Addons World of Warcraft

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Addons World of Warcraft

Post by Umber on Tue 06 Nov 2012, 3:07 am

Discover and guides Addon
What, how, why. [Part 1]
What, how, why. [Part 2]
In deep
Construction - come costruirsi una buona interfaccia personalizzata.
Construction [Part 2]
Updates - come tenere aggiornati i propri addon.

Addon Specifici
AdiBags - manage your bag.
Aptechka - Raid frames alternative grid.
Archaeology Helper - Fashion on the new secondary profession for Cataclysm.
Aurora - mode, which allows you to set different frame GUI.
Auto Tabard - Automatic control of cape reputation.
Chat - Some addon, chatting on the management.
ColorPickerPlus - How to adjust each color of our GUI.
Daily To-Do's - Addon to track daily quests
Deus Vox Encounters
Ellipsis - Control of dowry pillboxes
flagRSP e MyRolePlay - Addon devoted to role-playing.
GnomeWorks - Help to control your craft.
Gryphonheart Items - Useful addon dedicated role play.
GTFO! - It is easy to avoid fire during the raid.
HealBot - One of the best mods for healers.
Hermes - In order to better manage the recovery.
JS'Hunter Bar - Addon for unrivaled HUNTER class.
In Bag - Addon devoted to the management of your stocks.
LoseControl - Custom icons for fans of PvP.
Magic Target - Frameset, which shows the purpose of the members of our party or raid.
Maget - Select to automatically collect loot, and what not.
NotesUNeed - Notes Manager, complete and effective.
OPie - Action bar ring shape.
PhoenixStyle - A useful tool for every raid leader.
Pitbull - Set any frame of fighting in World Of Warcraft.
Pitbull - Guida Unit Frame
Pitbull - Guida Unit Frame [Parte 2]
PvP - Some addon dedicated PvP.
Power Auras - Mod to display specific buffs / debuffs processes and spells.
QuestTranslator - All Italian translation project quest.
RobBossMods - Initiates tactics addon for dungeons and raids.
Rune - Addon devoted to the management of the death knight's runes.
SliceCommander - Addon specifically for Rogue.
Tidy Plates - How to make it more attractive and useful label.
Tradeskill - Some add-on primary and secondary professions.
TukUI compilation
Vuhdo - One of the best mods for healers.
WeakAuras - Flexible frame to show buff, debuff, and the like.

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Re: Addons World of Warcraft

Post by Twiztid on Fri 25 Oct 2013, 7:57 pm

Thank you!

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