Transmogrification Guides, Part 1: Tier Armor (Updated for 5.4)

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Transmogrification Guides, Part 1: Tier Armor (Updated for 5.4)

Post by Twiztid on Tue 12 Nov 2013, 1:19 pm

Wowhead is home to the unique Transmog Set database and we've got a popular set of transmog guides to help you find your perfect set!

This guide covers the basics of transmogrification, all Tier sets, and how to acquire them. We've include many links to our transmog sets, which can be filtered by each tier and include matching belt and boot options. On each transmog page, we also have new Filter this Set buttons up by the View in 3D button that opens the set in a new page where you can apply all sorts of filters and view sources for each potential item.

Check out the complete updated series of Transmogrification Guides:

Transmog Rules

  • The appearance of an item will be changed while retaining its original stats. This is not permanent and can be reversed at any time--like socketing an item.

  • Appearances can be previewed in the Transmogrification interface. As of 5.3, you can transmog any item from your bags, bank, or void storage without the item being in your bags.

  • For the most part, only items that have stats can be used. If an item cannot be transmogged, it will be marked as such in Wowhead's Quick Facts, plus we have a "Transmogrifiable" filter. Legendaries can also not be transmogged.

  • You cannot change armor types and some weapon types. So, mutilate rogues cannot use  Chromatically Tempered Sword, DKs cannot look like druids.

  • There are a handful of Cosmetic items added in MoP that can be transmogged onto any armor type, such as helms from the Blizzard Store.

  • In 5.2, you can transmog weapons to those with similar animations.--so 1H axes, maces, and swords can share. Mainhand and offhand restrictions are also removed.

  • Due to transmog's popularity, Blizzard keeps adding alternate ways to acquire an iconic look. Our transmog set pages update to show all items that resemble an particular set--for example,  Hood of the Royal Wizard is included in Arcanist Regalia, so a Mage doesn't have to farm for  Arcanist Crown. This guide however just covers the standard ways you'd acquire tier set from bosses and vendors.

Acquiring Tier Gear: Raiding

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