Newest Inscription Items, News Round Up

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Newest Inscription Items, News Round Up

Post by Riko on Thu 23 Aug 2012, 10:48 am

Along with today's news round up, we have a peek at some of the cool things Scribes can craft! Vanity pets, origami objects, and weapons with unique models were recently added to beta.

Some highlights from today's blue posts:
We now know where "Heroic Elite" items are from: defeating Protector Kaolan last on the Protectors of the Endless Encounter. These items are ilvl 516 (Asani's Uncleansed Sandals), while regular heroic items are ilvl 509 (Asani's Uncleansed Sandals).

Ghostcrawler confirmed that it's a deliberate move to have secondary-stat gems like Deadly Vermilion Onyxhave beefed up stats in comparison to primary-stat gems like Delicate Primordial Ruby. In Cata, players stacked primary stat gems and they want socketing to be more interesting in Mists.

Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor and similar Feats of Strength can only be obtained in their current tier, so players can't go back later with better gear to get it.

More infomation on the staggered raid release schedule in Mists: Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring are scheduled to be released on normal difficulty four weeks after Mogu'shan Vaults.

Inscription Perks

Toys and Pets

In recent patches, Scribes can make some vanity pets and origami toys. There weren't pets in Cataclysm, but there were origami objects like Origami Beetle.
Right now on beta, Chi-ji Kite and Yu'lon Kite aren't learned from trainers. Their models are completely new and awesome, so we hope this gets changed!
Two new origami objects require 600 Inscription: Origami Crane and Origami Frog.

Epic Weapons

One perk to being a scribe is the ability to craft upgradable weapons that turn into ilvl 476 epics.
Spirit of Harmony to craft all the weapons, which is a BoP drop, and more importantly, will need 20 Scroll of Wisdom for the epic weapons and 5 Scroll of Wisdom for the epic offhands.
Scroll of Wisdom can only be created once a day and are BoP, so you might find something better in the few weeks it takes to make them all.
The bonus is that all these weapons are Bind-on-Account, so any alts will get a free epic.
We have the models for these weapons below: click to view them with our 3D modelviewer.
If you're tired of the weapon, you can redeem it for more Scroll of Wisdom:Inscribed Crane Staff.

Rain Poppy Staff (Recipe: Rain Poppy Staff) leads to either Inscribed Crane Staff (Recipe: Inscribed Crane Staff) or Inscribed Serpent Staff (Inscribed Serpent Staff).

Inscribed Fan leads to either Inscribed Red Fan or Inscribed Jade Fan.

Ghost Iron Staff (Recipe: Ghost Iron Staff) leads to Inscribed Tiger Staff (Recipe: Inscribed Tiger Staff).

Low Level Weapons
Cata-quality recipes for staves were added to Inscription. We suspect that this will help transmog more than leveling players, as the weapons use rare models.

Key to the Planes (Recipe: Key to the Planes). First seen on Chief Engineer Lorthander.
Runed Staff (Recipe: Runed Staff). Blue-and-black feathered staff.
Rosethorn Staff (Recipe: Rosethorn Staff). A yellow version of Chillwind Staff and Staff of Earned Tranquility, a weapon model formerly Alliance-only.
Silver Inlaid Staff (Recipe: Silver Inlaid Staff). Purple-and-silver feathered staff.

Scribes have many more other perks, from crafting new vanity glyphs to controlling the shoulder enchant market. You can read all about it in our previous Inscription Guide.

Hit the break for all the blue posts in the news round up!

Heroic Elite Items

Originally posted by Blizzard (Official Post | Blue Tracker)


These items are obtained by defeating Protector Kaolan last on the Protectors of the Endless encounter.

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Re: Newest Inscription Items, News Round Up

Post by Danail on Sun 03 Mar 2013, 6:32 pm



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