Warlords of Draenor Dungeons Overview

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Warlords of Draenor Dungeons Overview

Post by Naelys on Wed 01 Oct 2014, 7:14 pm

Warlords of Draenor has eight new dungeons and this post covers their loot, vanity rewards, bosses, and more!

  • There are three difficulties: Normal, Heroic (100), and Challenge Mode.

  • Several low-level dungeons have been revamped, most notablyUpper Blackrock Spire.

  • Heroic Dungeon loot is ilvl 630 and can be Warforged.

  • The Dungeon Journal has been greatly improved for Warlords--it now comes with a section explaining key mechanics, instead of just listing a ton of spells.

  • Your Garrison's Inn provides daily dungeon quests with cool rewards, like  Gamon's Braid.

  • Completing  Glory of the Draenor Hero rewards the  Frostplains Battleboar mount.

Table of Contents

Warlords of Draenor Dungeons

Our Warlords of Draenor dungeon pages have tons of detailed information on them. Instead of listing everything again here, we'll go over how you can find everything you need on the dungeon and boss pages:

  • Maps: The center of each dungeon page contains all maps with markers for each boss. You can swap between floors via the option at the top right of the map. Clicking on the map enlarges it.

  • Bosses: The "Encounters" section lists all the bosses found in the instance. Clicking on a boss brings up a page specifically for that boss which contains the in-game Dungeon Journal, Encounter Tips, Normal loot, and Heroic loot. Encounter Tips are new for Warlords--they give tldr information on important things each role should remember for a boss. Super useful!

  • Spells: From the "Dungeon Journal" tab on a boss' page, click on a spell to see how hard it hits in each difficulty--Normal, Heroic, or Challenge Mode. Just select the difficulty right underneath the spell tooltip on the page.

  • Loot: The "Items" tab on the "Related" section of a Dungeons page breaks down all of the loot, split by Normal and Heroic difficulty. You can view the loot for a particular boss by visiting that boss' specific page too. On a boss' specific page, you can filter for loot that is appropriate for your specialization--just click on the class icons right above the loot lists.

  • NPCs, Quests, and Achievements are also tracked in the Related section.

  • You can reach our dungeons hub by going to Database > Instances > Level: 90 - 100.

To queue for a random heroic, you must complete Proving Grounds Silver. You can complete these dungeons with a premade group without this requirement.

Here are the links to our dungeon pages in the Warlords of Draenor database:


Bloodmail Slag Mines

The Everbloom

Grimrail Depot

Iron Docks

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds


Upper Blackrock Spire

A special Level 90 version of the first half of UBRS is open as part of the 6.0 prelaunch event. It drops ilvl 550 loot.

Loot System

Many dungeon bosses drop gear with the same name, appearance, and stat allocation, only differentiated by their item level. Think of it like Diablo-style loot, you get a special version of an item that's appropriate to your level/area.

Heroic items also have the chance to be Warforged--six item levels higher than normal.

Dungeons and Garrisons

If you like running dungeons, the Lunarfall Inn Level 1 is for you. At Building Level 1, your Inn will have visiting heroes who offer you dungeon quests (2 per day at level 100).

Vanity Rewards
 And No Maces! Cache of ArmsLonika Stillblade, Shattrath Inn
 Aviana's Request Aviana's FeatherSkylord Omnuron, Mount Hyjal
 Cenarion Concerns Ever-Blooming FrondZen'kiki, EPL
 Cleaving Time Gamon's BraidGamon, Orgrimmar
 Cold Steel Bloody BandannaJohn J. Keeshan, Redridge
 Cro's Revenge Fruit BasketCro Threadstrong, Shattrath Fruit Vendor
 Damsels and Dragons Maximillian's LaundryMaximillian of Northshire, Un'goro Crater
 Family Traditions Huge Pile of SkinsFinkle Einhorn, UBRS
 Feeling A Bit Morose Moroes' Famous PolishMoroes, Karazhan
 For the Birds Everbloom PeachickMylune, Mount Hyjal
 For The Children! Manastorm's DuplicatorMillhouse Manastorm, Gnome Extraordinare
 Gloriously Incandescent Faintly-Sparkling CacheSunwalker Dezco, Pandaria
 Oralius' Adventure Oralius' Whispering CrystalOralius, Morgan's Vigil
 Shadowy Secrets Void TotemHighlord Darion Mograine, Death Knight
 Subversive Infestation Everbloom Seed PouchSkylord Omnuron
 The Brass Compass Plundered BootyFleet Master Seahorn, Booty Bay
 The Cure For Death Leonid's Bag of SuppliesLeonid Barthalomew the Revered, Argent Crusade
 The Huntresses Sentinel's CompanionCowled Ranger, Night Elves
 The Soulcutter Lilian's Warning SignLilian Voss, Scholomance
 The Void-Gate Manual of Void-CallingImpsy, Felwood
 Time-Lost Vikings Sack of Mined OreOlaf, Lost Vikings
 Titanic Evolution Bag of Everbloom HerbsLorewalker Cho, Pandaria
Daily Dungeons
Some NPCs have additional tasks for you:

 A Fruitful Proposition Supply of Storied RaritiesCro Threadstrong
 A Plea to the Sky Supply of Storied RaritiesAviana
 Budd's Gambit Strongbox of Mysterious TreasuresBudd, Grizzly Hills, Uldum, Vash'jir
 Cold Steel Part II Box of Storied TreasuresJohn J. Keeshan
 Fate of the Fallen Supply of Storied RaritiesCowled Ranger
 Flamefly Trap Box of Storied TreasuresOralius
 Go Fetch Crate of Valuable TreasuresJohnny Awesome, Hillsbrad
 Learning Is Painful Supply of Storied RaritiesLonika Stillblade
 Lessons of the Past Supply of Storied RaritiesLorewalker Cho
 Ogre Ancestry Cache of Mingled TreasuresLunk
 Secrets of Soulbinding Supply of Storied RaritiesHighlord Darion Mograine
 Sky Dancers Trove of Smoldering TreasuresTaoshi, Shado-Pan
 Soulcarver Voss Supply of Storied RaritiesLilian Voss
 The Dark Within Supply of Storied RaritiesZen'kiki
 Vessel of Virtue Supply of Storied RaritiesLeonid Barthalomew the Revered
 Whispers in the Darkness Box of Storied TreasuresImpsy
 Bloody Expensive Supply of Storied RaritiesMoroes
 Like A Dwarf In A Mine Supply of Storied RaritiesOlaf
 The Search Continues Supply of Storied RaritiesFleet Master Seahorn

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