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Enrage Tracker

Post by Heyro on Tue 10 Jan 2012, 2:08 am

Enrage Tracker [4.0]

Descriptions Enrage Tracker - Addon for warriors, which allows you to keep track of rage in a custom and comfortable bar. This modification is intended for those men who want to minimize its mana cost, and maximize your DPS. Now supported by such rage-effects: Frenzy, Berserker Rage, Death Wish and Unholy frenzy.

Slash commands Enrage Tracker
/ enrage enable - enable, disable add-on
/ enrage config - show config panel
/ enrage lock - remove the rage bar
/ enrage unlock - to include rage-bar
/ enrage reset - restore the rage bar

Download (186 Kb)

So the main theme for those who do not know where to put the addon ...
Because this topic has been! I closed it. I repeat, who needs
find out!
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