Badjuicy [Rogue PvP 5.4]

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Badjuicy [Rogue PvP 5.4]

Post by RogueVsRogrue on Sat 18 Oct 2014, 6:27 pm

Armory link:

What to expect:

-High production value editing!
-A drivers seat view of the murderous rogue, Badjuicy
-Some RP: A quest to kill King Varian!
-A few good laughs
-Battle Ground destruction
-A quick guide to my UI
-Taking Gilneas in the name of the Forsaken!

My UI:

mik's scrolling battle text (damage in and out) (font: defused)
tidyplates (Name plates conversion)
weak auras (Buffs and debuffs tracking)
bartender 4 (UI buttons conversion)
IceHUD (Energy bar)

Tools used:

-After Effects CS6
-Photoshop CS6
-AVS Video Converter
-MSI Afterburner


Listed in credits

Details of the process:

This video took about a month to produce from concept to upload. In total, I played around 40-50 BGs, then watched them over a weeks worth of time to select the scenes of interest. Then, the most important part came - Music.

Music is critical to me for inspiring visuals, and matching the visuals to music is what makes a video great in my opinion. The music inspired me to make an RP introduction, as well find scenes relating to the lyrics.

Many ideas were drawn out but ultimately scrapped to bring you what you see in this video. There were many good 1v1's in BGs and world PVP, but I could not push myself to include them, as I felt like they were slow and did not follw the fast paced mood. I could not have made my decisions as well as I have, without the help of my friends listed in the credits.

It took a total of 14 hours to render in 1080p lossless at 60FPS in After Effects, with a file size of 360 GB. Compression to web-quality took about 2 hours, with a final size of about 850 MB.

I apologize for any broken keyboards I may have caused while ganking and filming this - I had to play the part!

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