Patch 5.4 Gear Guide: SoO, Timeless Isle, and Crafted Items

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Patch 5.4 Gear Guide: SoO, Timeless Isle, and Crafted Items

Post by Noona on Fri 20 Sep 2013, 4:44 pm

With the raid Siege of Orgrimmar in Patch 5.4, it's time for another patch gearing guide! In this guide, we've organized all the new epic gear by armor type, base stats, and source to help you quickly browse the available gear options. We've covered Siege of Orgrimmar loot on all difficulties, Timeless Isle items, and some crafting gear. 

We've also got some tips on how to gear up for Siege of Orgrimmar LFR which opens on September 17. While we do show LFR and Flex loot in our loot tables below, keep in mind that some of these items aren't accessible for a while due to the weekly gating system, as detailed here.
Siege of Orgrimmar Loot and World Bosses
Siege of Orgrimmar comes in four difficulties: LFR (ilvl 528), Flex (ilvl 540), Normal (553), and Heroic (566). There are also Warforged versions on Normal and Heroic.

  • Tier tokens:

    • Helm from Thok the Bloodthirsty (Wing 3)
    • Shoulders: Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Wing 4)
    • Chest: Sha of Pride (Wing 1)
    • Gloves: General Nazgrim (Wing 2)
    • Legs: Klaxxi Paragons (Wing 4)

  • In addition, Garrosh Hellscream drops a special tier token that can be redeemed for any slot, like  Essence of the Cursed Conqueror.
  • There are vendors at your capital's shrine that sell tier gear for tier tokens.

    • Alliance: Lorry Warmheart (Heroic), Clarice Chapmann (Normal), Thelett Shaleheart (Flex), Welbiz Cheerwhistle (LFR)
    • Horde: Tu'aho Pathcutter (Heroic), Ki'agnuu (Normal), Nadina Stargem (Flex), Blizzix Sparkshiv (LFR)

  • Trash Loot: Some gloves and capes aren't tied to bosses. Each version is acquired a different way, and there are no Warforged versions.

    • ilvl 528:  Twisted Treasures of the Vale and  Coalesced Turmoil from LFR,  Celestial Treasure Box from world bosses.
    • ilvl 540:  Twisted Treasures of the Vale and  Coalesced Turmoil from Flex,  Flame-Scarred Cache of Offerings fromOrdos.
    • ilvl 553: trash drops in Siege of Orgrimmar
    • ilvl 566: BMAH or combined with a normal-mode version and a  Echoes of War at Lorry Warmheart or Tu'aho Pathcutter.

  • Bonus rolls: Bonus rolls can be used in all difficulties to acquire an additional piece of loot. The type of loot is based on your selected Loot Specialization. To see what drops for your spec, check out the Loot Specialization filter details on boss and item pages.
  • Warforged Gear: These items drop in Normal and Heroic and are 6 item levels higher than usual. They have a low chance to drop and can be found more frequently on 25s. We haven't included these versions on the loot tables in the interest of space, but you can find them listed on our boss pages.
  • World Bosses:

    • The four celestial bosses (XuenYu'lonNiuzaoChi-Ji) drop Season 14 PvP gear as well as Tier 16 normal gloves and pants.
    • Ordos drop special ilvl 559 loot and requires one of your characters to have the legendary cloak for kill credit.

  • To further search for gear, check out our items filters which include filters for all difficulties, stats, armor types, armor slots, and Warforged gear.
  • Want to save a list of gear upgrades for your character? Make a custom list with our Profiler tool!

Click the cut to see our 5.4 gear tables and more gear advice!
Timeless Isle Loot
This loot is more suitable for players gearing up alts or trying to get into LFR.

  • BoA armor tokens:

    • These tokens are ilvl 496 and when opened, turn into a spec-appropriate item. The tokens can be mailed to alts. Some of these items have sockets, such as the helm, chest, and pants.
    • There are tokens for individual slot/armor combos that can be looted from chests and dropped from elite/rare mobs, as well as Timeless Caches for a certain armor type that can be bought for 7500.
    • If you want a lot of coins and armor tokens quickly, consider doing  Treasure, Treasure Everywhere and looting your one-time special chests, similar to  Riches of Pandaria.

  •  Burden of Eternity ilvl 535 gear:

    • This can only be applied to the Timeless tokens, not wearable armor pieces, to upgrade them to ilvl 535. Upgrading them will remove the BoA quality.
    • For ilvl 535 trinkets, you need to buy them from Mistweaver Ai for 50000--you cannot upgrade a  Timeless Curio.

  • ilvl 476 weapons:

    • These weapons cost between 10000 and 20000 coins and are sold by Mistweaver Ai. They are not BoA and are lower ilvl than other items sold by the Timeless Isle vendors, but they are a good starting weapon for new players not doing heroics or Tier 14 LFR.


  • To learn more about gearing up on the Timeless Isle, check out WoWjuju's guide, as well as Wowhead's own Timeless Isle guide for everything you can do in the zone.
    Existing Loot Changes
    We haven't included old loot in the tables below, but some changes have been made to make things easier to hit ilvl 496 for Siege of Orgrimmar:

    • Epics that formerly required MoP reputation (all factions save for Shado-Pan Assault) now have the reputation requirements listed and instead cost  Justice Points. This is a great way to get some easy ilvl 489-496 gear.
    •  Valor Points Shado-Pan Assault gear now costs 34% less and only requires Friendly. This gear is ilvl 522.
    • All Tier 14 and Tier 15 raids have had their kill and bonus roll loot chances increased in LFR. In addition, the chance to get loot from a bonus roll in Throne of Thunder on normal has been increased.  Elder Charm of Good Fortune now costs500 and  Mogu Rune of Fate now costs 1000
    • Tyrannical PvP gear now costs Honor and is also ilvl 496, which isn't a bad way to get some epics with sockets. There are also ilvl 458 and ilvl 476 crafted Dreadful and Malevolent BoE PvP gear options.


  • To learn more about currency and reputation gear changes, check out our 5.4 guide.
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