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Powful DPS Addons which integrate most optimized rotations for every supported spell. This Addon(Mage) suggests you the next spell which bases on power(mana), buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, casting status, moving status and so on. The HunterDPS even can predict future 2-5 spells in sequence in order to use power efficiently and cast more important spells(to fit the 6s CD of Kill Command).

Fire Mage :The rotation bases on the following principles:
(1) More Pyroblast!, higher DPS , so during the CD of Inferno Blast , the instant spells do not need to be immediately cast. New Pyroblast! is mainly generated as follows every 8 sec cycle.

Heating Up + (Fireball) + Inferno Blast

Heating Up + Fireball + Pyroblast!:

(2) Players need to set the Threshold Ignite Value in order to tell the program weather the Combustion can be cast. Players can also observe the current Ignite damage directly in the Addon's interface, as in 5.4 patch the damage of Combustion decreases, players can lower this value . command:/ magedps /MageDPS

(3) Alter Time must benefit from these two buffs: Presence of Mind and Pyroblast! Alter Time and Presence of Mind will wait for each other in 45 sec. if you do not choose Presence of Mind, then Alter Time will never be suggested.

Basic Rotation:

When there is Heating Up , the priority of spells is:

1. Fireball + Pyroblast! (Regardless of whether Inferno Blast is CD),

2. (Fireball) + Inferno Blast (Heating Up generated by a Fireball)

3. Living Bomb

4 .Fireball (when no Pyroblast!, And Inferno Blast CD lefttime>casttime of Fireball+0.3s)

Sometimes Fireball has priority over Inferno Blast. for example ,if there exists Heating Up, Pyroblast!,and Inferno Blast, then you need cast Fireball + Pyroblast!, but This Addon will never let it happen if you cast as suggest.

When there is no Heating Up ,the priority :

1. Pyroblast! (When Pyroblast! or the CD of Inferno Blast is going to end )

2. Bomb (Pyromaniac buff less than 2 seconds)

3. Fireball

Support spells : Fireball, Pyroblast!, Inferno Blast, Living Bomb(Nether Tempest,\Frost Bomb), Scorch, Combustion, Presence of Mind(Ice Floes), Alter Time, Evocation (Invocation), Incanter's Ward, Mirror Image, Mana Gem

Arcane Mage :The rotation bases on the following principles:
0. keep the mana near 90%, if Mana Gem available, the threshold value changes to 80% ,Mana Gem is only available in the buff of Arcane Power.

1. keep Nether Tempest( or Living Bombo or Frost Bomb)

2. Arcane Missiles (2 charges or 3-4 Arcane Charges or 5 sec left)

3. Use Arcane Barrage to regain mana and consume Arcane Charges

so 3-4 Arcane Blast + 0-2 Arcane Missiles + 1 Arcane Barrage is the basic rotation

Under Rune of Power, in order to keep mana near 90% ,when current Mana is upper than 98%, you can cast 4 Arcane Blast, upper than 94%, you can 3 Arcane Blast, and if Mana Gem is available, 5 Arcane Blast is possible.

So after you cast a basic rotation spell sequence, your mana is near 90%, then you need to use Arcane Barrage or Arcane Missiles(2 charges or 5 sec left) to wait for the 94% threshold Mana.

Alter Time must reset these buffs: 3-4 Arcane Charges +2 Arcane Missiles + Arcane Power (or 4 Arcane Charges +1 Arcane Missiles + Arcane Power) ,Alter Time and Arcane Power must be absolutely Synchronous.

Support spells : Arcane Blast,Arcane Barrage ,Arcane Missiles, Arcane Power ,Living Bomb(Nether Tempest\Frost Bomb) ,Presence of Mind (Ice Floes),Alter Time , Evocation (Invocation), Incanter's Ward ,Mirror Image ,Mana Gem


Frost Mage :The rotation bases on the following principles:
Note: In 5.4 patch after Icicles(Mastery) stacks over 5 it will be cast one by one, if you cast Ice Lance they will be cast all together, you need not pay attetion to it.

Basic Frost priority:

1. Ice Lance (Fingers of Frost 2 charges)

2. Frostfire Bolt (Brain Freeze)

3. Mage Bomb (Nether Tempest,Living Bomb,Frost Bomb)

4. Evocation /Incanter's Ward

5. Ice Lance (Fingers of Frost less than 5 sec)

6. Frostbolt 

At the beginning of combat , in order to get buffs of Brain Freeze and 2 Fingers of Frost rapidly, the sequence of spell at the begining of the combat is like this(Frost Bomb):

3 Frostbolt (gain 3 debuffs)+Frost Bomb(4 sec later 100% gain Brain Freeze )+ several Frostbolts + Frozen Orb (100% gain Fingers of Frost )

if you choose Nether Tempest( nerver living bomb),the it cast first.because it generate Brain Freeze randomly.

So Alter Time will be cast by your spell choosing,if choosing Frost Bomb,Alter Time must reset 2 Fingers of Frost and 1 Brain Freeze(3 buffs), if Nether Tempest or Living Bomb,it must reset 2 buffs, but if Frozen Orb is available and there is already 1 Fingers of Frost, this Addon will still wait the chance of 2 Fingers of Frost and 1 Brain Freeze(that is to say if none Fingers of Frost, cast Brain Freeze immediately) 

if the CDs of Alter Time and Frozen Orb differ each other less than 15 sec ,both should wait each other, and the Alter Time and Icy Veins must be absolutely Synchronous, they wait eath other for ever.

Support spells : Frostbolt ,Ice Lance ,Frostfire Bolt , Frozen Orb , Icy Veins ,Living Bomb,(Nether Tempest\Frost Bomb,Presence of Mind(Icy Floes),Alter Time ,Incanter's Ward ,Mirror Image ,Mana Gem

Not support Trinket and Potion, if need ,cast Alter Time by judge yourself.

All classes pls searching them at / ( HunterDPS,MageDPS,PriestDPS,PaladinDPS,MonkDPS,WarlockDPS,DeathKnightDPS,WarriorDPS,ShamanDPS,DruidDPS,RogueDPS)

Conflict with other DPS addons, make sure uninstall all other DPS addons 

Any Suggestion or Bug, please refer to, This Addon will update as your help
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