WotLK Mutilate Rogue Guide

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WotLK Mutilate Rogue Guide

Post by Umber on Tue 16 Mar 2010, 8:52 pm

This is intended to be an all-encompassing guide to the common questions people have about mutilate rogues. If you have comments or suggestions, please leave a friendly reply and I'll add in your comment with a citation so everyone knows how smart you are.


What's a good PvE mutilate build?

This is the generally accepted build for PvE mutilate:

Here is an alternate build with Vigor and Fleet Footed (instead of Murder, which isn't useful for Naxxramas). If you don't want Vigor, put the extra point in Ruthlessness:

What's a good PvP mutilate build?

There are many variations on this spec, most of which are still 41/5/25. The following is what I use:

What daggers should I use for PvE mutilate?

Generally, you want to use faster daggers. This leads to a few things: more poison procs, and more Focused Attacks procs. Although your mutilates will hit for less than if you were using slow daggers, the DPS loss from this is more than made up for by having extra energy and poisoning the enemy more often. A great starter weapon is the Librarian's Paper Cutter (abbreviated LPC), which is 1.3 speed and is generally considered the best mutilate PvE dagger until Naxx/heroic weapons. It can be bought on the auction house for around 100g, depending on your server.

What daggers should I use for PvP mutilate?

This depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to take people down quickly (burst), lean towards slower daggers. Your mutilates will hit harder, and although your overall DPS may be lower, you have a better chance of taking someone down in a short time period. If you are looking for sustained damage, use faster daggers - just like you would in PvE. Faster daggers = less burst, but more damage over time due to Focused Attacks and poison procs.

The "best" PvP mutilate daggers are currently Sinister Revenge (25 man Kel'Thuzad, Naxxramas) and Murder (25 man Sapphiron, Naxxramas).


What glyphs should I use?

There has been a lot of debate about this. I'll tell you what I use, and what your options are.

PvE Major: Mutilate + Hunger for Blood, then 1 of your choice.
PvP Major: Vigor + Mutilate + Eviscerate, assuming a 41/5/25 spec.
Minor: None of these are "necessary"​ per se, but they can be useful at times. Blurred Speed, Vanish (debatable), Pick Pocket

How much of X stat do I need?

Hit rating:
All others:

What poisons should I use for PvE? PvP?

PvE: Instant/Deadly (NEW SINCE 3.0.8)
PvP: Wound/Mind Numbing, but it's situational. If you are not fighting a caster and have time to switch poisons, go with Wound/Wound. This allows for maximum poison damage while simultaneously applying Crippling Poison thanks to Deadly Brew.

What rotation should I use for PvE?

This is covered very well in the Elitist Jerks WotLK Pocket Guide (linked above), but I will give an abridged version here:

Open with Garrote (if stealthed) or Mutilate if unstealthed, regardless of whether the mob is poisoned.
Use Hunger for Blood.
At this point you will have between 1-3 combo points. Slice and Dice.
Mutilate to 4-5 combo points.
Envenom (resets Slice and Dice to 5 point maximum)
Mutilate to 4-5 combo points.
Mutilate to 4-5 combo points.

Make sure that Hunger for Blood does not fade. Priority #1 is HfB, #2 is Slice and Dice, #3 is Rupture/Envenom. Remember this and you're one step closer to having a good mutilate rotation.

What trinkets should I shoot for?

The best rogue trinkets right now are Fury of the Five Flights (25 man Sartharion), Darkmoon Card: Greatness (Nobles Deck), and Mirror of Truth.


What gems should I use?

For red slots, Agility and Attack Power are pretty much equal. For yellow slots, below poison hit cap, go with Glinting, otherwise go with Agility/Crit (Deadly Monarch or better). For blue, Agi/Stam (Shifting Twilight Opal or better). Remember, this is assuming that you need blue/yellow for your meta slot, or the socket bonus is worth getting. If the socket bonus isn't worthwhile - for instance, stamina or dodge rating - just stack Agility or Attack Power gems.

What enchants should I use?

Chest: +Stats
Gloves: +Attack Power
Shoulders: Sons of Hodir Exalted Inscription (AP/Crit)
Legs: Icescale (AP/Crit)
Belt: Belt Buckle (extra socket)
Cloak: +Agility
Helm: Ebon Blade Revered (AP/Crit)
Boots: Icewalker (Crit/Hit)
Bracers: +Attack Power

Main hand: Berserking
Offhand: Mongoose

Some people argue that Berserking is better on both weapons, which may be true. The argument on the other side is that Mongoose is considerably cheaper, and the difference between the 2 is no more than ~10 dps, not to mention the PvP downside of having reduced armor.

Does Glyph of Sap (+10 seconds to Sap) work in PvP?

No. It is fully functional in PvE, but adds nothing to Sap's duration against other players.

What attacks can Focused Attacks proc from?

Any melee critical strike, including those from special attacks (Mutilate, Envenom, etc). It will not proc from poison crits.

Tricks of the Trade seems like a nifty ability. Who should I use it on?

If you don't foresee aggro being a problem, put it on your top DPS'er - it can't be used on yourself, and transfers ALL of your threat to the target for the next 6 seconds, but increases the damage they do by 15%. With only a 30 second cooldown, this can be a big DPS upgrade for your group or raid. I generally put it on other rogues, and they put it on me so our threat transfer "cancels out".

What's the point of Fan of Knives? The damage is pitiful.

While the damage isn't great, it's a very useful tool for getting other rogues out of stealth (and also for throwing in some AoE damage on trash mobs). If you see a rogue stealth while you're fighting someone else, you can pop it and get them out of stealth so they can't open on you - this is especially true in arenas!

I have a question that wasn't answered here!

Feel free to post in this thread or contact me in game - Cruisington on the Illidan server. I have been playing my rogue less frequently the past few weeks, so look for me on Stormreaver as Cruisington the undead Death Knight.

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Re: WotLK Mutilate Rogue Guide

Post by Blukkie on Tue 16 Mar 2010, 8:55 pm

for pve, instant poison should always go on the offhand. If your daggers are different speeds, put the fast one in the offhand.

As far as openers go, it's better to just mutilate instead of garrote, and use this sequence:

mutilate> snd > mutilate > rupture > mutilate > envenom, then go into cycle logic...

all of that assuming 4 or more cp for the finishers, if not, mutilate again.

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Re: WotLK Mutilate Rogue Guide

Post by Heyro on Tue 26 Jul 2011, 8:34 pm

: :mrgreen:

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Re: WotLK Mutilate Rogue Guide

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