Ares Serennia evaluation WLK warrior skills, talent

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Re: Ares Serennia evaluation WLK warrior skills, talent

Post by Heyro on Sat 11 Sep 2010, 7:55 pm

Topic: Wrath of the Lich King red 80-speed upgrade Raiders wide guidelines
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Ares Serennia evaluation WLK warrior skills, talent

Serennia As of July 31 on the beta (Build 8681) published by the soldier changes.

For his character I will not evaluate, but as a real high to play, he has his ideas. Hope that many only know that soldiers call the weak look, what is a rational analysis.

In addition, the discussion in this article are based on the current beta state, the situation of soldiers in WotLK. Chicken ribs will certainly change the ultimate gift, I hope you have confidence on the soldiers.



A bunch of nonsense Xianbai his past achievements. Such as tank through all of the boss, took cruel revenge + Gladiator, and more.


Back in the era before TBC, soldiers are subject to change probably has been for at least career. Even now, TBC drawing to a close, WotLK around the corner, soldiers still have not been any disruptive change. This is, for the whole job, this can be a double-edged sword, good and bad. This is very important because it and the snow on the Positioning soldiers close in WotLK. TBC and before the current period, the soldier's talent tree, the direction is clear: If you want to PVP, the weapon of choice; want raid DPS, Fury on the election; want to tank, protection of natural selection. In WotLK, the snow seems to try to make this gift categories become blurred. However, the current beta situation in view, this is just for soldiers trying to become the kind of so-called the "multi" occupation, seems to play multiple roles, but in fact are not particularly good for each. This is the basic starting point of this analysis.

Issues and concern:

In WotLK, almost all other occupations is amazed acquired new talent / skills to cope with everything they already own. For example, the new low-level mage and thieves are very good talent, making them almost at a loss when selecting new talent. I know some of the high-Master would like to try to play the whole Olympic talent, and some would like to point spell is, of course, there are many altogether it was decided to have all talent points into Frost. (Here S should be to express these talents each of which has exciting possibilities - Translator Note). Soldiers should have such options, but unfortunately - for now, the beta, we have not. In our new talent tree full of chicken ribs, perfunctory nature of crossing talent (which is not immediately think of Strength of Arms, Furious Resolve and Critical Blocks?), And again the doctrine of the ultimate gift. Things do not be like this! Our ultimate talent, especially in arms and fury of the ultimate gift, should be redesigned, and should be equally attractive - otherwise the soldiers would continue to be the kind of PVP is only one choice (death), PVE only two options (dual wielding Fury or protection) of the career. Other career changes and choices have more soldiers why not?

Skills Review


- Emergency: beta after not experienced any changes, they do not need any changes. But in WotLK, we have at least two new controlled coma: bravery of the jump and wave. In this case, the charge is almost the skills of a harm than good, because he and the other unconscious share decline ... Think about it, every time you start fighting because of a trivial one second coma directly to your unconscious into the next decreasing. My suggestion is to charge the coma was a separate decline (as did kidney strike), or simply to change the Feral Charge Stun body as a fixed effect.

- Hamstring: This ability has been no change until the end of S2, in the role of PVP on the target time to 10 seconds. This was indeed a necessary change, because compared to other slow, 15 seconds does not disperse some strong physical slowdown. But as the game changed and now the hamstring will not hurt so many soldiers that the number of some concern. We know this change is mainly to remove hamstring trigger Flurry of weapons effects and to reduce the game of "randomness", but this caused a major problem is that we cut from this level can only be a waste of time or other prompt Lai Kan totem of. In addition, there is now a slow reduction in the duration of the new talent (such as the assassination of thieves and enhance Sa), in which a target, there will be only 5 seconds Hamstring duration, while only a mere 3 seconds harsh. This basically means that soldiers want to not kite, it must be 1 / 3 of public cooling effect of the slowdown in the meeting (taking into account the delay). This is a waste of extreme anger and output reduction. Although these classes have these talents is to reduce the harm they suffered, but on the soldiers who are most influential. In contrast, no reduction in other occupations as soldiers need to complement the skills Hamstring as high frequency use. Although the fighters have intercepted the skills, but it would not let soldiers have the lowest efficiency of the reasons for the slowdown in skill. My suggestion is to hamstring injury has 5-point values and can no longer trigger effects or critical hit (and also should not be grid files - translators note); or, to death and bloodthirsty to refresh the body off target reinforcement effect.

- Bravery: No problem.

- Mocking Blow: This skill now causes weapon damage, is a good change. I even use this skill in the beta had more than 2,000 explosive.

- Suppress: No problem. Additional damage was canceled because of the relentless fight against this talent, to say the extra damage already nothing.

- Tear: has been, is a tasteless rip skills. The only reason for soldiers to use it is to prevent thieves re stealth objectives, or to prevent the bandage (more the former). While Blizzard seems to want a little more role in this skill, it angered the goals of the damage caused by four times (currently in beta on this effect was also bug, does not work), but the most critical issue is that it is still only battle / defensive stance use. I never thought about it in the end to understand why - I can understand revenge can only be used in defensive stance, fighting stance can only be used to suppress, and so on, but just do not understand this. I think this skill to make something of use, which may be used in Berserker Stance. This change can solve the problem of low utilization of the skills, just as the thunder and Mocking Blow into defensive posture as available.

- Retaliation: This ability will have fun in addition to low-level group to kill strange when few people use. Soldiers wanted to kill him before, when a thief will use, but since the number of times this counter has limited skills and very eye-catching special effects that, after becoming the waste wood on the basic skills. TBC opening from the eve of my own since he has never used this skill. Reckless and Shield Wall are powerful, so many soldiers that the number of counter-crisis also should have the same message after Qin S d to arc limited use of these skills is very limited places, my advice is to ignore this skill into a target of 100 % of the participants? 5 seconds. (As name was changed-_-b)

- Thunder Clap: no problem. The addition of skills in WotLK by AP, and Incite This talent also very good. I think this is a pretty good drawing skills base, particularly in the design of new equipment, property and strength -> block value conversion under.


- Combat / command Shout: no problem. Of course we all want to shout out a bit longer duration.

- Fury Fury: the PVE in terms of the skills also justify, but WotLK is no longer the death wish Solutions / Immune fear, which makes this skill in PVP need some extra attention. No death wish against terrorism, soldiers of the fear of anti-control will decline significantly - Wrath of the rampaging cd of 20 seconds, the warlock will be able to easily control the fighters, while the fear of priests than the wild cd cd Wrath short. This warrior is very deadly, as we already are the most easily controlled the game a career. Provide the means to make soldiers more control soldiers hurt even more difficult to manufacture close to the target. My suggestion is that the fury of anger reduced the duration of 5 seconds, cooling down to 20 seconds. It does not seem at first glance seem a cost-effective changes, but in fact allows soldiers to face anti-terror job with better control. This change also can be placed to strengthen the fury of anger, because the talent is now waste.

- Challenge roar: there is no problem. Reduce its cd is a good change.

- Shun hack: This skill only small problem is that it seems too too few additional hatred, so soldiers in the AOE tank when the lack of effective means of hatred. My advice is to slightly increase the skills of the additional hatred. (But Titan will hold violent war AOE skills it needs this ... - Translator)

- Fell Chi roar: there is no problem.

- Beheaded: This ability has been open since TBC has been a hot topic of soldiers, whether PVP or PVE. The main problem obviously is that this skill upgrading without AP addition. Injuries beheaded just fixed with anger caused by the additional damage, and finally reduce the injury by the armor. With the equipment upgrade, the value of this skill less and less. Obviously, the performance is that many violent war in the boss battle is not even up to 20% of how beheaded, just because of their common output loop to provide higher damage. This ability to use them in PVP has been controversial, because it will use up all your anger. Many soldiers, including myself, even when low blood volume in the target is not very use of the skills, because that is likely to lead to your death or break up is not on the tendon. With the sudden death (discussed later) the emergence of new talent, beheaded once again the usefulness has been questioned. A simple solution is beheaded by the AP bonus, or to use the anger beheaded value plus a maximum of 30 to 50.

- Block: no problem. In fact, I personally think it's hurt by the AP bonus is not necessary to change.

- Breaking bile roar: This skill my only requirement is that it can be a 2 minute cd skills. This makes the guts of the cd just breaking the corresponding badge opponents cd, after all, this is our only long-duration CC. Other vocational / skills race has long cd cd is usually less than badge cd, such as war trampled (2 minutes), blindness (1.5 minutes), the sanctions of the hammer (1 minute). (Another example is a small German bear halo 1 minute, 1 minute natural grip, Death Coil 2 minutes - translators note)

- Boxing: no problem. Cd to influence public boxing is not great, all the soldiers have waited long enough that the.

- Rash: no problem. If the boss lets reckless ensure the explosion hit on the perfect, but I know that because the calculation of skewed priorities in critical strike, the realization of this change is technically difficult.

- Slam: no problem. This ability for the raid is a sign of weapons combat skills, violent war for the future will also be useful.

- Win the: no problem.

- Whirlwind: no problem.


- Bloodrage: no problem. Besides the current beta on the skills of a bug.

- Disarmed: no problem.

- Aid Care: This skill is the question of assistance to protect soldiers from the target can not be replaced too far when he absorbed damage. I have my treatment care assistance, the result is still looking at him 5 yards away from where I was Sap or attack. My advice is to slightly increase the absorption of injury to soldiers for the target range.

- Revenge: no problem. The increasing damage skills is a good change. Although many soldiers feel that this skill should be subject to addition of AP, but I think the equipment on the current property trends in beta, this skill has been quite good.

- Shield attack: no problem. And the boxing effect as from the public cd is a good change.

- Shield block: the skills and rolling in WotLK has nothing to do, and I think the new shield block as a temporary damage reduction is good. After the addition of talent is still a very useful skill, not a big problem.

- Shield Slam: This ability now on the changes are good. It is a learning skills, and the new strength -> block value = 2:1 adjustment, making the skills become very useful.

- Shield Wall: This ability is sound. However, the face of the new PVE content, and even the sun well, reducing the cd it will be a welcome change. This can be achieved by strengthening the shield wall, or simply to shield wall has a separate cooling, not reckless and counter-sharing cd.

- Spell Reflection: This is the TBC to give the soldiers the most innovative skills, not one. It has many clever usage, and consumption of cd and anger are acceptable. In contrast, WotLK new warrior skills currently available to all appearance Park was burning down?

- Sunder: no problem. But in fact I think this skill in PVP target on a little longer duration. I recommend it to the PVP target duration changed 20 seconds. This is some of the short-legged professional (that is Warlock way) and will have some help and will not have to be too much loss of soldiers.


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Re: Ares Serennia evaluation WLK warrior skills, talent

Post by Heyro on Sat 11 Sep 2010, 7:57 pm

Talent reviews

Part I. Weapons:

- Strengthening the heroic: Although only a first layer of talent, not as it should be a strong yes, but most agree that the heroic soldiers themselves occupied as a flat cut next time anger skills, reduce the rage cost of 3 points is not What a lot of value. I propose to increase this talent into heroic damage by 1/2/3%.

- Skew: no problem.

- Bleeding: This talent will only valuable in under two conditions: 1. Blood bath was retained (currently beta also not learn); 2. Tearing available in Berserker Stance. Select any one I strongly recommend.

- Strengthening Emergency: I think this talent should include the current "rampage" of content: increasing the charging time of coma 0.5 / 1 sec. This talent now so no one quite sad to point it. Or, if Blizzard decided to change the EU set itself effective, then the increase in time can also be physical.

- Iron Will: No problem. From the chance to reduce the duration of resistance is a good change, regardless of the attacker or the soldiers who have reduced the chance elements.

- Strengthen the Thunder: no problem. Since the last change has been a good talent.

- Strengthening the repression: no problem.

- Anger control: no problem.

- Serious injuries: no problem.

- Hands Specialization: no problem.

- Puncture: no problem. But I know that some soldiers no longer need to seriously do want it to lead. So they will not give a critical hit target last dot.

- Handle / Axe Specialization: no problem. Now 5% increase in the critical damage for the future, this well-established talent for raid arms warfare is a very good choice. (Personally think that even if the pvp is not bad - the translator)

- Swept: Many soldiers feel like the sweep and the location of death in return is correct, but many people object to sweep back to only 5 attacks. Duration of 30 seconds is good, than the beginning of the 20 seconds is still long, but only 5 times, then restrictions will soon be exhausted, not to mention even if no targets are "swept" to the number of times will be consumed. My advice is to change the number back to 10 or so did not ruin the additional target of attack does not consume the number of sweep.

- Hammer Fine: This is a pure pvp to the talent, so I think I have the final say on this point. I do not want to lie, hammer fine ruined arena. This effect is too random, many of the outcome of the game is by some "just right" in the hammer fine determined. Many soldiers playing poorly because of this talent and can win. Hammer fine for the current WotLK changes can not really solve this talent for the negative impact arena. Blizzard is now being put a lot of talent likely to change the direct impact of the duration (for example, the new eighty or thieves), this is the right direction. I think the hammer should be in accordance with this idea precise and thorough changes. My advice is to fine to have a chance to hammer in the attack target 5/10/15/20/25% ignore armor. I think this is appropriate for the hammer, but also will not PVP / PVE in too strong. It also let the talent come into play in the raid in, before the hammer is completely fine for the raid was a useless talent.

- Sword Precision: Although not being made before the 6 seconds to determine the built-cd in the end there is not canceled, I assume it is canceled, because in the game and Blizzard's talent calculator has been no such description. If true, then I think this talent will no problem, well equipped by the addition but not too strong.

- Strengthen the block: I think, and strengthen the EU as mentioned before, this talent should include the effect of rampage, increasing by 0.5 / 1 second duration of coma.

- Improved Hamstring: no problem. Since the existence of this natural decline is now balanced.

- Sudden death: the usefulness of this talent is a highly controversial topic. Many people believe that the talent simply is not worth points on the ground as I mentioned in the analysis as when beheaded. Although some people think that talent can be output in the violent cycle of work-based, I express my doubts. Because the explosion hit its randomness, and the use of anger was beheaded after the problems that may make impossible to maintain the output cycle. I think another good soldier made a suggestion: Let's not beheaded trigger sudden death, but the triumphant pursuit. So that talent can provide very good additional outbreaks, without make you suddenly lose all the rage. If so, then the name of this talent have to change accordingly. (I think, if it would be too powerful ... - Translator)

- Second Wind: no problem. Good talent, but also fair to place so deep.

- Death: This is the Warrior PVP core skills, the role of the soldiers were all carried out around this skill. Many people feel such a strong one by the treatment as simple as can the debuff is there too, but in fact it is this ability to balance the playing field of the treatment. If there is no reduction treatment debuff, the treatment is too strong in the arena, and a treatment without injury to milk than a thief, or not aimed at the hunter, or a violent war dps is very easy to do. Although the thief and hunter debuff applied by the treatment more difficult than the soldiers, but the thieves do not need talent points to get the reduced capacity of the treatment, while only 11 talent hunters plus the target. In summary, I think death is balanced, do not change.

- Blood disorder: no problem. Both for the raid or the knife is a good dps team assisted.

- Strengthening death: many people, including myself, thinks that this talent needs to be strengthened. Death itself is the overall output of the soldiers did not occupy too much weight, either PVE or PVP. Even now the common server, many point out the endless rage soldiers will skip these points, they would prefer to point with both hands full of specialization (the same 1% per point of damage, but also act on all other attacks), and strengthen Hamstring and so on. I think this talent needs additional effect can be refreshed on the target to death and thunder effects of the broken bars. This can waste a lot of good fighters ease up Hamstring public cd case, but also weapons of war can not switch a raid relaxed attitude for the team to keep Thunder debuff.

- Trauma: no major problems, but I suggest that all of the physical critical strike could trigger the effect, not just Pu Gong. That would greatly help to maintain this effect, either PVP or PVE.

- Relentless Strikes: This talent is not in fact the role of imagination so much, I will tell you just yet. Suppose an ideal situation, a soldier using the 3.6 speed weapon with both hands to face a high dodge goals, such as thieves, then the timetable will be as follows:

00.00 seconds - Warrior attacks, thieves dodge. (3.6 square cut cd boot)

00.00 seconds - the general agent fighters have Smith reflexes, and instantly pressed the suppression (2 seconds to suppress cd boot)

01.50 seconds - soldiers to death, thieves dodge.

02.00 seconds - to suppress the cd cool, but because death triggered public cd, soldiers can not use repression.

03.00 seconds - soldiers suppressed. (2 seconds to suppress cd start

03.60 seconds - soldiers cut down flat again, thieves dodge. (Cd hack 3.6 seconds flat start)

04.50 seconds - Public cd cooling, but the suppression of 2 seconds cd but has not yet cooled. Soldiers have to decide is another prompt and wait for a gcd, 0.5 seconds or so and then suppressed.

This is a rather idealized situation. In fact, the more likely is that this schedule:

00.00 seconds - soldiers attacked and hit. (Cd hack 3.6 seconds flat start)

00.00 seconds - Warrior Hamstring, thieves dodge.

01.50 seconds - soldiers suppressed.

03.00 seconds - Warrior Hamstring hits.

03.60 seconds - hit attack soldiers. (Cd hack 3.6 seconds flat start)

04.50 seconds - soldiers to death, thieves dodge.

06.00 seconds - soldiers suppressed.

From the two simulations, in particular, the second closer to the actual situation, can not suppress the already used once every 2 seconds. Even in the face of an open dodge the thief, the soldiers are restricted to 1.5 seconds in public cd can not do this. In summary, I propose to reduce this natural suppression cd 1/2/3 seconds, and reduce the revenge cd 3/4/5 seconds. (It seems even if such a change, non-defense can not make full use of a short war of revenge cd ... - Translator)

- Endless Rage: no problem. Not long ago, this gifted "correction" after, I think this is a powerful and useful talent, do not need any changes.

- Burnout: This talent now in beta with bug, does not work. In fact, as I said before, I think the effect of this talent should be added to strengthen the EU and strengthen the block into its own should be redesigned into a more useful things. My view is, modified to reduce the body's deceleration soldiers / set the duration of physical effects by 10/20/30%. Looks very strong, but in fact, to make people give up the flurry of arms point to the so deep, there is no equally strong talent how could that be? I think this is the solution.

- Juli: WotLK new talent in all, this may be one of the most residue. Actually a 45 point talent so little income, such as the Defense Department did not even alive! Said before me, the soldiers of the talent tree has no other occupation that sense of surprise, and this place is amazing that there should be local talent. My view is this talent into AQ and Naxx instructors twin emperors like Unbalancing Strike (forgive me I do not know what Chinese language skills ...), so of course not their terror. This talent allows you to death with Unbalancing Strike effect against the same time, reduce the target's defense skill 10/20/30/40/50. That would allow the arms warfare in the arena and pve raid has a new role. Reduce the target's defensive skills will increase the critical strike chance he had been to reduce parry dodge and so reduce the value to the skills of not too strong but there are significant results.

- Blade Storm: This is a great need to strengthen the talent. Currently the beta is, completely bug in this skill: it can not make you immune to lift CC CC, and you can release the same process of cutting up the skills level. Despite this good back, but on the whole this ability is relatively tasteless, and most people hope that it can be replaced. Blizzard should be aware that the weapons system into so many dead soldiers had been willing to give up, weapons master and Flurry these three very strong talent. In other words, as a 51 point talent, it needs to be possible to attract enough people to point it. Many have suggested the bug and then fix it and brave the jump it from another location, so the two seem to be more fit the positioning of two talent trees. I personally recommend them to swap positions, and let the blade soldiers to withstand storm damage during the reduction of 90%. After all, you put the skill in the wild on you? Madman is not feel pain.

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Re: Ares Serennia evaluation WLK warrior skills, talent

Post by Heyro on Sat 11 Sep 2010, 7:59 pm

Part II. Fury:

- Explode: Many soldiers feel that this talent should also affect the scope of harsh. In addition there's really nothing.

- Cruel: no problem.

- Strengthening fell Chi: no problem.

- Furious: Many soldiers feel that the talent given the additional rage soldiers for weapons with both hands is negligible. My advice is to use both hands for this talent to 2 points for each weapon anger.

- Strengthening Shun hack: In addition to extra damage, I recommend with a similar effect of strengthening the heroic: to reduce the need for anger 1/2/3 split along points.

- Harsh: no problem.

- Blood Fever: No problem, use is limited, but still helpful.

- And command of the force: no problem.

- Dual wield specialization: no problem.

- Strengthen the Equal Opportunities: No problem.

- Enrage: no problem, but a lot of PVE output soldiers strong demand for this talent no longer a flurry of front.

- Strengthening bang: no problem.

- Death wish: no problem. I think the fear is no longer immune to this change is to avoid the fighters to attack a job without interference up to 30 seconds. Some soldiers said that the Death Knight also has a similar skill immune to Fear, but I think the purpose of these two skills is not the same, death wish is offensive, died riding the corpse of a defensive nature.

- Weapons Master: no problem. It's dps assistance and valuable time in half disarm. At the same time people need 51 points in the arms and the talent + death wish to make a choice between.

- Strengthen the violent Wrath: As the death wish is no longer immune to Fear, I suggest that the duration of Wrath violent reduced to 5 seconds, and let the talent to reduce violent Wrath of the cd 5 / 10 秒. This soldier can lift more fear, but also have some chance of being successful to fear. This talent is very weak now, most people skip it, which for a position in the talent so deep is not a good thing.

- Flurry: Flurry Shaman is 30%, 30% of thieves are cut, I can not find any reason not to soldiers Flurry back to 30%. (25% of the nerf is that, because Naxx era of violent war output is too strong - the translator) Most of the points over a flurry of soldiers will be out of Titan Grip, which allows an additional 5% of the number of pairs of hands holding the anger was more stable number. I and other soldiers are proposed to Flurry speed back to 10/15/20/25/30%.

- Precision: again, and other professional Bibi. Sa talent was enhanced by 6% hit, restoring lines and 3%; thieves battle lines are 5%. How this gift should be at least as thieves become 5:00 or 3:00 1/2/3/4/5% 2/4/6%, and the only dual wielding. With the rapid and precise involvement of these two new properties, violent war need to take into account the equipment is too much property, how much to enhance the talent to alleviate this problem.

- Haemophilus: Haemophilus many soldiers feel they should be a prompt skills, and that 7.5% of self-treatment and not very useful. I propose to reduce the blood back to 5%, but let this affect your team back to the blood. This war has more to violent team value, and the present in addition to their damage output is not used outside of anything.

- Strengthening Cyclone: This is a good talent, but because the current dps talent points and limit cycles, most of the soldiers had not even put in there more than 1 point talent. With 10 new talent points, this situation should be changed, so this gift should be said that there is no problem.

- Wroth: This is another interesting talent, trying to get violent to move closer to pvp a little more. I think this talent would like to achieve is good, but because of this gift only when the soldiers were attacked before work, I think its usefulness should be properly strengthened. I propose to increase the anger was changed to 15/30%, and weapons that corresponds to the endless rage.

- Strengthen the violent gesture: no problem.

-Furious Resolve: Many people feel that the talent and strengthen the violent gesture compared to some repetition, even worse than the latter. Not many fighters willing to use the talent points to improve endurance, unless they want to tank, and the location of this talent is obviously not to let the anti-war point. I personally feel that this position should be placed such a gift (as a pre-need fury): Your physical critical strikes have a 33/66/100% chance to refresh your body's fury effect. I believe that all wars are hated violent refresh every 30 seconds, rage, such changes could well alleviate this problem, either PVP or PVE.

- Fury: The main problem is the need to maintain it constantly. Usually do the task / single kill time or simply do not have the skills. Changes mentioned above can solve the problem.

- Blood flowing: no problem. A very good talent, reflective of the need to use soldiers to focus this talent can be brought to maximize dps gains.

- Titan Grip: This is probably the WotLK talent disclosure soldiers since the most discussed topics. In accordance with the current state of talent, through many people's mathematical proof, the result is almost always this talent will reduce the white damage output, the corresponding increase in damage output of skills - but that is not bad luck in you, not for less explosion or miss situation imposed. Use two weapons at the same time before the cyclone, most violent war chose deputies to more quickly trigger Flurry. In the whirlwind changes, violent war almost all have opted to increase the whirlwind two-slow output. But here is still double slow speed of 2.6 ~ 2.8 ... Even so, once the bad luck to miss a row or not burst, may still not be enough anger into the situation, and almost every battle will occur. Now, in the case of Titan grip, his hand is the penalty rate of 3.6 with a weapon, miss the impact will be magnified many times. Titan currently hold the anger beta is very bad, the output no better. This is largely because most players are still wearing T6 level of equipment, but because of their combat data raise levels shrink, so the Titans can not achieve the desired grip equipment in the high-end performance under. But math aside, I personally think that this talent should be canceled, re-design an equivalent increase in dps talent. In my view, the natural snow in the future when designing a new weapon with both hands lead to serious problems: they must prevent these weapons are too powerful dual-wielding - and weapons of war and the punishment obviously will not like this ride, not to mention them since then and violent battle to grab equipment! If Blizzard insisting on retaining this talent, I think the punishment should be appropriate to reduce speed, such 18/16/14/12/10% instead of the current data.

- Brave the jump: the talent in the eyes of the majority of soldiers on the beta is a very stupid clumsy, and adapt to a very narrow skills. I personally think that this talent is extremely tasteless, as a 51 point talent, and compared with other professions is simply shameful. Ultimate fighting thieves talent: "fled to the Shadow, in between the enemy within 10 yards walking through every 0.5 seconds an enemy attack with two weapons, until the completion of 5 attacks. Can repeatedly attack the same target." I said, Who would not try this? ! The violent war are what? 1 so that they throw themselves in one direction and 8 to 25 yards (also affected by the terrain) the skill, even if you perfect the enemy who fell less than he might not faint, they also do not hurt. As said before, most of the soldiers feel that the bravery of the jump and blade storm reversed the characteristics of a more natural faculties. My suggestion is to swap the two positions, while the jump to the heroic cd reduced to 30 seconds, give it with an optional goal, or if in the ground, the goal of less than 25 yards away from me I have to retreated 25 yards to jump on him.

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Re: Ares Serennia evaluation WLK warrior skills, talent

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