart Raiment, quotes include “Defeated? No! Charles, where were you?!” and “My power is surpassed only by my stature!”

  • Подчиняющий разум Талдабар: EGTalbadar (Rodney Pare), Shadow Priest wearing Malevolent Gladiator's Regalia and  Гербовая накидка Защитника, quotes include “Are you prepared to meet Azeroth's greatest champion?!”

  • Боец авангарда Самуэль: Vanguards, Paladin wearing Sunwell gear, quotes include “I must find a way to enhance my performance for next time.” and “You have been judged, unworthy.”

  • Элиотт ван Рук: Venruki, Mage with the achievement  Бесславная кончина Ван Рука referencing this video.

  • Элементалист Ново: Novoz (KyleMcKitrick), Shaman wearing Cataclysm Harness (Recolor).

  • Капитан Худрик: Hoodrychx, Warrior with the quote “Ahahaha, major choppable!”

  • Джаред Удар Преисподней: Jared "vhell" Coulston, popular shoutcaster and Blizzard employee.

  • Каз Гибель Небес: Tribute to actor Robert Kazinsky, who plays Ogrim Doomhammer in the Warcraft film. He wears Magma Plated Battlearmor and his quotes are from Pacific Rim.

  • Лорд Мес: Mes, Death Knight in Ulduar gear.

  • Мор'риз: Sodapoppin, Troll feral druid.

  • Рэзор Герра: Rogue Rzn

Кимилин: Named after a dedicated PvPer who passed away from cancer earlier this year. Learn more about her involvement in PvP here. Her dialogue has the touching tribute “My body has fallen, but my spirit rises. I will always be with you.”

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Re: Blizzard and Community References in WoW

Post by Prefoxfoxfox on Tue 26 May 2015, 4:17 pm

Pets and Collectors

  • Бреанни: Expert battle-pet site WarcraftPets founder Breanni runs the Dalaran pet shop, which features adorable pet cages and aquariums. Breanni sells a few unique pets as well,  Змейка-альбинос,  Обсидиановый детеныш,  Кошачья клетка (пятнистый кот), and mails players achievement pets like Вонюша.  Карпнадо is a later WoD tribute to the April Fool's Joke by WarcraftPets.
  •  [Gloria's Glorious Gliding Goodies]: Lets grounded companion pets fly with you. Inspired by this comic by gloriaboboria.
  • Саймре Сияющий Клинок: Cymre is the author of Bubbles of Mischief which specializes in transmog and novelty collections. Her 3D model resembles the armor in her blog banner.
  • Львица Лио is the Alliance Garrison Menagerie NPC. She is a tribute to @liopleurodonic, author of the popularBattle Pet Roundup blog.
  • Мишель де Рам: This NPC sells the special pet  Детеныш ледопарда Зимних Ключей. Michelle (aka Drrum) has a lovely collection of pets, mounts, and armor, documented with great screenshots on her blog. Check out her reaction on her blog.
  • Элинор: A reference to Eleanor Wroblewski whose twitter handle is @undeadgoat. The pet has a spectral model which references her avatar name. She runs a hearthstone fashion blog at Defeating this battle pet boss rewards you with Призрачный козленок.
  • Квинтэссенция Света: Content manager Quintessence of WarcraftPets has this challenging Garrison Menagerie elite named after her.


Artists, Crafts, Cosplay


  • Ноксия Ато, Брайан Шнау, Сара Шнау: Noxychu is the artist for Wowhead and Glaragorn is her husband. They are both Worgen--Glar's Twitter handle is "Business Worgen." Noxy also has the item  Захваты Ноксии.
  •  Церемониалный наплеч Бретани: Brittany makes a variety of Blizzard-themed crafts like plush frostsabers which explains the flavor text, "This beautiful piece of ceremonial leather armor is skillfully woven and marked with its creator's symbol."
  •  Кристаллический волшебный посох Камуи: Svetlana Quindt, or Kamui, is a well-known cosplayer who makes amazing weapons. She was the Grand Prize winner of the 2013 BlizzCon Costume Contest, for which she created a Protoss Wizard costume. The weapon's model reflects the crystals of the Protoss while being usable by casters, the classes that are most similar to Diablo Wizards.
  • Остаток Сладок, from Cooking. Reference to a comic by Cadistra Grasshoof. TheCrafticus tweeted a picture of this pet, which looks quite similar to the one in the comic and carries around a half-eaten drumstick. She also has the Horde follower Кади Травяное Копытоwhich resembles her Tauren character and  Испачканные травой тапочки Кади.
  • Maghia and Volde dressed up as the Eredar Twins for BlizzCon 2008 and Alexstraza and Sylvanas in BlizzCon 2009. They have Icecrown badge items named after them:  Заговоренное перо Магхиа and  Плащ ночного неба Вольда.
  •  Изрисованные повязки Паулулума: Doodlegnome creates charming sketches of Blizzard life, coming to people's attention in the infamous Zarhym and Ghostcrawler baby thread.
  • Кэге Сатсуке: Kage Satsuki, best known for her Derpkitty series, frequently posts sketches about popular WoW news topics to her twitter.




  • Иланиэль Хвоя: Ilaniel is a Content Editor at WoW Insider, the winner of the first Blizzard creative writing contest, and the author of the Blizzard short stories Quest for Pandaria, Heart of War, and In the Shadow of the Sun.
  •  Выбеленные кости: Bleached Bones is a PvP group that sent a team to BlizzCon in 2013. They are now part ofProGameX.
  • Дирки: This rare spawn is a tribute to the GM of in Wrath, a guild which received many player tributes in that expansion. Dirkee is a large gnome robot that can punt players and drops  Супертворение Дирки.
  • Просоленная Эл: El from fishing resource El's Extreme Anglin' has finally joined the elite ranks of The Anglers. El can be found with the other Fish of the Day NPCs in Pandaria, wearing her trademark overalls and fishing hat with the expert  Арканитовая удочка.
  • Гестия Вороний Лес is an Alliance follower you can recruit from the Inn, named after Hestiah on Twitter.
  • Илландрия Беллоре: Named after Illandria, known as the “community mother” on twitter, is a reliquary blood elf NPC in Ashran.
  • Lessons in Lore: Смотрительница Мегана and Страж Чадрик are based on Chad and Megan, a husband-wife team on Earthen Ring Horde who run Lessons of Lore, hold weekly events, "Lore-y Time," interactive events exploring Warcraft's lore, as well as musical lore shows at DragonCon. For more about Lessons in Lore, check out WoW Insider's article!
  • Robble: Robble/Incoherence was the Something Awful WoW subforum moderator and has two humorous trash items,  Шаткий посох Роббла and  Устойчивый посох Роббла.  Пастуший посох Роббла has been added in WoD.
  • Гримторн Рыжебород: Kevin Stallard, longtime WoW player, directs the MMORPG Fan Track at Dragon Con. His NPC sells  Драконий П.И.Р.О.Г. which is a reference to the con's signature drink which he introduced to Sr. Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft in 2012.  П.И.Р.О.Г. Новолуния is another spinoff of the signature drink.
  • Знаток истории клана Громового Молота: The Wildhammer Fact Checker is an in-game reference to the notorious Red Shirt Guy, known for pointing out a lore discrepancy at BlizzCon 2010 during a Lore Q&A panel. He has since become a geek icon and his question has extended into the realm of meme, spawning an auto-tune remix of the conversation. The actual NPC sits alongside Фалстад Громовой Молот, the NPC for which the lore correction was made, in the throne room of Стальгорн.
  • Кади Три Песни: Named after the Wowpedia admin Kaydeethree.
  •  Одеяния уничтожающей магмы Улмааса: Ulmass is thanked in the Wrath of the Lich King credits. He also has the Wrath item  Корона слепоты Улмааса.
  •  Поножи огней Покслейтнера: Lights (born Valerie Poxleitner) is a Juno-award winning singer and huge WoW fan--she even has  Двойной клинок Феникса tattooed on her arm. Check out her interview with WoW Insider.


Film and YouTube


  •  Венец Пенсера: Panser, aka TradeChat, has a popular popular YouTubechannel and creates weekly recaps for WoWInsider.
  •  Большой пояс Крендора: Wowcrendor also has a popular YouTubechannel featuring many funny WoW Machinimia.
  • Наирн: Actor Kristian Nairn, best known as Hodor in Game of Thrones, has a battle pet with abilities that reference his character's Northern heritage and fight against undead:  Наирн!,  Глас зимы, and  Кровь исполина. Also on the battle pet team is his real-life friend Jake Штормен and Лето the direwolf. In Warlords, you can recruit Кристиан Наирн to your Alliance Garrison via the Inn. Check out his interview with WoW Insider!
  • Olibith has made a series of popular machinimas including the Never Stay Tuned series, featuring a troll chef who likes to cook gnomes. This troll model shows up as the Horde cooking trainer in Dalaran, Авило Лон'гомба. His assistant, Мизенси, shows up as a troll singer in Never Stay Tuned 2.
  • Oxhorn creates World of Warcraft Machinima, such as ROFLMAO!

    • Чурбан and Главный палач Мортий reference Mortuus is an l33t undead ninja with distinctive speech patterns. When he talks to you, he always inserts "nub" after your name.
    •  Красный луциан: Reference to Red Snappah! which features the line "There IS no Red snapper in Azaroth!"
    • One of the capes towards the legendary questline,  Завеса от клинков неистового быка, is named after Oxhorn.
    • Чурбан the pacifist ogre references Thunk, who is a polite ogre who loves turkeys.

  • Мэй Челе: Represents Michele Morrow from BiteSizeTV, HelloGiggles & Nerdist, along with her boyfriend Зажигатель ламп Му and cats Самус and Азраэль in a cozy house on the Wandering Isle. Мишель Завтрашняя Песнь is now a follower you can recruit to the Horde Garrison as well. Check out WoW Insider's two interviews with Michelle here and here
  •  Амулет Кель'рика: Qelric is a streamer who makes videos about various Blizzard games.
  •  Испачканные чернилами писчие перчатки Ники: NikaHarper was Riot's Community Coordinator and host of Summoner Showcase for League of Legends. The ink stains refer to her current career as an indie writer and you can support her Patreon here.


Elitist Jerks

The Elitist Jerks forum community, based on Horde Mal’Ganis, is very close-knit. Many long-time forum posters received items named after them in Warlords of Draenor:

  •  Бессмысленное упрямство Киба
  •  Чарующий нагрудный доспех Чайлера
  •  Сияющий наплеч Джей'кея
  •  Великолепная палица Мэтти
  •  Стильные тапочки Кими
  •  Нарамник рвения Арентиоса
  •  Кюлоты Пуу'си
  •  Цепь Пеа'декса
  •  Алый капюшон Реллвина
  •  Кварцевая печать Эви
  •  Нерушимое кольцо Зороноса
  •  Обхват Н'караса
  •  Ружье неготовности Наррчо
  •  Целительная печатка Ню'ха
  •  Окостеневшая цепная сфера Оссерика
  •  Вечноцветущая колючая мальва
  • Ирис Лунная Мечтательница

Several notable items are  Передвижной отряд громил, named after the infamous guild Goon Squad, and  Настойчивость Тории and  Незрячий глаз Тории, which were named after Toria, the GM of Goon Squad, who overcame a tumor in his eye.

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