Newbie Death Knight will know: Runes (Runes and Runic Power)

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Newbie Death Knight will know: Runes (Runes and Runic Power)

Post by Yellin on Tue 14 Sep 2010, 3:27 am

The establishment of the death knight

If your account the next World of Warcraft has a role in at least 55, then you can create an arbitrary race 55 Death Knight (if the PvP server, the death knight must be the role you have been in the same camp). After entering the world, players will conduct a series of tasks to understand these new capabilities. Each account on each server can only create a Death Knight.

Vocational orientation

Harm to bear: the death knight wearing plate armor can be a competent team within the team and even those who bear the role of harm. Suffer injuries while in his damage capabilities just as impressive.

Damage output: Death Knight can also be replaced by talent and equipment to play the role of exporter hurt, he can cast many powerful disease, but will also have instant output capability.

Talent tree

Death Knight talent trees are designed in accordance with all spiritual power - spiritual power that can enhance their ability to ring.

Blood: focusing on enhancing the damage capabilities. Spiritual power will be a certain proportion of blood Death Knight damage upgrade.

Frost: focus on enhancing the damage tolerance. Frost spiritual power to enhance the Death Knight will be a certain percentage of the threat posed by value and reduce the harm done.

Evil: The Department of talent to enhance the many capabilities, such as calls, disease, and PvP direction skills. Spiritual forces of evil attack the Death Knight will improve speed and reduce the skill cooldown.


Death Knight's ability is based on runes and runic power. Reasonable use of various runes and runic power skills will make the death knight to maximize output and damage tolerance.

Rune: Death Knight of all the skills needed runes, rune, including three kinds: blood, frost, and evil. Skills may require a separate or specific Rune Rune combination. When a Rune to use, it will enter the cooling stage, this time can not be used again. Death Knight available a total of 6 runes, including two blood runes, 2 frost runes and 2 evil runes. Rune are exclusive of each 10 seconds cooldown.

Runic Power: As rune skills to use, the Death Knight's runic power basis of another capacity will be raised. Death Knights have some skill will consume all Runic Power, the power or effect of these skills depends on how much energy was Rune. Similar to the soldier's rage, runic power will automatically decrease over time.


Death knight dead army call a core capability.

Resurrection of the dead: death knight can summon dead creatures from the body of a ghoul, the capacity can also act on the friendly and enemy player's corpse. If a friendly player's body cast, and that players have the opportunity to personally control all the actions of this ghoul.

Army of the dead: The spell will summon a group of lead-based loyalty to the souls of the death knight to attack all nearby enemies, but their very limited capacity and duration.

Call death army horse: Every death knight can summon 40 deaths mount version of the land army horse. In the high-grade, they can be a series of tasks to learn how to call epic version of the army horse.

A gift to the new DK: As a death knight, you need to know that thing ...

As a death knight you need to know that thing

1. For various reasons, we are currently in English, French, German, Korean, Taiwanese, etc. to communicate ...... ...... of course, Traditional Chinese ......

2. Do not die, no matter what the copy, whether you are a tank or DPS, we have already died once was (of course you must have a more than 55 characters to choose this path after death).

3. As a novice, you at least know the 51/20, 17/54 What these figures represent, and remember, spell power on any of our skills are not the slightest upgrade.

4. Leveling process, please point out the skeletal horse riding as much as possible, strengthen the evil in the field to enhance the ability to adapt to your environment and select the best equipment to enhance their own power. You have to remember, do not open Frost Trail and then jump from a height into the water, so the results will be tragic.

5. In any team, first of all you are an ordinary team members, followed by a DPS or a tank you are, you are the so-called death of the last knight.

6. Death Knights do not need to Za Za kick into gear, we die in silence, silence to live, low-key Tolerance, steady ride restrained spirit is dead; Similarly, the death knight never despair, because it is with faith and hope, to bite the bullet before ride death rebirth.

7. Rune system and the system is like a symbol to the front and rear wheel drive car, in order to simplify the complicated problem, Runes can be considered a renewable fixed 10 seconds, the system 100 operator to the energy fixed overflow (Frost Talent 2 points to upgrade the ceiling to 130), front wheel drive rear wheel, with axes running endless.

8. So far evaluation, power is still the most useful attributes of our most occasions and talent, the strength is still the highest returns for our properties.

9. All combat class skills, including Blood Strike, Frost Strike, Plague Strike, Obliterate, Scourge Strike, etc., are not subject to rapid impact, rapid to affect the Death Knight's spell class skill GCD, ice contact, death winding, Howling Blast, etc..

10. Strong starting hands can be used rune weapon upgrade cycle DPS, also with Death and Decay group ridicule.

11. Cold winter horn can be used to increase energy, not just improve panel properties.

12. We can increase blood Death Knight. (This sentence do not use an exclamation point.) We can ride to the teammates died of blood. (This statement is not an exclamation point) We ride a lot of people dead have never! (This need to use exclamation points.)

13. Jewelery and die forging is the best ride out of the two professional, of course, as tanks, you can choose to enchant, engineering or other professional to make a living.

14. If you want to play the ideal DPS data, reduce delays and hesitation than the routine maintenance of a fixed cycle, or more important.

15. If you want a good tank, you ensure a stable time, good attitude, then good for your combat skills of each rune, and never believe that they will not give away a pack of lies BOSS seconds.

16. If you want to be a battlefield warrior qualified, please learn to use the skills of all the control and anti-control skills, do not just take a chopper knives to injure, not blind faith that they are not easy to die armor career.

17. Gargoyle can now meet 60 points for 30 seconds, Rune Sword Dance can break 60 points, 12 seconds, the two are no longer open after the consumption of character skills can.

18. Achievements, equipment, wood piles, GS not only to judge the strength of the standard death ride, your strong and weak only in the eyes of each teammate

19. Each of the Death Knight has a talent for team assisted BUFF talent, please ensure that your teammates as much as possible can enjoy them.

20. We also have up to four types of interrupt skills, Well, if you must interrupt to say that a total of five kinds of skills exist, this argument also established.

21. Necrosis from the impact of black ice, holding 264 of the weapons in the two-base hit rate (8%) Average trigger rate (30%) of the premise, coagulation of the edge damage output is higher than necrosis (thanks Fei Taxodium cold and correction)

22. Remember, we are not without scars, we have to face to battle with, whether it is green face, blue face or blush. Broke out, always check before you correct your face and no time to maintain its clean ......

23. Do not ask, is still 21 crit +3% crit damage ......

24. Hit is not a panacea, but a lack of hit is totally unacceptable. In addition to more than 8% hit in addition, make sure you at least more than 21 skilled, and does not influence the other attributes of the case continue to enhance proficiency.

25. Sometimes, you need a copy of the candidate, that does not mean you are nothing, that just shows that either you have not truly understand yourself, your teammates are either not true about you.

26. Death knight can summon Gargoyle, Ghoul and the army of the dead three pets, but can also call Rune Sword Dance as a means of attack. Talent to strengthen the dead can force the need to guide the article calls.

27. For the Death Knight, the longest range of skills, dark order, death grip, and Death Coil.

28. Ghoul pet will jump, claw hammer and bite, when you output in the team learn to turn off automatically when you bite your skills, Ghoul corpse explosion can be used, you can become enemies or teammates food dead ghost, sometimes you can be transformed into ghouls and ghosts for their own statue increase blood. (Tea bags and neb said 100 new DK 97 who do not know we can revive teammates, and then let him go out the form to Ghoul, also blew the final)

29. In any city trading channels, to find other players for their own business enchant enchant weapons and forget the death knight looking for his weapon enchant the death knight, is shameful.

30. Perhaps you already know all these things, but this does not mean you have become qualified Death Knight. Legend has ended, and this is just the beginning.


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