Abilities: Frost Mage

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Abilities: Frost Mage

Post by Гость on Tue 19 Jul 2011, 4:35 pm

Abilities: Frost Mage

The two questions asked most of me are “How do you face x comp?” and “How do you us x ability?” and those that ask invariably leave disappointed with the response they receive. Why? The simple answer to both questions is that there is almost never a singular best strategy or strategies for any comp or ability. The best course of action in high-end arena is almost entirely predicated on one thing and one thing only: opportunity. Good players read the situation, recognize possible courses of action, and choose the option that is best for their team based on the play styles of both the individual and the team as a whole.

While this may certainly be discouraging for players seeking a quick fix to their arena problems, it’s also what makes the game dynamic and enjoyable. And while I can’t tell you what you should be doing or how you should use certain abilities, I can list some of the best uses I’ve found for certain abilities so you can choose to add them to your repertoire if you so fancy. I’m going to be doing that today with these key Mage abilities: Ring of Frost, Frostfire Orb, and Invisibility.

Disclaimer: This list of beneficial uses is by no means comprehensive, nor is it meant to be. It’s a list of some uses that I don’t see used often to its fullest potential by opposing Mages in arena, yet can be extremely beneficial.

1. Hard swaps to a healer. Swapping to the healer with a Deep Freeze, Psychic Horror, or anything else that immobilizes the healer can allow you to successfully place a Ring of Frost entirely around the healer, trapping them within. This is a huge reason that Spriest Mage can be so successful when played right – the raw damage output of a Spriest Mage casting into a trapped healer cannot be survived except by massive opponent peels and a healer’s significant defensive cooldowns.

2. Place ahead to kite through. This works well for yourself when being trained by melee, but it works even better when placed ahead of your healer for him to kite through. This way, you can just toss it out to handle the dps while you can easily move to CC the healer so as to prevent dispels.
3. Place as barrier to entry. Ring of Frost doesn’t have to actually have to hit someone to be effective; it can still be absurdly if used right in certain areas by restricting opponent mobility. This is more or less useful depending on the map you get, but places that immediately come to mind are the stairs or bridge on Blade’s Edge arena to isolate someone that’s away from your kill target, or the boxes on Dalaran arena just to draw the healer out from behind them into the open.

1. Send into enemy rogue’s smoke bomb. Whenever a rogue attempts to defensively smoke bomb, he’ll typically try to follow that up by getting off a free stealth inside. Frostfire orb will easily prevent this without exposing yourself to horrible positioning because you’re aiming at a stationary target (the smoke bomb area).
2. Send into your Ring of Frost. When you swap to a healer and trap him inside the Ring of Frost, you can send your orb to the middle of it. You get the most out of this because the healer is typically trapped inside (or at the very least potentially heavily penalized for leaving), so you can potentially get a ridiculous number of procs while the opponent is stuck inside, eating the majority of the orb’s life duration.
3. Send to one side of pillar and go the opposite. When someone is pillar kiting you in circles (mainly on Nagrand), you can shoot the Frostfire Orb off to one side and immediately go the opposite side. The opponent will get hit by the orb if he runs from you so long as you angle the orb’s path correctly.
4. Send to vanished rogue. Even though the Vanish buff prevents rogues from being knocked out of stealth for 2 seconds, Frostfire Orb will slow down when it approaches the rogue, showing you the position of the rogue while simultaneously slowing the rogue and generating Fingers of Frost and Brain Freeze procs for you.
3. Send out behind you while kiting melee right before rounding pillar. This can just be extremely beneficial because when aimed correctly, the melee have no choice but to pass directly through the frostfire orb in order to round the pillar themselves. This buys you valuable time – sometimes even enough to mount up and completely get away.

1. Sheep healer out of invisibility at game start. Your cast starts while in Invisibility and completes only shortly after opponents are actually able to target you. This can honestly be the most devastating thing you do all match. It’s quite cheesy, but it can set the momentum for the whole game if the opposing team starts off scrambling defensively. It’s also amazing vs. shamans because of how hard it can be to get a sheep later on in the game when the shaman is actively seeking to shock, ground, or line-of-sight your casts.
2. Invisibility to immediately mount away. This has countless applications, but what immediately comes to mind is when matches somehow whittle down to 1v1 or you need to kite around opposing DPS while your healer is stuck in CC.

Anyways, that’s all I got for now. Cheers.

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Re: Abilities: Frost Mage

Post by Heyro on Tue 26 Jul 2011, 8:25 pm

looks good :lols:

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