Mists of Pandaria - Build 15752 - Spell Changes, Items, Icons, and More

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Mists of Pandaria - Build 15752 - Spell Changes, Items, Icons, and More

Post by Warr's奧默 on Fri 08 Jun 2012, 8:36 pm

A new beta patch just hit with some interesting abilities and new items. We've got Rogue tier 14 under the cut as well as spell changes, icons, and some new loading screens.

Patch Highlights

Hunter pets (Hyena and Wind Serpent) get a haste buff: Cackling Howl, Serpent's Swiftness
BoA fishing journal and quest reward from Nat Pagle:Nat's Fishing Journal
Stuffed Pet trophies: Trophy Fox, Trophy Wolf
Raid-wide picnic basket that restores health and mana: Covered Basket, Pandaren Picnic
Trinkets with fun-sounding procs: Explosive Barrel, Ban's Bag of Bombs, Nurong's Gun
New level of lockbox: Ghost Iron Lockbox
New vanity disguise: Ken Ken's Mask
New weapon chain: Living Steel Weapon Chain
New achievements Newbie, R. P. Walker
New Food and Drink:
Chao Cookies
, Lotus Water, Lao Chin's Last Mug, Jin Warmkeg's Brew, Iron Belly Spirits, Cup of Kafa
Brews for Stormstout Brewery: Bubbling Cocktail, Wicked Wikket Ale, Triple-Distilled Brew, Sparkling Cider

Rogue Tier 14

We datamined one version of Rogue Tier 14 last patch--here's the other colors!

33amz - imgur.jpg pivne - imgur.jpg bnqxn - imgur.jpg

We also found some celestial-themed models:

Celestial serpent mount Celestial human

Remember to click the images to see them in our 3D modelviewer that uses Flash!

Loading Screens


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