Help please

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Help please

Post by Dobbers on Thu 28 Apr 2011, 3:53 pm

People of all the good times of the day
Pamagite please from any program to remove a video clip : ⭕


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Re: Help please

Post by LordJackhammer on Thu 28 Apr 2011, 4:01 pm

Fraps (derived from Frames per Second) is a benchmarking, screen capture and video capture utility for real-time DirectX and OpenGL applications. It is commonly used to record video games. The program is very popular in the market for amateur moviemakers. The Fraps codec allows decoding of video (using the ability of the media player to decode the contents of the AVI format) or conversion to other video format. The Fraps codec captured from videos with minimal impact on the performace of the game being optimized for higher compression, resulting in files of small size.

In the full version of Fraps (like this), the videos are recorded without the advertising program shown in the picture and maximum resolution of 1152x864 (full-size 4:3; 2048x1536 to 2560x1600 or half-size to full-size dual -core CPU) and with rate above 100 frames per second.

Fraps can take pictures of the screens in various formats: BMP, TGA, JPEG and PNG. When activated, Fraps shows FPS count in the corner of the screen. This number is not shown in the video taped and is yellow when not recording and red when recording. It lets you put dark text on white background simple frame captured.

Fraps runs in the background and is activated by a combination of keys defined by the user and is ended by a process similar.A language program is in English.

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Re: Help please

Post by BLOODWATER on Thu 28 Apr 2011, 4:05 pm

Fraps, for those who do not know, is a small program to record videos of games. You open the Fraps, then the game (which should be in full screen - entire screen - but Fraps does not run) and will appear in a corner of the screen (chosen by you) FPS (Frame per Second - Frames per second the number of screens that are appearing per second) in the current game. You hit a hotkey and get Fraps to record everything.

Fraps Version 2.6.4
Here Download Fraps

Fraps is real easy to use. I will present most of the options on each screen. Change them according to what you see fit. It is worth noting that the default configuration hinders him (much) to play Ragnarok.

As mentioned above, the operation of it is simple. You press a shortcut key for him to start recording, press again to stop it. Each time you do that it creates a. Avi and save to a folder of your choice.

Screen (General tab)

We do not do anything here ... Configure as you like.

If anyone does not know English, the first option determines whether you want the Fraps start minimized (in the windows Task Bar). The second is the Fraps window must always be on any other window. And the third is Fraps must start with Windows. I leave all unchecked. I left the second scheduled now that the window just to the [Fraps] get on the browser and I can see the program and enter here the same time.

FPS Guide

Let the options.

Overlay Display HotKey

Shortcut key to switch the position of the FPS counter when the Fraps running. I leave no (click disable) - No sense to keep changing the meter room on the screen, just leave the starting position in a place that does not interfere. To set the initial position of the contactor, desenhinho use the monitor to the side, by clicking one of the corners. To change the shortcut key, click in the blank field and press the desired key.

Benchmarking HotKey

Shortcut key to start / stop the FPS counter. The counter is started automatically when you open the game (with Fraps open). Then I let that F10 is a key that does not bother me in the game. You can disable this by clicking on disable. In this case the counter will always be running. It is worth noting that without counter running Fraps will not start recording when you press the shortcut.

Only once the second overlay Update

Selecting this option, the counter will be updated every second (not continuously). Improves performance.

Save frame rate to file each second

Saves the current FPS in a text file in the folder of Fraps. Unnecessary, and only provides for decreasing performance.

Stop benchmark automaticaly after x

For the counter after the appointed time at x. Also do not use this option, each will want to use or not.

Save detailed benchmark statistics (MinMaxAvg, FPS, Frametimes)

Save a CSV file with detailed information of the time that the meter was turned on. Totally unnecessary, in my opinion. Keep this option turned off for best performance.

Movies Guide

This is the part that matters.

Folder to save movies in

Directory where you saved your videos. To change, click the Change button and select the desired folder.

Video capture hotkey

This is the shortcut key that is used to start / stop recording videos. In the game with Fraps (and the FPS counter) running, press once the hotkey to start recording. Press again to stop.

"Phius, the program stops recording of nothing."

Here it happens when disk space runs out / Check this heh.


Option that determines the size of the recorded file. Half-Size recording at half the size of the screen. Full-Size in original size (to a maximum of 1152x864 pixels).


Speed, in frames per second, which is recorded the video. Here I leave 15 FPS. Good quality / performance.

Record Sound

With this option checked, Fraps will also record the sound of the game. Let the record super slow, clear for better performance; Check if you have a machine very nervous and wants your video with sound.

If you use this option on, check the box Detect best sound input for the Fraps detect the input source of the sound. Use Windows input uses the sound input configured in Windows Control Panel, which is usually the microphone - that is, it will not record the sound of the game, but his microphone. Set this in Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel of Windows. It is easier, however, use the Detect best sound input does not need to be setting anything in Control Panel.

The cursor

Force a non-recording of the mouse cursor. Like most games use a sprite set for the cursor (not the standard windows), this option usually does not work, so I'll leave it unchecked.

No sync

Force Fraps to record whenever the FPS x (where x was given the option above, FPS). This causes the film descincronia when your computer can not handle the FPS speed specified by you (Fraps will record ever at the same speed, not following the speed that things are appearing on the screen in moments of slowness, for example). Otion ALWAYS leave this unchecked.

These things are totally unnecessary, since the game has a system to save screenshots and this is better than the Fraps. Not going to cover that here.

Click to desatirar Disable the shortcut key, which in this case will only be there to disturb.


Well, most of the gang that shoots video of rag, already has a program to edit them. But if you do not have or do not want to edit, or will edit with Windows Movie Maker (It is better to compress rather than to take hours to import Pro Movie Maker), and just want to reduce the file size ... here's a small program good for it.
Clicking the link will open a website where you must choose one of the mirros where it will be downloaded. Choose any one of them and click download on the right side (I did not catch a direct link to one of the mirros because these links change from time to time).

No need to install the program. VirtualDub Create a folder at the root of your drive and unzip it there. Passing an anti-virus just in case.

A step-by-step simple for you decrease the size of your videos quickly.

- Open VirtualDub (VirtualDub.exe the folder where you unpacked);
- Click the File menu, then Open video file, or use the shortcut [Ctrl] + O;
- Find the file you want to edit, select it and click Open (Open);
- Click the Video menu, then Compression, or use the shortcut [Ctrl] + P;
- Select a compression codec. I use Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec 2;
- Click Ok;
- Click the File menu, then Save as AVI, or use the F7.
- Select a folder to save and choose the file name. Click Save (Save), then.
- Will open a window showing the progress of conversion. Uncheck the option Show video input and output video show, if they are marked, for better performance.
- Wait for the completion of the process and then just close VirtualDub. Ready =)

If you edit your videos with Windows Movie Maker, I recommend that you compress it with VirtualDub before. Movie Maker will take 5 years to import your video, the file size. Even with the compressed file takes a little longer ... Anyway, I got this Nhaca here, but no use. I have to edit some videos, but rather wait until I find something better (N> Adobe Premiere xD) doque edit with Movie Maker.

Well, that's it, hope the guide will be useful to Buenos Galvões on duty. xD

Thanks : :mrgreen: :P:

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Re: Help please

Post by Joness on Sat 07 May 2011, 12:21 pm

fraps to record
sony vegas for editing /=

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Re: Help please

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