[News] Blizzard designers: One day an online correction is good for you

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[News] Blizzard designers: One day an online correction is good for you

Post by Scott Irving on Sun 27 Feb 2011, 10:25 pm

Since the 4.0.6 update on-line, the "World of Warcraft"can be updated through the previous confusion rare, game designers continue to use the Hotfix (online correction) to improve the balance and the game of the unreasonable, Now the designer of this chaotic situation to explain to the players, and hope everyone can forgive the situation.

Designer point of view

I, 4.0.6 and 4.0.6a some of the changes were, in fact, is simply wrong. For many reasons, 4.0.6/4.0.6a changes either did not act in accordance with our plans before, either because of the emergence of the calculation / interpretation error. This is why after the patch is released, immediately there were many reasons for online correction.

Second, test service in PTR players get back above them, something that had broken on the, ah, ah too strong or too weak, ah, and so things, but in fact we do not have sufficient basis and the actual tests to prove that these things have to make changes. Discussion board posts, after all, always keep guns Well, in these voices to the wheat from the chaff to get the right information, it is very difficult.
Of course, in 4.0.6a has been published, many of the players before the feedback have been substantiated, we can also get more sampling data to guide us how to make changes.

Third, we have made in that the game can maintain quality and development prospects of the game changes, we have the responsibility to do so, such as correcting errors, or some simple balance. Of course, these balance changes are good or bad, what you will friends.

Fourth, there are players that, for all designers, "they have an obligation not to be reduced to balance the game online server test guinea pigs." On this issue, although all of the changes seem very fast but also very scattered, but in fact behind the introduction of these changes are deliberate, designers have continued to stop to avoid "and then casually threw such a change a look at the results "of such things from happening.

Some changes had just released, but then was immediately change it back as it is, this situation does not mean that these changes occurred before launching off we do not plan carefully, but simply because "such a change did not play its due role," Bale .

I know that many people still remember the past, each professional will be able to spend a few months without Enron there would be any change, even some professional game mechanics have not changed for several years, and even a superior job, you can All the other professional to play a full six months lying on the floor, and this is the case previously.

[size=18]We believe that good planning had changed, the use of the patch to release it, and the importance attached by the players have higher level of understanding; but through the online correction, we offer an immediate solution for the player to improve your gaming experience. Because there are so many amendments to the benefits of online, then do not use is our wrong.

It was also suggested in the 4.0.6 and 4.0.6a, online correction is simply the situation in the chaos, here I like to say that the reason this happens is because there are many problems in the game, we think that is very normal.

We look forward to change the status of these non-stop from now on, greatly slowing down, we are very grateful to all you people who keep an eye online correction and share with others the latest information of the players.

Occupational balance on the basis of the PTR testing

PTR test server the purpose of existence, is not altogether in order to test the balance of career. Are doing on the PTR, there are games crash report, BUG reports and so on, we are asked to put each patch PTR above to make players do not even take up post in the forums, the testing service directly through the game will be able to help us to collect a lot more problems.

Of course, the BUG forum report is also very helpful. All in all then, PTR will be brought to us is to make the game more stable in the new patch, some do not need to re-open test.

The number of issues on the PTR, unless the new content will be launched immediately, or when the PTR above the usual number of people in fact also full of small, low to do that we can not use this information to adjust the basis for the balance. If the PTR is not above the upcoming new content to attract players, so basically the sample data obtained from the amount of PTR is not really count.

But this is also OK 啦, because anyway we can patch the server on-line later be modified in line, after all, the patch is not modified after the news online, we have used this approach to the game for a long time the amendment the. However, because of the "big disaster" and a new generation of players community website, online news is often modified into a headline priority.

This is actually pretty cool, because before this, we make online amendments, is not less than 4.0.6, and poor but we do not have a difference in the previous amendment to our online content to share with you a good way. Thus, the current online is easier than in the past amended so that we have to understand, though perhaps make you feel that if we change the arbitrary amendment is now being poured out mad as, in fact, did not change the operation of all, the only change we are now any action is more transparency Bale.

In short, PTR did for our upcoming patch to make a significant contribution, so we do not players just because the forum post and easily change the game balance. Our designers are convinced that only with their own game experience, and not a sufficient reason for a balance of change, although their experience may be contributed to some of the balance of reasons, but the same, these changes led to PTR is based on your available players in the game experience.

This article Source: Netease Game Channel

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