Arms PvP 4.0.6

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Arms PvP 4.0.6

Post by Welly on Tue 29 Mar 2011, 5:23 pm

Arms PvP Guide

All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him. -Sun Tzu, the Art of War

Arms PvP at its basis is both simplicity and chaotic complexity. It can be as simple as a rotation to eliminate an enemy in a single burst of damage, or as complex as the art of keeping a DPS chain peeled off of your healer long enough to wear him and his team down. Warriors, at their basis are meant for one thing, and one thing only, and that is to stand in front of an enemy, and completely and utterly devastate him. From afar, a warrior is fragile, he can be CCed, he can be slowed, he can be picked off with relative ease. So, it is important as a warrior to know not only how to employ the weapons in your arsenal, but also how to close to within an effective distance to utilize your deadly skills.

I will start with a cookie cutter Arms Warrior build, and an explanation for the talents chosen:


Arms Tier 1

War Academy: 3/3 It provides a stable damage buff (15%) to two of our most used abilities; Slam and Mortal Strike.
Field Dressing: 2/2 It increases our self healing (Second Wind, Blood Craze, Enraged Regeneration) by 20%, it also provides a 6% increase to all other healing done. Warriors have small HoTs, naturally, this choice makes them a tad larger, and helps your healer out in Arena.
Blitz: ½ It increases the rage generated by your charge, and stuns someone close to the person charged. Charge has a 3.5 second stun, if that person standing next to your target is a healer, 3.5s is a long time.

Arms Tier 2

Tactical Mastery: ½ It allows you to keep an extra 25 rage when swapping stances, up to a total of 50. The only thing this is really good for is getting your oh sh*t cooldowns off in defensive, making sure you have enough rage to do whatever after swapping to defensive, and not making you rage starved after popping Recklessness to begin your burst on a target.
Second Wind: 2/2 Free rage and health regen any time someone's stupid enough to try to stun / immobilize you. What's not to like?
Deep Wounds: 3/3 It makes your critical strikes bleed the target for 48% of that damage, so if you hit a 30k crit, it will do 14k and some change to them in bleed damage. Extra damage is good.
Drums of War: 0/2 I didn't take this personally, because I prefer Improved Slam. That being said, it causes all of your interrupts to be free at maxed (which is good) and your shouts that use rage to be free as well (I don't use Intimidating Shout very often as an oh sh*t button, however, if that's your playstyle, this talent might be for you.)

Arms Tier 3

Taste for Blood: 3/3 Maxed out, it gives you a stable 60% critical chance on your Overpower, as well as the opportunity to proc Overpower from Rend ticks. This is a vital part of our rotation, 'nuff said.
Sweeping Strikes: 1/1 It's good to pop right before Bladestorm, or, if you prefer, right after the charge where you stun things for 3.5s cause of Blitz. Coupled with the right abilities, this talent is deadly to melee classes that would like to stand in your face.
Impale: 2/2 It provides an increase to the damage done by a critical of Mortal Strike, Slam, and Overpower. What's not to like?
[li]Improved Hamstring: When Hamstring falls off and is reapplied, this talent immobilizes the victim for five seconds. Not having to chase something like Wile E. Coyote for once is a good thing, no?

Arms Tier 4

Improved Slam: 2/2 I took this because I personally like Slam. It lowers the cast time and ups the damage. Pretty straightforward.
Deadly Calm: 1/1 Deadly Calm is one of our most powerful burst utilities, giving us basically infinite rage in a 10 second period. That's about twice as long as a Throwdown.
Blood Frenzy: 2/2 Buffs damage taken by bleeding targets by 4%, and causes the bleeds do 30% more damage themselves. Also gives you a nice % to proc additional rage from your auto-attacks.

Arms Tier 5

Lambs to the Slaughter: 3/3 Mortal Strike now basically increases the damage of all your abilities that you will use in Arms by 10/20/30% for 15 seconds.
Juggernaut: 1/1 It makes charge usable in combat, increases the stun, and ups the crit chance for Mortal Strike and Slam used immediately afterwards.
Sudden Death: 2/2 All melee hits have a 6% chance of resetting the CD on Colossus Smash. Keeping the extra rage for Execute is nice, but the real winner here is Colossus Smash. We <3 Colossus Smash.

Arms Tier 6

Wrecking Crew: 2/2 It causes your Mortal Strike crits to enrage you, increasing damage done by 10%.
Throwdown: 1/1 This is basically a Warrior's kidney shot, and is a key ability in bursting down an enemy.

Arms Tier 7

Bladestorm: 1/1 While not as gamebreaking as it used to be with the ability to disarm a warrior during it now, Bladestorm is still a good talent to have. It is basically a free PvP trinket pop, as well as quite an impressive AoE damage tick.

Fury Tier 1

Blood Craze: 3/3 After taking any damage, you have 10% chance to regain 3% of your total health. We like regaining health.
[li]Battle Trance: 0/3 Not really valid when you consider the other six points we're spending in Fury.
[li]Cruelty: 2/2 At its basis, it increases the crit chance of our Mortal Strike by 10%. That's good.

Fury Tier 2

Executioner: 0/3 See Battle Trance.
Booming Voice: 0/2 See Battle Trance.
Rude Interruption: 0/2 If you don't enjoy Slam, and you've got the points to drop into it, Rude Interruption provides a 5% buff to your damage after you interrupt something. It's not a bad talent, I just don't use it.
Piercing Howl: 1/1 Piercing Howl provides us with a peel that can reach out to every enemy in a 15y radius glyphed. It's handy for catching up to those trying to kite you when they stay in the deadzone of your charge.


Prime: There are only really three viable Prime Glyph choices.

Glyph of Overpower: It increases the damage of Overpower by 10%
Glyph of Mortal Strike: Does the same thing as the Glyph of Overpower, but with Mortal Strike.
Glyph of Blade Storm: Reduces the Cooldown on Bladestorm by 15 seconds. Remember we're using Bladestorm as a second, non-linked PvP trinket as well as a damage utility. This causes us to have a PvP trinket up at 1.25m (One minute and Fifteen Seconds) and 2m (The regular PvP trink CD.) One just happens to whirlwind in someone's face.

Major Glyphs: There are a number of Major Glyphs that would be viable. I'm going to list the most effective.

Glyph of Piercing Howl: It causes Piercing Howl to reach out to a respectable 15y range.
Glyph of Long Charge: Increases the range of charge from 25y to 30y, making that 5 yards less you have to run between you and the frost mage standing out at 40y throwing frost bolts in your face.
[li]Glyph of Sweeping Strikes: I use this one because it makes Sweeping Strikes free, free damage to a melee's buddy is always fun.
[li]Glyph of Spell Reflection: Reflecting spells is always nice, this allows you to reflect more spells by shaving a second off the cooldown.
[li]Glyph of Rapid Charge: Lowers the cooldown on Charge. We like Charge. We like Charge a lot.

Minor Glyphs: There's no real game breaking minor glyphs.

Glyph of Berserker Rage: Free rage, what's not to like?
Glyph of Intimidating Shout: You know how we hate people running away from us? Now with Intimidating Shout, they'll stand there and cower instead of running off in fear. Any day they stay where they're at is a good day in my book.
Glyph of Battle: It increases the duration of Battle Shout, use this or Glyph of Command.
Glyph of Command: Does the same thing as Battle, except with Commanding Shout.
Glyph of Demoralizing Shout: This used to be great when Demo Shout brought stealthies out of stealth, it doesn't anymore, but it's still decent when you're fighting a melee class.

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