Balance Power Tracker

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Balance Power Tracker

Post by JonFoo on Thu 13 Jan 2011, 10:06 pm

BalancePowerTracker is an addon designed to provide a highly configurable bar to track Lunar/Solar energy, Eclipse direction and Eclipse buff.
It also can fire wanrnings when you gain Eclipse and provides a nice feature: Foresee energy (see below).

LibSharedMedia, LibButtonFacade & MSBT support.

Foresee Energy is a feature the addon uses to analize the spells you have cast and/or you are casting but are yet to land and computes the energy sum of them. This allows the addon to distinguish between two kinds of each variable: One real, the one you have at the moment and other virtual, the one you'll have when all flying spells and the spell you are casting land.
Foresee Energy works assuming the following:
-You're hit capped (All your spells will land).
-You're not going to proc Euphoria (2x energy gain).
·If you proc it, it will update immediately, this only means you will reach Eclipse earlier than the addon predicted the moment before the Eupforia proc.
All the features with the 'virtual' tag (virtual Energy, virtual Eclipse ...) rely on Foresee Energy.
(Author's note: I feel Foresee Energy is the heart of BPT, I think without this option I wouldn't have made this addon, also it has taken up most of the time invested in the addon, however, I understand people value the choice to turn this off. At least, give it a try!)

You can configure each of the indicators (bar,text,icons,arrow) of the addon to either display virtual or real info.
Also, you can configure the warnings to fire when you gain virtual Eclipse, this means BPT will fire a warning when the energy sum from all the flying spells and the one you're casting will proc Eclipse, so you can switch nukes.

Public table.
BPT will maintain a public table with the following values, should another addons need it:
BalancePowerTracker_SharedInfo = {
Enabled = function(BOOL enable) --Enables/Disables BPT
Shown = function(BOOL show) --Show/Hide BPT
Foresee = function(BOOL enable) --Start/Stop Foresee energy function
realEnergy = Real energy
virtualEnergy = Virtual energy
reachEnd = if virtualEnergy reachs 100 or -100 during its computation, the value is stored, false otherwise.
realDirection = Real Eclipse direction
virtualDirection = Virtual Eclipse direction
eclipse = SpellId of the Eclipse buff you have, false if not Eclipse
virtualEclipse = If virtual Lunar eclipse then "L" elseif virtual Solar eclipse then "S" else false end
foreseeEnergy = BPT foreseeEnergy option
version = BPT version
style = Table storing information and functions for skins
In v1.1.0 the energy track and foresee feature were moved into a library called LibBalancePowerTracker. This library requires no other addons to work with and will avoid loading itself more than once. The API is commented in the first lines of LibBalancePowerTracker-1.0.lua. You can use this library in your works, but give me some credit, please.

by: Copialinex :D


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