WoW 4.3: Commonly Used Macros for Warrior

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WoW 4.3: Commonly Used Macros for Warrior

Post by Heyro on Sun 19 Feb 2012, 8:58 pm

We have been preparing this article about the commonly used macros of warrior for a long time, and we hope these macros will help you warriors to play WoW more convenient and interesting than before.

We have to mention that you might confront some numbers in macros, so we'd like to explain the numbers' corresponding parts first of all, check them out below.1 Head 4 Shirt 7 Legs 10 Hands 13 Trinket 1 16 Mainhand
2 Neck 5 Chest 8 Feet 11 Finger 1 14 Trinket 2 17 Offhand
3 Shoulders 6 Waist 9 Wrist 12 Finger 2 15 Cloak
18 Ranged

Battle Stance
#showtooltip Execute(Battle, Berserker Stance)
/cast [combat] Execute(Battle, Berserker Stance)
/use [nocombat,flyable] ;
 Explanation: Cast Execute when you are in battle condition, otherwise, summon your flying mount in flyabe zones, or summon your ground mount.

#showtooltip Victory Rush
/cast Victory Rush
Explanation: Cast Victory Rush, and equip your weapon to fight.

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