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Jagged battlefield - Warriors Arena

Post by December Wiklund on Sat 05 Mar 2011, 8:21 am

The secret of a good MT is only one: "always thinking about how to do a better job."

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First, the single entry-hatred
Second, the monomer hatred Advanced
Third, aggro reset - "somehow? Of course!"
Fourth, group hatred - "No matter how much blame to face, never behind me treatment of OT"
V, scene control techniques - "control field, is with."
VI, survival and self-protection - "live or repairs? It's a problem."
VII, professional philosophy - "MT is not the strongest shield in the hands of that side, but the heart of that side."

First, the single entry-hatred

A. Strange stream pull no brain - "the only house up, no brains and the most"
Some beginners MT like to ask: "taught me how to pull strange?"
I have tried to make our mission has never played a ZS in the FS to pull the blood boiling. I told him so:
No. 1 key to set the shield fierce, 2 buttons are revenge. Roll the mouse macros for the heroic + destruction. Mouse to scroll down to shield file.
Then he left 12,121,212, rolled right and rolled. TIPS maintained at 1200 ~ 1400 +, so that others can not TANK blood from his hands grabbed the boiling hatred. Then. . Of course, is destroy mission. . .
La strange fact that simple.
Of course, is no shortage of anger over the situation.

B. Hands-style - "A good beginning is half done"
Bloody violent hands knows how many, but also with violent anger that not many.
Look at the "violent anger" description of this skill. Then added to the fury of anger in the right hands-type.
Like Wasi Qi, if you hung a strange fury of anger, then the first arrow will be played directly to your anger. In the meantime you should keep a mockery. This time you will find a large fireball had hit three open in her, well, the use of force for three seconds and your sarcastic anger struggling to establish the 100 hate it, they can not OT.

C. Situation without anger - "anger used to each point where the most necessary is a required course TANK"
Not heroic or even less.
Revenge of the skills should be the order of "Shield Slam" against destruction, remember to stay out of revenge and anger to keep one Shield Slam CD to use.
Will definitely help put a slow weapon, but the effect is to think more how to get more rage.

Second, the monomer hatred Advanced

A. Transfer of control of hatred and hatred - "more is not necessarily better."
Princess from the TAQ times to the TBC era Ha Huolan blood boiling, BLZ will be tested in the PVE TANK in the ability to control the hatred.
That there was no OMEN / KTM, hatred can only be through the establishment of means to control the hatred of the time and frequency transfer.
Now in a strong plug-in help, it all no longer needed. To do is install a good plug-in.
Meditation once again: "More is not necessarily better."

B. Low transition of hatred - "Know thyself, know yourself"
First as a MT, before coming into contact with the BOSS, the BOSS should be all the skills to understand and may therefore appear low in the case of hatred. Let me give some examples:

Karuur: hands because karuur no growth, attack power is low, get angry very slow, leading to DPS OT. Society may make a lot of DPS is the way to solve the late fire. But the way to solve our association is: "MT can not hold on. Buckle MT of G.." Do? Open fury of anger, then blame the bloody violent after playing the first Shield Slam. Now back to BOSS, to pull to get more rage. By turning to this technique appears to stop dodge parry can be used in many places.

Void Reaver: AOE at the time were cutting their violent gesture of anger with fury to get extra rage. MT is not a time to hate as much as possible to use the skills behind the BOSS to avoid unnecessary parry.

Blind persons; as pulling the fire demon anti-T. Hatred is a big problem. But the aura / totem controllable, you can switch the aura / totem, to adjust the fire of anti-MT, and thus indirectly affect MT MT anger to facilitate a better pull. Of course, the devil in the form before switching to reserve 100 anger is also very important.

Blood Boil: rob hatred anger when you can not rob a boiling blood, or eat in front DEBUFF, cut violent anger or eat acidic breath.

Zul'jin cat form: As the cat form and not just attack frequently switch targets MT, MT hatred not often occur due DPS OT situation. DPS attention need to be reminded at this time, or use the anger syrup. Or open to deal with hate-based Talisman.

In summary, the transition is nothing more than hate the way trough the following.
1. Set aside anger.
2. Through his back to BOSS, active eating skill damage, adjusting skills own property or open way to get extra rage
3. Save anger, sarcasm and others OT moment later, on top of establishing their own hatred.

C. Built on top of the hate hate - "Eating mocking BOSS, not OT."
Of course, this definition is not the BOSS switch OT goal, but not more anxious to switch targets after some move will be to pull you back.
All his anger is not the first time to play out sometimes the best way to create hatred.
Save anger, hatred in the OT were built on top of their hatred is a multiplier effect.
Of course, do not forget when there MISS discipline and group using your ridicule.
Mastery of the future, you can play ZAM bears, lynx, and so eat the irony of BOSS and the mobs, the clamor: "OT prize!"
With one exception: "Wasi Qi." When this guy while shouting "one hit kill!" Side of the spike your DPS while ignoring your sarcasm, you will understand the powerful long-range attack place. . . So, faced him, or let hang QS to save it to your DPS.

D. Shield Anti - Additional hatred
Spell reflected a very great hatred. Seamounts in the play often when I rushed the first one, witch uses magic to see the other men and women behind counter, nursing assistance and then immediately come back. Can see the N-Shadowbolt hit me and then bounce back in the spectacle.
This treatment reduced the pressure on the one hand, to keep the defense will have to take blame Q or other ZS. The one hand, firmly hold of the law also strange hatred, prevent them from fighting treatment.
Strange face of law when the shield is the anger against the maximum utilization of hatred skills. Premise is that no one interrupted them.

Third, aggro reset - "somehow? Of course!"

Remote hatred will be 130% OT, 110% close combat hatred will OT.

But often there are inexplicable FB OT, OT caused by this reason is: aggro reset
What is the aggro reset?
When the BOSS switch targets or the use of skills is the goal of a sudden loss of hatred, it will reset the target of his hatred, hatred of the list in the highest goal of re-search led to those between 100 to 129% of the distance or close combat 100 ~ 109% there OT.
We often see the following:
1. OT chain. A FS OT, and freezer, the results did not watch the BOSS to find another remote MT
2. Void Reaver, BOSS has just turned around and still end after a sudden someone Arcane Orb OT.
3. Blind, BOSS turned around and put demons do not look finished T, and look to other DPS.
4. Blood boiling, BOSS turned around and put a sudden end when the spray acid was OT.
So, when faced with the BOSS that will aggro reset when pressing MT hate to fight, to play sound than pressing multiple OT line.

Fourth, group hatred - "No matter how much blame to face, never behind me treatment of OT"
PS: Now hatred Thunderclap is greatly enhanced, has the equivalent armor of the group. When the CD is worth pulling one group to use.
Hatred of a group that many people may first reaction is operating, the hand must be fast enough, ah, and then cut back and forth on the target of hatred, with good skills in every CD and so on. In actual fact, in most situations we need to deal with the mind to pull the APM to be more important than is often more effective.

A. Ordinary double pull
Be the entry level. On average to two strange hatred of skills, Thunder continued, and now cleave hate to die, if you are willing to cut goal, then cut the target heroic stronger position than some cleave.
But as teammates and equipment upgrade, they were strange DPS beat two full time may be wrong, this time to select the main pull a hatred, ridicule the other moments such as back OT. Then only the Lord hate, alternately. Or if there is a strange legal system only when the anti-control can also use the shield of hatred.
Double pull criteria: Hero FB and let the two strange fire to both his teammates and can pull even cross the border.

B. Special double pull
Hammer of seven weapons Kael'thas Shield
We know that seven weapons in the defense shield is very high. Then double-pull distribution strategy when it is important to hate, and revenge as much as possible to shield such a fierce hatred of high value-added skills CD left to shield, and the heroic and the destruction of such low value-added skills of hatred left to hammer.
With this understanding, then double pull seven weapons will be very easy, even, you can also try to Kay in the total three-pull seven weapons.
This double standard is the pull: SS without fragmentation, open bloodthirsty OT still not fully seeds.
Mastered the techniques focus on hatred, so much for the special drawing are alone.

C. Group pull
ZAM is a classic case of the dragon hawk. Well, now you're not anti-ride, you are warriors, but your teammates finish one side for once all the eggs, how do you do?
1. 100 in advance to stay angry. There would be a small German Thorns
2. Rushed into the zone waiting for the egg, so there is a long corridor for you on the hatred.
3. A total of three 1,2 wave easily pull as little as possible on the hatred
4. 3 wave IV blame, a thunder, and conscientiously target of hatred, OK no problem.
5. 4 wave eight blame, this time back side of the cut side of the goal Cleave, Shield fierce, revenge, so grab 3-4, chasing them to run two-step, another round, so you're looking for the rest.
6. 5 waves, all remaining eggs came out. This time a frost grenade, if you are not a FS project called, or water their men to help you set it, then rushed into the ice ring region. OK, all mobs have hit you, hurt by anti-hate is enough to pull them.
7. Such a wave of fire bombs, and then notify the AOE career began A.
8. Irony, shock, aid care, social ridicule, punishment reserved for unforeseen circumstances.
In this example, we use the first 3 waves in the target even on the use of hate cutting techniques used in the first 4 wave techniques for time in space, in the first 5 waves with the use of a fixed body to create a start against injury hatred skills. In fact, soldiers are the face of all the circumstances, that is how the combination of several techniques to achieve their own ends. To see what to think.
It is worth mentioning that: Druid Thorns, anti-riding Blessing of Sanctuary, the soldiers of the spores attached to Shield Spike Shield, and the "flames of grass" hate groups are an excellent means to establish, you can choose to use when necessary.

V, scene control techniques - "control field, is with."
A. Space for time
ZAM to the dragon above the eagle is a very typical example, by pulling the mobs away from the crowd, to allow for the establishment of hate distance.
Very often, in the establishment of group hatred, the grasp of the sense of distance even more than a grasp of hatred. It is precisely because there is such a distance, it may be unexpected for us to control the situation and provides sufficient space to allow Changmian get back control.
This is an occasion which often, you take two strange hands, this time two teammates have been strange to the fire at the same time, we should have chosen this time, obviously you should focus on to close combat, or stand near the bird on the remote OT hatred, blame and let the other stood directly toward the distant teammates. In that encounter and then blame his teammates quickly re-charged when the field of nursing assistance. Pull together, not two, because that may be you who could not be pulled.
With the moment at any station of his teammates to understand that both RAID, or 5 are TANK FB should be done.

B. Control more than pull
Control is a choice, the strange physics of hatred must be firmly pulled, and the strange long-range low attack can be placed second, while the legal systems of the blame can be passed to interrupt, halo, anti-shield to control.
What is strange to understand threats to their own teammates it is very important. Although only pull so you can only blame the hatred of the three or four, but at the same time, or intermittent control of suppression of the other strange, given his teammates often felt that you pull all the blame: six or even seven.
This is more obvious in the play Hyjal, such as law by the strange pull shield against hatred, and then pull the two hated himself three fresh corpses, this time a spider control again in his side, he put a remote attack never mind his time, and he wanted to rush a mockery of close combat, or halo, when connected to hammer. Thus, a person you can control a lot of blame, for there is no anti-riding team, this is a very big help TANK.

Control is to consider how to meet. For example, the broken hero AOE team. Your task then is not pulled each blame, but to pull those remote, control the law and your teammates to run out within the control of a strange time back together.

Hamstring eat for a strange teammates OT, disciplinary and MISS MISS you ridicule the time, how do? Of course he should be first broken ribs, so to gain time for his mockery of CD is the most sensible approach. When can understand this point, you can experience the beauty of one of the two of the control field.

C. How to tie in with the team
And FS with, you can use mouse over macros sheep on his armor, so the sheep do not wake up to find him. MS also can be bound souls.
Cooperation with the SS, with mocking a woman to help him transition to a disruption of that charm, or 1.5 seconds ahead of the break. Of course, the class of quasi fear, exile, can be the case.
And LR with, you can take the initiative to bring you want to blame the ice on his trap. If you see that the intention of LR kite, then please do not interfere with him.
And DZ with, when he alone controls a blame, you can observe his energy bars, no energy, when he help him.
With anti-ride with, for he pulled that one attack high enough to threaten his survival and the legal systems of the strange, the other he was very good.
And AOEer with, control field is more important than pull more effective.
And treatment with, never to blame hit them, and keep track of their treatment goals and the blue bar, self-treatment of the transition gap. At the same time pay attention to his station, never stuck to their treatment of vision.
Here one can only say that probably, in fact, the process and experience many things that only you will experience memorable. I believe that if there are long-term with his teammates, then, in this regard must also have their own experience, can actually share with you.

VI, survival and self-protection - "live or repairs? It's a problem."
Many TANK think that if he pulled out, other problems should be left to others. In actual fact, the survival, ZS has a wild ride unparalleled German and anti-powerful advantage, if we do not continue to do better on this point, then eventually one day we will be replaced.
In this issue, it is fortunate that the first number I have is the treatment of: pastor. And then the TBC, I re-training is a little German and a friend of God took over the M, the treatment of FB with all the experience of TBC, so I can survive in the TANK for a greater say on the issue.

A. Vision therapy
This is the basis of this foundation, including love and treatment around the pillars of the MT, up and down the steps like the MT, like a strange time to time suddenly ran out of vision therapy MT, have never pay attention to this issue. Treatment can increase only to stop the blood, and you can not just stop and pull strange, so to accommodate the vision that should be treated, and it is necessary.
It is noteworthy that, in some warfare, if the blood line of danger, then such treatment plus one, and then out of view of treatment is very important. To know that treatment is reading your article just to read out the final 0.1 seconds away from how depressing thing.

B. Treatment of air blue
From now on, the blue bar on the treatment of the whole regiment dragged out, optimistic about it. Remember, drink a bottle of Big Blue is not possible to immediately OOM's, OOM, when Big Blue is often a good time CD soon. At this time the blue bar is open under the treatment of your shield wall, jewelry, broken kettle to help the transition of vacuum treatment, support to large blue CD. On such a small operation could save the team, why not?

C. Cancel Attack
Cancel the attack is to prevent our attack was to ward off and reset BOSS BOSS of Pu Gong CD.
Seamount 4 # is the best example, need immediate abolition of silence after the attacks, prevent BOSS seconds. Archimonde is, in fear during the danger of blood line or separated by fire treatment, you may need to cancel the frequent attacks to transition some of the vacuum treatment in order to obtain a more balanced hurt. Of course, this also means that the "precision" attribute is a very good property. The abolition of the attack techniques should be used to more cases, so chances are your treatment will be the next CD you said: "Man, you hard!":)

D. Vacuum treatment
Vacuum therapy is not often caused by the air blue. Take yesterday, for our FARM Illidan. In the second stage, one should increase the fire resistance of the T of MS, the shaman group delay pull their blood line, fear of BOSS fireball seconds, so read a Prayer, and it is such a Prayer , making the fire resistance T is seconds.
To a treatment, there are many occasions that he would be forced to choose to give up a little will MT treatment, but to add one yourself or others, which in the treatment of their blood line of danger is particularly evident. And this time, MT should be prepared. Even if no personal problems related to the operation, the last chance points back of the point is BOSS seconds. Should not say such as: "treatment how to increase it?!" So to, but should carefully analyze the reasons, re-arrangements in the next battle in the treatment strategies and more focus on their approach in the treatment of the transition is the vacuum solution to the problem approach.

E. Thunderclap
Stand the treatment point of view, this is really God technology skills. And must be strengthened. He not only greatly reduces the overall treatment of stress, but also significantly reduces the power of the outbreak of BOSS. MT with the recount of the death records to see what you will find, often treatment is the difference did not add to the final 0.1 seconds, 0.1 seconds which is the Thunder should have done something.

F. Shield block
Equipment is not good enough when the anger, continuous use shield block to minimize the possibility of being rolled. BOSS landing in the pick of that (eg in the night nightmare, Austria) file in advance to open the shield to prevent accidental rolling hands are helpful. Even today, well-equipped, with hatred may need to install as the twin of the continuous rolling, continuous rolling Gorefiend are all available to become life-threatening TANK, I often see a number issued by a continuous rolling TANK RP graph to complain about poor, but in fact if you eat a sudden rolling in their own press the shield when the subconscious key to avoid the next file of roller compacted, then the tragedy will not happen very often.

G. Suppression of DPS
Carry bovine foot long battle with feet should attack with deep feeling. Are long-legged hit bottom when blood should be how to do? He was about to faint OK. FB in the carry hero when goalkeeper could not carry how to do? Disarm click on OK. In fact, suppression of DPS is such simple operations, which are at the right time for operation is an extremely powerful means of self-protection.

H. BOSS attack familiar rhythm and a single attack
BOSS attack familiar rhythm and not just a single attack treatment should be noted, also MT should be noted. Only familiar with this, you can attack before the onset of the next step in the BOSS some sense and calm self-preservation. If either is a waste of self-protection skills, self-protection or is too late already dead. Archimonde is like a very typical example, if in his next attack before the onset of your blood is still below 9000, then a little sugar can go off again. If MT is not familiar with this most basic of things, the team with you feel good feeling of land reclamation is not it?

I. Concerned about the treatment of
In a team, there are also touch Shuter Germany, there are powerful therapy has restored the stream flow pastor pastor. Different treatment has a completely different personality. As a MT, in any case, these treatments should have an understanding on the sensibility. MM is good at a single example of a Canadian MT, and some have the flair of milk dad like to do Mr.Key, with MT to watch the whole regiment.
The question then comes to riding wave as an example. If a BOSS to your home but are taken to the treatment when the water dungeon, and then the blue bar Mr.Key are tight, it needs to pay attention to the relevant self-preservation. Cancel the attack, open charms and so on.

J. Good communication
Illidan's fire resistance to T, for example, when you need the same time through the blue (left eye of the impact of the fire) and green (the element of fire Guangmang), the UT must be done is to remind the macro or to increase the treatment of attention . Good communication, can raise the level of the team with more than one level. On the contrary, to say nothing of the MT is quite maddening.

K. Team trust
TANK a team for the survival of the trust also has a delicate relationship. Into a strange team, if there is accidental death TANK, TANK treatment tend to focus on the equipment, methods of treatment and more concerned with their own mistakes too, which is human. This time as a TANK understand their feelings first, and then try to do their best. Although some fault of their own, but TANK is a special profession, with only a long battle with a little bit to let the team accept you eventually become a mainstay: the team that side of the shield of pride.

VII, professional philosophy - "MT is not the strongest shield in the hands of that side, but the heart of that side."
I thought this episode will be the cost of my ink this article the most. But the real wrote here, but it is nowhere to write. MT from the MC along the way as I really filled with emotion, is this too much emotion she can not put into words.
I have written to me to quote my new training after TBC, a small passage ZS it:

"A TANK destined to be demanding more than the other professional stuff.
You may need a lot of G to get a lot of resistance equipment to help the team through a variety of occasions.
May also need to have stable career than any online time to ensure that the team needs you, you can appear in front of everybody.
Also need to be more mature since the beginning when a TANK impetuous when it means the team's instability. When a TANK or a loss of confidence begin to accuse others reflect on their own can not play more good times, BOSS has become a team an insurmountable mountain.
TANK installed at the time, we only have to wait and be patient. Such as 1T, 2T took not necessarily turn to us. When installed in a DPS, but also struggling. Take, DKP is a problem, do not take, after the DPS when needed, and only outside Stand By not change the role of fill. "

As a TANK, our mistake will bring the most serious consequences, it will not be forgiven most.
As a TANK, we need to overcome not only the BOSS. Also has its own desires.
As a TANK, not just our eyes have their own needs, but also see the other 24 people in the eyes of hope.
As a TANK, what we need most is not more professional operation of the equipment or, more hard, but only one team has a sense of heart, a shelter for the team's TANK heart.
As a TANK, we are destined to be very man, with our shoulders the weight down a whole team, until the emergence of our next.
As a TANK, we can proudly say, I do not fall down, my team will not fall!
All this on your own efforts and growth.
All this will be with you, from the success to success.
And I, as a warrior group CL, can give you is my understanding, and trust.
You know, the strongest shield in the hands of that side is not TANK, but the hearts of that side.

TANK only this article are dedicated to the future, as long as a piece of mind shield, and you will be proud of the team.

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