The best players and video films

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The best players and video films

Post by Warr's奧默 on Thu 19 Jan 2012, 12:09 pm

Hi guys in this thread, I want to express the most prominent players in the game World of Warcraft that they may not even receive medals

Gameking 11 (Gameking 10)
Flekz 7 - Death's a Beach // Cancelled Project
Sikx Silent Shadows WCM
Khuna #2
Neilyo 14.5 BrutalVeng Glad
Nenzo and Xarioo 2 Reckful 2 Cata Rogue
Woundman 13 Flashback
Wutlol 4
Acrono V 21/8/22 PvP movies
GEnetic 2 Trailer (Gameplay/Commentary) (Genetic - Final Films)
Himn Bros 2
Unmercey 9
Grim: Path of Blood
Eviscerate X
Reckful 2
Noone 3 - Frostmage
Vurtne 60-66 Mage PvP
Hydra 7
Gforce 4:Fortitude
BEBEP The Ultimate (Fire PvP/Storyline)
DrakeDog 8

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