World of Warcraft dress 3.35DK talent and technique of deep blood T List

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World of Warcraft dress 3.35DK talent and technique of deep blood T List

Post by Merry on Sat 02 Apr 2011, 10:28 am

Version 3.3.5, different talent talent to deal with a DK tank on various occasions! The first is the traditional dark blood, the blood is the snake oil of traditional deep, able to cope with the situation all the necessary tanks, the key lies in the strong ability to adapt 15S dying! If you are still playing 5 YX this stage, it would be natural to use the traditional deep blood Tanzania.

Double ring tanks are an alternative gift, hate ice touch is 3.3.3 has been modified by the pioneer of the black death first raised front area, and by many greatly improved. The use of double-ring tank is very narrow, only 10 were fixed for ICC groups and no ice DK / enhanced SM's 25-man team, but because of the ice 3.3.5 the rise of dual wielding DK, a 25-person group is not the case of ice-DK will be very small, so double-ring more often in the 10 regiment! purpose is to provide two tanks as BUFF, to save the seats for more people BUFF improve DPS. Double ring tanks to 5 people the absolute pits father, and 30 seconds fade extremely painful, often a wave of mobs over your dying there 20S CD, recommended not to use the new 5 of them the double-ring.

Survival of the strongest natural talent in particular refers 43,23,5, on behalf of talent out of the blood to the necropolis, ice talent misses out to 3%, 5% dodge talent out of the evil genius, is the strongest survive DK talent Tanzania , group pulling power is very pit father, the same 30S CD Death and Decay, is not recommended for new areas to use !!!!!! very narrow and applies only to ice DK / enhanced SM's 25-man team, especially survival pressure large H and H Ice Dragon Lich King (add that, H of the Lich King has a special talent, not being posted here.)

The natural flow of the ice inside the ice touch touch will increase shadow damage explosion and Frost's choice of these two talents. My personal recommendation is that other talent, the ice point of contact will be a range of talent, free is not recommended to interrupt the natural point of contact will burst effect of the ice frost shadow damage than the increase in effect, individual tests of human flesh, no natural additives.

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