Preparing for Patch 5.4 Guide: Gear Changes, Removed Content, and More!

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Preparing for Patch 5.4 Guide: Gear Changes, Removed Content, and More!

Post by lylio on Wed 04 Sep 2013, 8:19 am

Preparing for Patch 5.4 Guide: Gear Changes, Removed Content, and More!
Patch 5.4 is a week away, so today we're taking a look at things you can do to prepare for the patch--from saving your  Valor Points to finishing up Battlefield Barrens! Next week we will publish our Patch 5.4 guide to all the new content, but for now we're just focusing on the changes that can impact how you play the week before.

Existing Gear Changes

  • In Patch 5.4, all reputation gear tied to MoP factions (except for Shado-Pan Assault) will cost  Justice Points instead of  Valor Points and the reputation requirements will be lifted--so if you hate grinding reps and are short on VP, just wait a week to buy those items.

  • Shado-Pan Assault gear will still cost  Valor Points in 5.4, but heavily discounted, so it's probably best to wait and buy those items when the patch hits. Shoulders are unaffected, as they cost gold.

  • Item upgrades aren't going away in 5.4--if you're not sure what to do this week, upgrade your best pieces with Valor this week, and buy the cheaper Shado-Pan Assault upgrades next week.

  • Patch 5.4 also introduces ilvl 496 BoA gear on the Timeless Isle. While you can't usually control what slot and armor type you'll get a token for, this gear is of a higher item level than the epics which formerly required reputation. Unlike past random-stat items, these epics come with chest, leg, and helm sockets. So hold off on buying some BoEs this week to boost your alt's item level, and send them some Timeless tokens next week.

  • Once raiding Siege of Orgrimmar you will get ilvl 528 from LFR, 540 Flex, 553 Normal, 559 Warforged, 566 Heroic, and 572 Heroic Warforged. There is a blue post planned for later this week on Flex and LFR scheduling.

  • Since this blog's focus is about what you can currently do before 5.4, we're not going to dive into new gear too much--we've got more gear blogs planned for launch week, and in the meantime you can check out our blogs on Tier 16 ItemsetsSeason 14 PvP gear,Patch 5.4 TrinketsSiege of Orgrimmar Weapons, and Siege of Orgrimmar Loot tables. We also have all loot details up on Siege of Orgrimmar boss pages, including Flexible loot.

Click the cut to read about more ways to prep for Patch 5.4!

Currency Changes

  •  Valor Points will not be converted to  Justice Points in Patch 5.4. If you have all  Valor Points gear already, hold onto it for future upgrades. There will be no new  Valor Points gear to buy in 5.4.

  • As far as  Mogu Rune of Fate, the bonus rolls will now work on Throne of Thunder pets in 5.4--if you really like pets, it might be worth saving a few for Living Fluid. since old LFRs are obsoleted when people level past 90 and you can only get that pet in LFR. Mogu Rune of Fate can also be acquired for 2500 in 5.4.

  • If you're done with Throne of Thunder loot and dislike farming Lesser Charms, hold on to them this week since you'll need them in 5.4 for Siege of Orgrimmar's  Warforged Seal in instead.

  • It won't be as easy in 5.4 to convert  Justice Points into  Honor Points and quickly get a fresh set of epics, since the conversion has been increased from 375 > 250 to 500 > 250. However, as listed above, there are easy ways to now get PvE epics with  Justice Points.

  • For a full list of currency changes, check out our 5.4 PTR: Currency and Reputation Gear blog.

Crafting Preparation

  • As far as crafted gear goes, there will be ilvl 476 PvP recipes players can learn when making  Celestial Cloth Hardened Magnificent Hide, or  Balanced Trillium Ingot. These daily transmutes require about the same materials needed to learn the ilvl 458 PvP recipes, so if you're short on materials and still want to learn some new recipes, it's best to wait a week. Players really into collecting recipes should stockpile  Bolt of Windwool Cloth Magnificent Hide Trillium Bar, and  Ghost Iron Bar.

  • These ilvl 476 Crafted Malevolent recipes will also help with boosting item levels and perhaps bypassing some lower-tier LFRs.

  • If you want to be one of the first to craft and use the new ilvl 553 BoE epics (legs and belts), you'll be interested in crafting several Accelerated Balanced Trillium Ingot Accelerated Celestial Cloth, and  Accelerated Hardened Magnificent Hide a day, which take the raw mats listed above in addition to  Spirit of War, found from DEing 5.4 gear.

  • Many new glyphs are being added in Patch 5.4. The recipes will take some farming to get (world drops or Timeless Isle drops), but they'll all require  Ink of Dreams, so stock up on that.

  •  Living Steel is also worth hanging on to, as in addition to being used in new epic plate BoEs, it will be used in a variety of Engineering vanity items, like  Pierre.

  • We'll have a full overview of profession changes up at the end of the week, so stay tuned!

    Eternally in the Vale will be removed from Vale of Eternal Blossoms as the zone undergoes some major changes from the Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar trailer. You will still be able to hit Exalted with the Golden Lotus, complete quests that grant achievements, and farm Alani.

  • With the patch coming pretty soon, you're probably best off supplementing daily rep gains with  Stolen Golden Lotus Insignia from Zandalari Warbringer, making sure to do  Work Order: Golden Lotus II at your farm every day, and selecting Golden Lotus for bonus dungeon and scenario rep. Be sure to pick up  Grand Commendation of the Golden Lotus at revered to speed your reputation gains along if you want  Eternally in the Vale.

    For a complete look at all the changes in the Vale and a summary of  Eternally in the Vale, check out our updated 5.4 Golden Lotus Guide.

  • The weekly quests for Battlefield Barrens, as well as most special vanity items, are being removed in 5.4. You will not be able to get Latent Kor'kron transmog armor or any Darkspear Rebellion vanity gear after the patch, or complete  Hordebreaker/ Darkspear Revolutionary and get the resulting title.

    You will still be able to get  Raptorhide Boxing Gloves and  Gahz'rooki's Summoning Stone by killing Kor'kron mobs in the Barrens. While it's too late to start collecting  Radical Mojo for a full set of Latent Kor'kron Armor, you can probably farm up items like  Griftah's Authentic Troll Shoes with some friends quickly before 5.4. 

     Griftah's Authentic Troll Shoes may be available at a later point as well, since they're so popular and occupy a unique transmog niche.

    To learn more about Battlefield Barrens, check out our detailed event guide.

  • Season 13 Elite PvP gear and the  Tyrannical Gladiator's Tabard and  Tyrannical Gladiator's Greatcloak are going away. Season 13 Elite gear is particularly unique because it required players to earn a ton of  Conquest Points but didn't have a rating requirement. Season 14 Elite gear will be handled differently--in addition to earning a ton of points, you also need a high rating.

Wowhead Tools
To help plan Patch 5.4, Wowhead tools can help!

  • Our PTR database has all the new Patch 5.4 gear, and our Siege of Orgrimmar boss pages have loot broken down by LFR, Flex, Normal, Heroic difficulties as well as by Loot Specialization.

  • Our items pages and item comparison tool now have Challenge Mode scaling options, so you can roughly see what your gear becomes inside a Challenge Mode or 5.4 Proving Ground.

  • Our Profiler can now be used on our PTR site to make Equipment Sets and item lists of 5.4 gear sets.

  • Our Battle Pet Team Calculator lets you save your ideal pet teams for the Celestial Tournament and power leveling. When 5.4 hits, you can also compare your teams to the Celestial Tournament teams as well.

  • There's been many glyph and talent changes, which you can check out on our PTR talent calculator.

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