Macros for warriors

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Macros for warriors

Post by Heyro on Fri 12 Aug 2011, 2:16 pm

Intercept / Charge

# show [combat] Intercept; Charge
/ targetenemy [noexists, nodead]
/ startattack
/ cast [stance: 1 / 2, combat] Berserker Stance; [stance: 3, combat] Intercept; [stance: 2 / 3, nocombat] Battle Stance; [stance: 1, nocombat] Snatch
/ cast [stance: 1 / 3] Hamstring
Universal Macro - Selects goal if it does not, does not jerk when in battle, for it goes into fighting stance, in a battle makes interception. If you are close with the enemy makes a Hamstring. Very good macro if you use it skillfully, but we must remember that we must first identify the purpose if the goals are many, otherwise you can not rush back


# showtooltip Intervention
/ cast [nostance: 2] Defensive Stance; [help] Intervention; [target = targettarget, help] Intervention

The macro takes a defensive stance if the soldier is not in it. Makes intervention to target the enemy if your goal is an enemy to your target if the target is a friend.

reflection spells

# showtooltip Spell Reflection
/ cast [stance: 1 / 2, equipped: Shield] Spell Reflection; [stance: 3] Defensive Stance
/ stopmacro [equipped: shield]
/ equip Merciless Gladiator Sword
/ equip Merciless Gladiator's Shield Siege
/ cast Bloodrage > need not <

A macro allows you to quickly put a shield and use spell reflection. It works like this: if in the hands of a shield and a warrior is not in Berserker Stance - Spell Reflection, if in Berserker Stance goes into a defensive stance, if there is no board takes up a shield and one handed sword, then cast Reflect.

Important: Do not forget to write a line / equip your shield and sword.

# show superiority
/ cast [stance: 1] The superiority; Stance

Allows you to quickly make excellence, moving into a fighting stance if necessary.

Bloodrage / Berserker Rage

# show [stance: 3] Berserker Rage; Bloodrage
/ cast [stance: 1 / 2] Bloodrage; [stance: 3] Berserker Rage;

Does or Berserker Rage Bloodrage or depending on the rack. Saves space on the panel, holding a single button instead of two.

Agro in the left front

# show [stance: 1] Mocking blow; [stance: 2] Taunt; [stance: 3] Defensive Stance
/ cast [stance: 1] Mocking blow; [stance: 2] Taunt; [stance: 3] Defensive Stance

Versatile macro - if you want to quickly carpio mob, say, a work desk Battle Mocking blow, if the rack Berserker goes into a defensive stance, when in Defensive Stance will trigger provocation.


# show Disarmament
/ cast [stance: 2] Disarmament, Defensive Stance

Makes disarmament, goes into a defensive stance if necessary.

Pummel/Shield Bash

# show [stance: 3 / 1] Pummel; Shield Bash
/ cast [stance: 1 / 2, noequipped: Shields] Berserker Stance; [stance: 1 / 2, equipped: Shields] Shield Bash; [stance: 3] Pummel;

Without the shield, if in Berserker Stance - Pummel, if not - go berserk in the rack.

With a shield, if in Battle or Defensive Stance - Shield Bash - if not, Pummel.
Demoralizing shout and bandage

/ cast [combat] Demoralizing shout
/ use [target = player] Heavy Netherweave Bandage

Demoralizing shout and ligation can be used not in combat, it will just dressing.

Macros on the warrior. In Russian Language

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Re: Macros for warriors

Post by REQONE on Fri 09 May 2014, 4:25 pm

Thank you very much, it really helped me  xD

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Re: Macros for warriors

Post by Salmo on Fri 09 May 2014, 7:16 pm

is a true friend. Thank you for your creation

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Re: Macros for warriors

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