Macro Format Request

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Macro Format Request

Post by Sky on Tue 28 Sep 2010, 12:19 pm

Example Macro

/y Hooray, I made a macro!

Use: This yells, "Hooray, I made a macro!"
Works in 3.3.
Stealth Eat Macros

Your basic Macro to eat while stealthed.

#showtooltip *food here*
/cast *food here*
/cast Stealth

and if you're undead
#showtooltip Cannibalize
/cast Cannibalize
/cast Stealth

Offhand weapon switching

You might find yourself in a situation where you have two offhand weapons with the same name but different poisons on them and you want to switch between them quickly. Or perhaps you just want to alternate between two offhand weapons with just one hotkey.

#showtooltip [mod] 0 16; 17
/equipslot 17 0 16

Keep your alternate dagger in the sixteenth slot (lower right corner) of your main (rightmost) backpack.
The number 17 refers to your offhand weapon slot.
#showtooltip makes the macro's icon and tooltip display the icon of the equipped weapon, or hold down a modifier key (say Alt) and it will display the icon of the weapon that's ready to be switched in.
Works in 3.2.2

Set Tricks of the Trades Target Macro

This is a two macro system, One macro to cast Tricks of the Trade and another to set the target of that macro.

NOTE: The set macro cannot be used in combat since the game will not allow macro editing during combat.

NOTE: AutoPartyButtons addon adds a single button that automatically puts TotT on the tank.

/run ToT = UnitName("target")
/run if not InCombatLockdown() then EditMacro('TotT', nil, nil, '#showtooltip\n/cast [target='.. ToT ..'] Tricks of the Trade', nil); print('Tricks of the Trade set to : ' .. ToT); else print('Cannot change TotT now!'); end;

Usage :
Target the player you want to set as your Tricks of the Trade recipient and use the set macro (SeTTotT), you will see a chatlog message confirming the macro worked.
Use the TotT macro whenever you want to use Tricks of the Trade.
Works in 3.2.2
Cloak of Shadows Vanish

This is a macro that will cast Cloak of Shadows then immediately casts Vanish. Casting CoS first will remove many of the DoTs that would immediately cancel your Stealth if you had only used Vanish.

#showicon Vanish
/cast Cloak of Shadows
/cast Vanish

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