Fury Warrior Learnin

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Fury Warrior Learnin

Post by Heyro on Mon 23 Jan 2012, 6:57 pm

Fury Warrior Learnin
Stats and Itemization
A fury warrior's main stat is, of course, STRENGTH. In no situation should you ever gem something besides Bold Inferno Ruby,except when the socket bonus itself is 10 or greater STR, and you can use a minimum of 20 STR / 20 crit/hit gem as well. Blue sockets should be Etched Demonseye,and yellow sockets should be Inscribed Ember Topaz. Again, this is only if the socket bonus is 10+ str itself.

After the main stat comes secondary stats. Expertise should be capped at exactly 26, no ifs, ands, or buts. Hit is a bit of a different story. You of course always need a minimum of 8%, but our white hits are a very significant part of our damage as well as resource, so excess hit is never a bad thing. At this point in the expansion I personally like to sit around 12% - 13% hit, but that's only because we can't afford to give up any more stats for more. Expect to see this raise 2 - 3 % with each tier in Cata. Once your hit and expertise are taken care of, the main stat you should be looking for is crit. The more crit, the better. Try to reforge every piece of gear to make sure it has at least a bit of crit on it, unless you just absolutely can not afford to give up the expertise / hit it offers. Otherwise, reforge every stat to crit. Mastery improves raging blow and enraged damage, however should still be reforged into crit or hit. Haste is our least valuable stat, and should always be reforged to another stat no matter what. Enchanting is pretty straight forward for Fury. STR or crit, and landslide on your weapons. I personally prefer hit on my boots, but mastery is also acceptable.

Speccing and Glyphing
So there's a couple different options available to fury warriors, but it's all *fairly* cookie cutter at this point. This is the standard spec: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#LG0cZcrrcszkMfdZb:zkmrcVzmc
Now, a few things to note:
- At this point in time, Heroic Strike doesn't do enough damage to warrant incite 3/3, and 2/3 still gives a high chance of getting the effect anyways. Put the extra point into deep wounds.
- I have two specs of fury. One is what you're looking at with that link. The other is with Heroic Fury and Rude Interruption removed, and place those 3 extra points into Blood Craze. On fights that do not require interrupts or much movement, this can save your healers some mana, and it all adds up.

Glyphing is somewhat situational based. Prime glyphs are set in stone: Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, and Slam. Major glyphs are a bit more flexible. If you have multiple warriors in your raid or a warrior tank, you can drop Colossal Smash and Heroic Throw for Victory Rush (additional healing) and Death Wish (no increased damage). Our minor glyphs are actually more handy than most classes, with mainly Bloody Healing giving a significant increase in personal healing every 3 seconds. Extra rage is always nice so pick up Berserker rage (this also scales with mastery, so it's more than 5 rage). A common misconception is to use glyph of battle shout, but it's a worthless glyph now that battle shout is part of the rotation.

*Pre-note: Abbreviations are as follows - Bloodthirst: BT, Colossal Smash: CS, Battle Shout: BS, Raging Blow: RB.

Rotation is a major part of what makes a fury warrior's dps high. If you're doing a wrong or weird rotation, you'll probably see less than ideal numbers. Right before a pull, always pop BS. This should be a no-brainer. I tend to run in, rather than use intercept, as it's a waste of rage. Open by using CS, BT, RB, BT, slam. After that, your normal rotation is based on priority. CS > BT > RB > SLAM > BS. I tend to go through a 20 second rotation, then on the 21st second, use CS for the second time (due to its 20 second cooldown), and then pop all your cooldowns alongside with this CS. 20 seconds should be more than enough time for tanks to get burst threat. Cooldowns include Death Wish, Recklessness, and ideally Fury of Angerforge, which should be at 5 stacks or very close to it by 20 seconds in. The first 20 seconds will not be impressive for your dps, but once you enter cooldown phase, you will rocket up those meters insanely fast with 70k+ crits. from bloodthirst alone. Later in the fight, just use your damage CDs on cooldown, or within a few seconds to time it up with your next CS. Never delay your CS to wait for a cooldown, but you can delay a cooldown for a few seconds to time with CS.

Rotation, continued
Fury has a "free global" every few seconds in our rotation, in that there is a global between your first RB and third BT. I'll map it out so it's a bit less confusing. BT > RB > BT > FREE GLOBAL > BT > RB > BT. This is because of the cooldown on RB is 6 seconds. During that free global, you can do a few things. Mainly, you want to use slam if it's procced. If it's not procced, then use battle shout. If that would take you over rage cap, use heroic strike alongside battle shout. If you're sub 20%, use execute (more on this below). If none of those options are available, there's not much else you can do but wait it out. This happens occasionally, and it does suck, but it's not too often.

*Sub 20%, do one of two things:
Immediately stack up 5 stacks of execute, and if bloodlust is popped continue to spam execute, or if bloodlust is NOT popped, stack up 5 execution stacks but then continue to do your main rotation, while making sure to keep the 5 stacks up. Your free global should be used with execution should this be the case. Basically, treat execute as a sub 20% rage dump.

Tips, Tricks, and addons
To be quite honest, I really don't use much in the addon department. There's no need to waste your hard drive and memory space with pointless addons that track your abilities or time remaining on your debuffs on the boss. However, there are a few things that I do that come in handy and give your dps an extra push. One addon that has served me amazingly since downloading it is Power Auras. You may just think "Okay, I don't need to know when slam procs anymore, the game tells me that." and you would be correct. However, the game doesn't tell you other information that power auras can. Information such as when battle trance procs, or your rage %. I set up Power Auras to alert me for battle trance procs ( a free attack), that way I can use it coincided with Heroic Strike every time. You want to use battle trance for HS for a few reasons: It's outside of your normal rotation, it's the most expensive "rage dump" attack you have, and it's off of the global cooldown. You don't want to save rage on your normal rotation, because then you'll build up excess rage and be forced to use heroic strike anyways, and that will cost you 30 rage, which you don't want to happen if possible.

Another use I get out of power auras is simply setting it up to bring up an alert when I reach over 80 rage. This lets me know that I either need to use heroic strike now, or if CS is almost off of cooldown, use it during CS (the ideal time to use it). That way, I almost never sit at 100 rage and let some go to waste, because at that point you're just wasting DPS. You can also configure Power Auras to alert you when you have threat. This was PARTICULARLY handy for encounters such as Lady Deathwhisper, when she would spawn the ghosts that you needed to avoid but couldn't actually target them. It would give me an alert to tell me I was being focused and could immediately react. There's not any particular encounters this tier that this comes in handy, but it's always nice for past and potentially future encounters.

The other major addons I use are:
DBM - Boss timer addons
Omen - Threat meters
Skada / Recount - Damage meters
Quartz - cast bar mod which displays server latency in cast bar
Tidy Plates - a unit bar addon, but it's been somewhat iffy lately and confusing to configure.

Asthetic/misc addons:
MTLove 2 - Displays who someone or something is targeting with a mouseover, rather than having to actually click. Can come in handy for bosses with adds or weird threat mechanics.
NiceDamage- Changes the font of damage
CT Bar mod / Bottombar - Lets you add / move / customize multiple action bars, as well as menu bar, bags, etc...
Ensidiafails - Fantastic for calling out bad players during raid encounters. Shows exactly who messed up, and on what.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps any fury warriors that are looking to improve. If you have any questions, always feel free to ask!

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