Warrior Season 9

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Warrior Season 9

Post by Heyro on Tue 26 Jul 2011, 8:46 pm

Enchanting, and Reforging: Warriors

Hey everyone, in this article I will discuss what stats are the best for an arms warrior in PvP. After doing this I will discuss how to reforge, gem and enchant your gear to be most effective in PvP. Using this stat prioritization I will also determine which PvP off pieces are best for a warrior.


Currently warriors gain the most currently out of soft capping hit and expertise. This means getting 5% hit and 16-20 expertise. With expertise now being on the PvP set, it is not only easy to get but also has become a very powerful stat. The reason why expertise has become so important is because most classes have at least 4% dodge or parry in cataclysm, having a throwdown or colossus smash dodged or parried will completely destroy your burst potential, so expertise has become just as valuable as hit, even more so in some situations. For example against many plate classes have at least 4% dodge and 4% parry, so the 16 expertise actually equates to almost 8% hit!

Once you get 5% hit and 16-20 expertise you should prioritize your stats in the following order.

1. Strength
*2. Critical Strike
*3. Mastery
4. Haste

*Critical strike vs mastery is a pretty close call, but personally I feel like critical strike is better due to wrecking crew, impale and deep wounds. If you prefer mastery by all means choose the mastery pieces, but keep in mind within this article I will be telling you to reforge mastery to crit and choosing crit pieces over mastery pieces.

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