Dev Intervju, PTR Class Balans, Dnevne Blue Teme

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Dev Intervju, PTR Class Balans, Dnevne Blue Teme

Post by Danail on Sun 03 Mar 2013, 6:26 pm

Dev Intervju, PTR Class Balans, Dnevne Blue Teme

Patch 5.2 Dev Intervju
Pre Patch Dev intervju je počeo! Prvi GameBreaker i Vanion odradili su intervju sa Dave Kosak (Lead Quest Designer). Mi smo naravno izvukli navažnije delove, medjutim preporučujemo da preslušate kompletan intervju.

Originally Posted by AdriaCraft


The unannounced feature will be in the last patch of the expansion and give players a lot of new content to play with.
Proving Grounds is still being worked on and will be added if it can be done well.
Hopefully we will continue to see a new patch every two to three months, continuing to alternate with raids and story.
For Mists of Pandaria the quest team originally wanted to do a class quest for every class, but it would have taken as much time as doing an entire zone. The choice came down to doing Townlong Steppes or class quests, and the content that everyone could enjoy won. We might see more class quests for just one class at a time in the future.
There will be no heroic Ragefire Chasm, but the experiments down there will come in to play in the near future.
Going to Northrend is going back in time as far as Dalaran goes. Present day Dalaran is in motion, but it may not be reflected in game.
The team is being organized to try and avoid having a really long final patch before the next expansion.


Shorter and more open scenarios feel better than the longer and more space constrained ones.
Patch 5.2 adds better rewards to the scenario bag and Patch 5.3 will add challenges to scenarios that reward bonuses. These will be something like timed runs or other ways to more skillfully complete it.
The new storytelling scenarios in Patch 5.2 can't be repeated, so make sure to take your time when you get to them. They are unlocked by the server first, and then by your character. This means you will get to see them no matter how late you join the war effort.

Questing and Raids

There isn't a lot of expected abuse of the new rare NPC sharing system expected, and even if players do hit the mob to increase its health, it doesn't make the fight super hard.
The Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion for the Warlock green fire quest will be a rare drop from the new rare spawns, bosses, and mobs on the Isle of Thunder. Later patches will likely increase the drop rate so that unlucky Warlocks will be able to get it.
There is no gating for Normal and Heroic mode, but Raid Finder will open up over a few weeks, starting "a couple weeks" after the patch launch and then opening another every "couple weeks".
Mists of Pandaria set out to provide lots of things for you to do, but daily quests ended up feeling more mandatory than they wanted. The Patch 5.2 daily quests feel less mandatory.


Old age killed Lei Shen the first time he died.
The dinosaurs came from the islands in the South Seas.
Patch 5.3 will focus on how the events in Pandaria have changed the factions back in Azeroth. After that, there is a coup within the Horde, the previously announced Siege of Orgrimmar in Patch 5.4.
The seventh Sha will eventually be revealed.
No hints relating to if Ra-den dies at the end of the fight or not, so we have to wait for someone to get that far.
The Titans are more interesting when they are cryptic.
There may have been too many cutscenes in Cataclysm, so now they are reserved for the bigger events.
Lor'themar Theron was mentioned as a potential future warchief.
Draenei lore and story will be revisited at some point in the future hopefully.
The stories being told need gameplay to go with them, so they have to pick and choose what will be the best choice for the more rapid patch releases.


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