Raycharles - Warrior Pressure and Awareness in PvP

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Raycharles - Warrior Pressure and Awareness in PvP

Post by Deluxolol on Wed 06 Jul 2011, 4:27 pm


Skill-Capped.com Presents an instructional video by Raycharles.

In this episode of Cataclysm & You, Ray goes over when and where pressure points should be placed in Warrior play, and playstyle decisions and mindsets with recorded playback of 3v3 matches.

Introduction - 0:28
Regular speed playback - no commentary - 1:05
Instructional Analysis - 4:20
Summary and Track List - 15:15

Even if you are not a Warrior you can learn a lot about the class and what to look out for when playing with or against one in PvP!

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