New Mount!!

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New Mount!!

Post by Dark on Sun 20 Feb 2011, 1:49 pm

K so I'm creating this post in hope of your guys support. Im sick of seeing drakes in every major city, I never liked drakes to begin with and i still dont, no offense to those who ride them but i think this whole lets make a drake for every instance is getting ridiculous.

I for one am a ground mount lover, I farmed saronite in WOTLK to buy my Mechano hog and love it to pieces. But heres the problem, Theres not enough ground mounts to go and pvp in. I love PVPing. I think its alot of fun so heres my idea I'd like to see a truck be put in the game that can fit 5 players not including driver and it would be called "The Rust Bucket" And it would be a starter quest where you pay lets say 1K gold and start the quest where your riding your mount down the road and you see a goblin if your horde or gnome if your alliance passed out in the car. Keep in mind this would be a truck looking something similar to Hustice's truck from "Courage the Cowardly Dog" off Cartoon network. And you bring him water and revive him. This would be in barrens. and hes crashed into a tree. So he tells if you pay him 1k you can have the truck

K next part of the storyline would involve repairing the truck, Hes crashed it into a tree and you get the dent out. Now you can customize your car with paints and a openable hood would be cool with a engine you could buy parts for that would cost gold and you could bring up to 150% speed. Keep in mind this would be for ground mount enthusiasts and it would be a quest obtainable at 80 or 85. and I think it would be cool if a second part of the quest was to get a old rusted car like the body of a 69 charger That you could paint and do the same thing with, No for you car lovers and charger lovers i know you'd like to see this badboy go faster then the truck so maybe would make it so the truck goes 300% or something idk. Please post your comments. Id love to see this idea go to blizzard suggestion forums but i have no idea how lol. So if you got any ideas post em on here or you can find me in game on my character named Rippir. Im on Garithos Goblin 85 Hunter.
Thank you for reading this
Ok so i forgot to say the importance of the fitting 5 people. It would be 4 in back and one riding in passenger and im posting this for all of you who like driving around on ground mounts.

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