Symbiosis Breakdown: What Abilities it Brings to Each Class

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Symbiosis Breakdown: What Abilities it Brings to Each Class

Post by Heyro on Sun 22 Apr 2012, 2:45 pm

Since Symbiosis was announced, it's been talked about a lot. New to Mists of Pandaria, Symbiosis will create symbiotic link which grants the Druid one ability belonging to the target's class while giving a druid ability to the target in exchange.
A few days ago, a patch allowed players in the Mists of Pandaria beta are able to get their druids up to 87 and see the ability first hand. We decided to give you guys a sneak peek at what the druid class will be casting on themselves and fellow players using our database! Special thanks to our own Asakawa,user Nikeyeia,and blogger Matticus for helping us with information--we also had our own two staff member druids verify this information! (A few select abilities aren't filled in--some class swaps currently don't work, or crash the beta.)

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