Воргены & Гоблины by Genetic Excuse that language Russian

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Re: Воргены & Гоблины by Genetic Excuse that language Russian

Post by Desiredpiss on Mon 15 Mar 2010, 2:51 pm

Gorge of the Song of War

The gorge of the Song of War settles down in southern area of Ashen wood – about district where the Thunder Infernal Shout and its orks cut down huge glades during events of the Third war. Some orks and remained in those places, continuing cutting down to supply with wood growing army of the Horde. They named themselves Horsemen of the Song of War.

Night эльфы, which have begun the massed military company to return itself Ashen wood, now have concentrated attention to disposal of the earths of Horsemen once and for all. Srebrokrylye Sentries have responded to their call and have sworn that will not calm down, while all to uniform orks will not be won and thrown out from gorge.

• the Purpose: to Grasp and bring a flag of the enemy on the base, without having lost thus the flag.
• the Site: Калимдор, between Ashen wood and Steppes.
• Restrictions: 10-80 level of players (ranges of levels: 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79 and 80).
• Quantity of players in a command: Minimum - 5, maximum - 10.
• victory Conditions: Three times to grasp an enemy flag.
• game Time: 25 minutes.

The basic information
Players begin a match in the staff. Later 60 seconds after start инстанса the minute timer there begins return readout. After the lapse of even 60 seconds the barrier separating a staff from entrance corridors falls. It is time to begin!

Inputs in the field of fight
The input for the Alliance is in Roshche Srebrokrylyh that in the southwest from Outpost Srebrokrylyh and the Mirror of Heavens in Yasenevo to wood. The outpost Srebrokrylyh is near to crossing of the road passing through Ashen wood and roads, conducting on the south, in Steppe. Be extremely accurate, if your level more low 20; round the Grove of Srebrokrylyh it is possible to meet spiders with very strong poison.

Also you can not reach the given input, and simply to talk to military leaders who are in Shtormgrade (in Kreposti Shtormgrada), Darnasse (the Terrace Vojnov), Ekzodare (Light Hall) and Stalgorne (War Chamber).
The input for characters of the Horde is in mountains in the west from Camp Mor'Shan, in northern part of Steppes. Also you can talk to the military leader in Orgrimmare (Honour Avenue), Thunderous Rock (Top of Hunters), Lunosvete (the Area of Wanderers) and Podgorode (Area of Pharmacists). Both fractions also can find military leaders in Shattrate.

• Initially flags are located in staffs of each command.
• to lift an enemy flag, it is necessary to click on it the right button of the mouse.
• to dump an enemy flag (for example, for transfer to faster player), it is necessary to click on its icon the right button of the mouse.
• For flag capture (successful delivery of a flag to the base) it is necessary, that both flags were on the initial places.
• After flag capture your command receives 1 point.
• If your flag is outside of your base, you cannot grasp an enemy flag.
• Murder of the representative of the opposite fraction bearing a flag, will compel it to drop a flag on the earth.
• the Member of team, grasping a flag, can lift again it and try to carry it on the base.
• the Member of team, protecting a flag, can click on the fallen flag, thereby having returned it on base.
• Druids can bear a flag in shape of an animal (the Form of a cat, Marching shape, the Illusive wolf).
• Leaving in obscurity or attempt to call a riding animal will compel you to drop a flag. Flag selection deduces you from an obscurity mode.
• If both flags are on hands at commands approximately in 10 minutes the characters bearing flags, will start to receive in addition 50 % of a loss, and in 15 minutes – additional 100 % of a loss. Each of these уязвимостей also lowers speed of movement of the character bearing a flag (since a patch 2.4).
• Abilities паладина the Divine board and protection Blessing (so-called «бабл») also will compel паладина to drop a flag.
• Disappearance of the Robber will lead to loss of a flag by it.
• the Ice block of the Magician also leads to flag loss.
• Use of improvement of the boots giving additional speed of movement, does not lead to flag loss, no less than use of the Potion of speed.
• Since a patch 2.3 if you have dropped a flag, you cannot lift it within 3 seconds.
• In 20 seconds after capture flags appear on the places.
• If you drop a flag, and nobody will pick up it within approximately 5 seconds the flag will be returned on base automatically.
• Messages that the flag is grasped, lost, delivered or returned, are sent to all players in the field of fight.
• For a victory it is necessary to grasp three enemy flags. The victory gives an additional bonus to reputation with your fraction (Horsemen of the Song of War or Srebrokrylymi Sentries) and three medals (the played receive one).
• Players receive bonus honour when their command grasps a flag or wins fight.

At game is present three kinds of fleeces. Руны periodically appear in small houses on a card and the corridors conducting to flags.

The fighting frenzy – within 1 minute increases a loss caused by you by 30 %, a loss received by you on 10 %, and also increases the size of the character by 10 %.

ВRestoration – fills on 10 % of your lives and маны every second within 10 seconds. Drawing or loss reception will remove from you this effect.

Acceleration – increases speed of movement of the character by 100 % within 10 seconds.

The additional information
• Click by the right button of the mouse on a corpse of the enemy will not allow to it to revive near a corpse and will not allow other player to revive it. From corpses it is possible to raise money also.
• Keepers of souls on cemeteries periodically revive players round themselves. Players revive waves about each 30 seconds.
• the Spell of the Magician on an appeal of players in the field of fight does not operate.
• to the Revived Hunters and Magicians also will revive also their last pupils.
• Friendly players can be seen on a card.

Honour points
At achievement of definite purposes during battle each of the participants, being on your party, receives the award in the form of honour bonus points. Such purposes are:
• flag Capture – brings 41 point of honour at 70 level (40 points of honour at 60 level).
• the Victory in battle – brings 20 points of honour at 70 level (20 points of honour at 60 level).

At battles at lower levels you will receive less bonus points of honour, and on higher - it is more. At drawing of last blow of the purpose, a raising of an enemy flag and return on base of the flag you will not receive honour bonus points. You will receive usual quantity of points of honour for honourable murders.

Totally in battle you can receive 140 points of honour for a clear victory (at 60 level). Also at a victory you receive 3 Medals of Gorge of the Song of War. In new system these signs are used for equipment purchase.

At utter defeat in battle (any grasped flag) you do not receive honour bonus points. You receive usual quantity of points of honour for honourable murders. At defeat you receive 1 Medal of Gorge of the Song of War so, even losing, you can receive Medals. However the careless relation to the lost matches usually is condemned, after all at a victory in battle you receive three times more Medals, and also honour bonus points that considerably accelerates process of a points taking of honour.

During the days off devoted to Gorge of the Song of War, you will receive additional points of reputation for each grasped flag. The command which wins battle, will receive an additional 121 point of honour (at 60 level) in addition to put 20. The lost command will receive 60 bonus points of honour. Thus, at the battle, come to the end with account 3-0, the won party will receive totally 266 bonus points of honour, and the defeated party – 60 bonus points of honour.

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Re: Воргены & Гоблины by Genetic Excuse that language Russian

Post by Гость on Mon 15 Mar 2010, 3:00 pm

Official on FAQ WOW:Cataclysm

Exit date: It is planned on 2010г
Level ceiling: It is raised to 85
New race: Воргены (Alliance), Goblins (Horde)
Territory: all territories of Azerota have undergone to Full processing almost
New zones: Uldum (Ульдум), Grim Batol (Mountain Hidzhal), the Sunken City of Vashj'ir (the Sunk city of Vajsh'ir), Tol Barad.
New auxiliary skill: Archeology
New system of talents: Mastery
New talents and achievements for guilds

What plot of addition World of Warcraft: Cataclysm?

While Alliance and Horde looks have been turned to Nordskolu, in depths of Podzemja, a kingdom of elements of the earth of Space элементалей, awful harm dozed. Having taken cover from all world, the fallen draconian aspect of Smertokryl restored forces since last fight against Azerota, fostering hatred to the lowest beings living on a surface, and expecting hour when it can shape the new world from a hot flame.
Very soon Destroyer Smertokryl will return in Azerot, and its returning сотрясет a planet, having left on her face severe wounds. While Horde and Alliance armies will be flown down to cataclysm epicentre, the world of Azerota will start to fall in the face of its inhabitants. War элементалей will inflame, from anywhere there will be heroes, which will rise subsequently on a way at harm to protect the suffered much earth from death.
In the third addition to game World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment the face of Azerota will change for ever. Destructions which will be caused by Smertokryl, will change a surface of a planet and will bare secrets which always were carefully preserved. Players anew will open for themselves familiar for a long time areas of Kalimdora and East kingdoms: these earths have severely suffered from cataclysm. Adventurers are waited by new dangers and tests.

What key features of addition?

Here some basic elements:
Two new game races. You are waited by new adventures on the party of one of two new races: furious воргенов the Alliance and inventive goblins of the Horde.
The limit of achievable level is lifted to 85. Find new abilities, open in itself new talents and pass by the way of titans which will lead your character to unprecedented power.
Transformation of familiar zones. Habitual, long since familiar areas of Kalimdora and East kingdoms, from Barren lands to the Steppes ripped up by split, for ever were transformed beyond recognition.
New высокоуровневые zones. Investigate new territories: Ульдум, Grim Batol, the great sunk city of Vajsh'ir at the bottom of the sea...
Set of new road vaults. In new addition you are expected even more by road vaults, than in the previous. For all tests new modes of complexity are provided.
New combinations of race and class. Submit Azerot in shape of the gnome-priest, эльфа blood – the soldier or other character so unusual in respect of a parity of race and a class.
Development of guilds. Play guild structure, raise its level and achieve new гильдейских achievements.
New PvP-zone and battlefields with estimation system. Carry out battle-orders and daily tasks in a new PvP-zone on the island Tol Barad, similar to Lake of Ice Fetters, and battle to enemies on new fields of fight with estimation system.
Archeology. Master new auxiliary skill to search in the earth for valuable artefacts and to receive unique awards.
Air means of transportation. You are waited by an unprecedented freedom of movement on Kalimdoru and East kingdoms.

Why you have decided to change game filling of East kingdoms and Kalimdora?

During working out of additions we have thought up many new ways of the organisation of game process, but estimate the majority of them characters can only высокоуровневые. Therefore we have thought that it is possible to use lessons of Zapredelja and Nordskola to make more interesting development of the character during travel on old continents. Recollect any zone which you know, for sure, for example Dark coast. And now present that Auberdin has been completely destroyed during cataclysm, and in other parts of a zone there were other cities which inhabitants wait that you will help them with the decision of essential problems.
Калимдор and East kingdoms are pillars on which all plot World of Warcraft keeps, and we would like, that these continents remained the important part of the world, instead of is simple a place where players come to learn new abilities and поторговать at auction. We try to make so that new players and veterans, and also those who has returned to game, received more pleasures from performance of tasks and game as a whole. Having changed old continents and having made new game filling qualitatively comparable with Wrath of the Lich King or even surpassing it, we will give Azerotu a rebirth.

Why new races of a steel воргены and goblins?

Players asked to enter for a long time already possibility to play for goblins. Besides, we wanted, that at least one of new races was well familiar to the player. New addition — a fine occasion to deduce goblins on the foreground and to tell more about their stories: after all cataclysm epicentre is absolutely near to their earths.
The destiny воргенов also excites players who could visit in Silver to a pine forest. Now we had a possibility to tell about secrets which disappeared behind Stenoj Sedogriva. Воргены — aggressive, wild race. It would look naturally as a part of the Horde, but we have decided to give the chance to feel new sensations to players of the Alliance.

Whether for new races special initial zones will be added?

Yes, we have created two absolutely new zones for players from 1 to 15 levels. Воргены occur from Gilneasa who has been hidden till now behind Stenoj Sedogriva. The way of goblins begins on island Kezan, further conducts on Forgotten islands in the Southern sea and only then – on continent. These adventures are organised like the first stage of game for the knight of death in addition Wrath of the Lich King, and in them the technology of phasing is actively used.

What new combinations of races and classes become accessible?

Almost each race will get access to a class, before for it closed. Here some new combinations: the dvorf-magician, the gnome-priest, the person-hunter, the troll-druid, эльф blood – the soldier and tauren-paladin. One of problems which we put before ourselves in this updating – to freshen sensations of players from development of the character, and we consider that new combinations will allow players to look at Azerot in a new fashion.

What zones of original game have undergone to changes?

Somewhat changes have concerned all old game zones any more, any it is less. Dark coast, for example, are flooded now, there has appeared a little absolutely new places in which it is possible to receive tasks. Steppes were divided on two parts: one for characters of lower level, another – for higher. Азшара now represents низкоуровневую a zone for the Horde which directly is connected with Orgrimmarom.

Why the maximum level has increased on 5 steps (to 85th), instead of on 10, how in the previous additions?

We have decided to concentrate on the game filling accessible to characters of a maximum level. We to much have learnt on an example of addition Wrath of the Lich King and have decided that now the main thing – to give to the player enough tests at once on reaching 85th level. Huge efforts are applied on processing of a content for 1-60th levels. We tried to make development of characters brighter and fascinating, taking into account experience of the previous additions. Many players like to develop nonbasic characters, and we would like, that adventures in Kalimdore and East kingdoms remained the important stage of formation of any hero.

What updatings are planned

We wish to update all branches of talents, in certain cases cardinally, and to add here and there new talents. We will not do talents which demand more than 51 points. More likely, we will give to players of more flexibility at a choice of talents from other branches. Besides we enter new system of alternative development of the character, named «the Way of titans». Points which can be put in a certain similarity of a tree of talents, will stand out in the award for performance of tasks, victories in road vaults and performance of other game problems. Ways will be the general for several classes, and Aman'Tulu, by Aggramaru or, say, Kaz'Gorotu will be devoted titans, founders of Azerota, for example.

What game filling waits for players who will develop after 80th level?

We enter some new territories for players who wish to take place a way from 80 to 85, among them – Uldum and Podzeme, a kingdom of Smertokryla. The players who have reached of a maximum level right after of an exit of addition will be waited by a rich game material that was not in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Those who likes to overcome difficulties, can choose level of complexity for passage of road vaults. We will add and new achievements, including, within the limits of development of guilds will appear гильдейские achievements.

What zones will appear for players 80 levels and is more senior?

Here some new zones of addition World of Warcraft: Cataclysm:
Ульдум – in storehouse of knowledge of titans solutions of many ancient secrets of Azerota are hidden.
The sunk city of Vajsh'ir – a huge city has fallen on an ocean floor. From here it is possible to get in Glubokovode.
Подземье – a kingdom of elements of the earth and possession of Smertokryla where in the confused labyrinths of travellers traps set of dangers.
The mountain Hidzhal – the earth here still stores traces of ancient fight with the Flaring Legion. Drevo Zhizni Nordrassil here grew, a gate in Fiery Open spaces from here opens.
Twilight high mountains – here, in a shade of a fortress of Grim Batol, followers of a cult of the Twilight Hammer are found.

What changes will occur to crafts?

The maximum level of possession will be raised by craft, there will be new recipes, and besides we think of strengthening of crafts. Probably, we will allow tailors to change some characteristics of the woven reservation, and кожевникам – characteristics of the leather reservation, and so on. Skill of possession of craft will raise at once on some points on performance of certain tasks. All created subjects will be reconsidered and changed so that to become useful at low levels. In game there will be a new auxiliary skill, archeology which will allow players to find out and use historical monuments of the left epoch of Azerota. Archeology development will play a considerable role at passage of the Way of titans.

For what innovations to wait in the field of PvP? Whether there will be new fields of fight or, perhaps, the whole PvP-zone similar to Lake of Ice Fetters?

Fight new fields necessarily will appear. One of them will be called «Fight for Gilneas». There will be also battlefields with estimation system, on them players will improve the fighting art and to make hit arenas, battling in the field of fight or on arena. The game community waits for a long time for rating battlefields, and it will be interesting to us to see, who is in the lead in Lowland Arati, Gorge of the Song of War and on fight new fields. The new PvP-zone reminding Lake of Ice Fetters, will be called Island Tol Barad. Here there will be new fighting purposes and PvP-problems, and also set of daily tasks, as on island Kel'danas where fights between characters are not present.

Whether changes will be made to work of characteristics of the character, for example in dexterity, force of spells and so on?

We always try to improve mechanics of work of characteristics of the character. In the remote prospect we wish to simplify indicators and to make so that influence of characteristics on force of a loss or effects of treatment it was easier to track. For example, the indicator of force of spells will disappear, and its function will be carried out by intelligence. The spirit becomes the unique characteristic responsible for speed of completion маны, and the completion indicator маны time in 5 seconds will disappear from the reservation. Characteristics which often confuse players – protection and an indicator of punching of the reservation – too can be removed. All existing subjects, certainly, will be updated according to these changes. There will be a new characteristic – skilfulness which will be closely connected with the chosen players talents and for each class will carry out the functions. To the robber, for example, skilfulness can increase length of a series of receptions.

How many new vaults and spot-checks become accessible at the moment of an addition exit? Whether the familiar structure of spot-checks on 10 and 25 participants will remain in addition Cataclysm??

There will be 8 vaults for 5 participants, to pass which it will be possible in a usual and heroic mode. Besides, at 85 level classical vaults become accessible to players – Dead Save also the Fortress of the Dark Canine – in a heroic mode. Road vaults can be passed groups in 10 or 25 participants. We work over four road vaults which will appear after an addition exit. In each of them the mode of the raised complexity will be accessible to passage by spot-checks from 10 and 25 players. We have received a large quantity of responses from game community after start of addition Wrath of the Lich King and now we want, that after an exit of addition Cataclysm to players with any experience of game was accessible as much as possible высокоуровневого game filling.

Whether there will be in game a new heroic class?

No, in addition World of Warcraft: Cataclysm we wish to concentrate on study of new races: воргенов and goblins. We did not intend to enter on a heroic class in each following addition. As we have seen on an example of knights of the death, the new class makes very considerable changes to dynamics of game, and we would not wish to repeat similar experiments too often. However, in the future we plan to present to attention of players some more heroic classes.

Whether it will be possible to use air means of transportation in East kingdoms and Kalimdore?

Yes. Initially, creating these continents, we did not assume that over them it will be possible to fly. But we have considered this possibility at processing. However, we have not solved till now, whether on flights any restrictions will be imposed, at what level they will become accessible and whether it will be necessary to make something to open this possibility. In due course we will share more detailed information in this respect.

Whether it will be necessary to get necessarily addition Cataclysm to estimate Cataclysm consequences?

The cataclysm will occur to all world and will concern all: after it players cannot travel on old East kingdoms any more and Kalimdoru. However some features, such as new zones, races and the raised maximum level of the character, will be accessible only to those who has bought addition.

Whether "phasing" will be applied more widely in new addition?

Yes. Phasing has very well proved in Wrath of the Lich King, and we have thought up set of new situations where it is possible to apply it effectively and effectively. After all the game world varies owing to any events, and the character should notice it. Also now we can "phase" a landscape, players can see this technology in operation, passing initial tasks воргенов and goblins. Also we have made some changes to the interface that it was easier to understand, on what "phase" there is this or that player.

Whether the graphic kernel of game will be improved? Whether the minimum system requirements will change thereupon?

Yes, changes in a graphic kernel will invariably cause toughening of system requirements. So, for example, we have considerably improved quality of display of water. Exact system requirements will be declared closer to an addition exit.

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Re: Воргены & Гоблины by Genetic Excuse that language Russian

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Re: Воргены & Гоблины by Genetic Excuse that language Russian

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