Death Knight Macros!By Felix

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Death Knight Macros!By Felix

Post by Felix on Tue 16 Mar 2010, 8:58 pm

  • Here are a few I copied from some topics in the beta forums, these are NOT mine I simply copied them from beta forums to here so you can see/use them. Feel free to bump/add to this topic as needed.

    Report for Sticky Post if you other future Death Knights wish to!

    -Casts the following spells in a sequence, resets on end or you go over 10 seconds without clicking the macro.-
    /castsequence reset=10 Pestilence, Blood Boil, Blood Boil

    -Easy pet heal-
    /cast [target=pet] Death Coil

    -Death Grip your target and taunt it-
    /cast Death Grip
    /cast Dark Command

    -Death pact your ghoul, while not loseing your current target, maximizing your dps-
    /cast [target=pet,exists] Death Pact

    -One button and you get a BIG rune tap-
    /cast Vampiric Blood
    /cast Rune Tap

    -Solo fighitng as frost spec, easy rinse a repeat macro, spam it and it goes threw the spells-
    /castsequence reset=target/dead Icy Touch, Plague Strike, blood strike, blood strike

    -Solo fighting as frost spec, easy rinse a repeat macro, spam it and it goes threw the spells-
    /castsequence reset=dead/target Icy Touch, Plague Strike, obliterate, blood strike, blood strike, frost strike

    -Makes y our target your focus, and every time you cast Hysteria it will cast Hysteria on him, If he is dead, it won't work, Plus won't auto cast it on your self.-
    /cast [target=focus, help, nodead] Hysteria

    -Basically, makes clicking on the icon cast DC on your target, alt+clicking cast it on your ghoul.-
    #showtooltip Death Coil
    /cast [nomodifier] Death Coil; [modifier:alt,target=pet] Death Coil

    -Will cast Strangulate the mob your mouse is hovering over, without changing your current target. Useful for getting stray caster mobs to run to you/the tank/the AoE. -
    /cast [target=mouseover] Strangulate

    Rotation for unholy DK's single target dps best cast sequence
    /castsequence reset=nocombat Icy Touch(Rank 5), Plague Strike(Rank 6), Blood Strike(Rank 6), Blood Strike(Rank 6), Scourge Strike(Rank 4), Unholy Blight(Rank 4),

    Attack Macros:
    Change Blood Strike to whatever attack you are using. If Rune Strike and Blood Tap are not up, the error messages are suppressed.

    #showtooltip Blood Strike
    /script UIErrorsFrame:UnregisterEvent("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE")
    /cast Rune Strike
    /cast Blood Tap
    /script UIErrorsFrame:RegisterEvent("UI_ERROR_MESSAGE")
    /cast Blood Strike

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