Heart of the Valorous Returns, "Extra Cinematic Footage", Midsummer Fire Festival Fireworks!

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Heart of the Valorous Returns, "Extra Cinematic Footage", Midsummer Fire Festival Fireworks!

Post by Blizzardd on Tue 08 Jul 2014, 6:02 pm

Heart of the Valorous Returns
 Heart of the Valorous, which was last active for a 2-week period between May 30 and June 10, is back in-game. We don't have information right now on the duration of the buff's second appearance, but if that should appear we'll add it. @Warcraft_ES has tweeted the following: 

¡Gana el doble de puntos de Valor durante este fin de semana! ¡El beneficio ya está activo, aprovechalo ahora!pic.twitter.com/X70082GdRG
— Warcraft_ES (@Warcraft_ES) July 4, 2014

Which translates to the buff being available for the weekend. Our thanks to user JPato01 for the information!

The buff stacks with  Valor of the Ancients, meaning that certain quests and the like can net you an awful lot of valor. We've laid out some of the more profitable ones in a table below:

ActivityNormal Heart of the Valorous Heart of the Valorous 
 Valor of the Ancients
 Empowering the Hourglass200400500
 Champions of the Thunder King150300375
1st Heroic Scenario w/objective150300375
 Deeds of Valor (costs 3000 Timeless Coins)100200250
LFR Wings90180225
Regular-length MoP heroics
(Siege, Scholo, Shado-Pan reward more)
 Path of the Mistwalker50100125
MoP Boss4080100

"Extra Cinematic Footage Discovered"
Blizzard posted a very brief blog today, titled "Happy 4th", which simply read:
Originally posted by Blizzard (Official Post | Blue Tracker)

We recently found some extra footage shot just moments after the Mists of Pandaria cinematic, when these two characters had their conflict cut short by Chen Stormstout.

Midsummer Fire Festival Ends With a Bang
The Midsummer Fire Festival comes to an end very soon, and Azeroth is celebrating with fireworks today! Besides hourly evening firework shows, there are also special festive NPCs in major cities that have set up tables with mugs and kegs--if you /dance with them, they'll give you  Celebrate Good Times! and +10% to all stats. Meanwhile, the goblin guards in Booty Bay are all asleep. 

Holiday fireworks vendors in capital cities sell a variety of interesting types like  Midsummer Ground Flower, as well as exclusive accessories like  Red Sparkler which can only be bought today.


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