Theme ax hammer on soldiers PVP talent choice of Sword Specialization (original, top look ah)

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Theme ax hammer on soldiers PVP talent choice of Sword Specialization (original, top look ah)

Post by Lampton on Sat 11 Sep 2010, 2:50 am

Recently hit the play arena, rather late, not long ago just by his teammates and his own efforts to get the S4 with the helmet and those who complete health care. The next step is the impact of weapons, so I take the opportunity of maintaining a look at this two-day weapons and fighters of the Weapon Specialization days Fu, studied a number of on-line on this post. Union soldiers have been for the ax hammer Sword Specialization talent and controversy, orc fighters would no doubt, of course, is ax (shank) of specialization. I have personally examined about which raise the greatest talent on the injury.
Recently, I just figure out the logic of the arena where the damage. When play began with the calculation of DPS has been thought to estimate the injury, when the DPS in the theory of computation, often used by law crit methods included, so as to come under the current property value of the maximum theoretical DPS . I now have to correct a natural thought is that the higher the better crit, this is not accurate. Crit rate is a probability, probability is a statistical problem, the greater the amount of his effect is. Boss battle for example, will the continued stability of a few minutes, the final statistics of data out of crit and crit impact began to unravel. Arena in many cases post moves, ah, ah gradually getting control, can not guarantee a stable output, hit the marked, and no marked no marked a total of not a few dozen, this is like only the statistics of the coin 100 times in the face on a number of times and the total number of instructions each face up to 50% probability of it? Can not. Therefore, the arena in the calculation of the theoretical calculation of D PS compared to the greatly simplified, and does not need too many attributes of statistics, only need to verify the value of each who caused great harm can be .

Here I am the algorithm.
1, Armor injury-free (this factor is the impact of physical DP S is important, legal systems on the little used)
3.13 version of the armor of the harm reduction formula:

Damage reduction% = Armor / (Armor + Armor factors)

Armor factor = ((85 * Armor Level) +400)

Level <60, the armor level = character level

Level ≥ 60, the armor level = character level + 4.5 * (character level -59)

Have the formula Y = aX / (aX + k)
(Y = armor damage reduction%, a = 1-W, k = 10557.5
The percentage of armor ignored W = armor penetration grade / 7.4 +10% + armor bonus talent neglect, of which 10% are under the Sunder battle stance Addition)

Second, damage calculation formula
(Counting only the axes and hammers post under post-cut flat impact injury, as toughness under the effect of the two talent has an impact, so ignore the toughness of the crit reduction, we are the same, so like forget )

Hurt the value of h * H = base damage crit damage increase as b * (1 + the percentage of armor ignored W-armor damage reduction%)
(Including regular soldiers crit damage bonus b is 220%, while the disciplinary Cavaliers 200%)

Why do I calculate square cut? Ping cut count as well, and some skill with damage bonus. And the calculation results in the output does not change under way is the same effect, the lot or more, the less still very small.

Third, well, now count.
Suppose an arms warrior, gifted to the conventional 58 / 8 / 0, passive talent all point out. Maximum 607 weapon damage, armor for the full set of S4, no BUFF 2200 under strong attack, so cutting is not a critical hit flat (as imposed by upside count: 14 points Attack Power = 1 injury, the results are ready, calculation process is not shown) 764.14, 40% crit, 14000 Armor, armor provided by the equipment, the percentage of 14.3% is ignored (the mouse into the armor penetration saw above). Fu did not impact on the rapid two-day, ignores it.

Suppose the soldiers are:
1. Plate 14000 AC (no shield) 2. Lock a 10000 AC 2. Leather 3684 AC 4. Cloth 1000 AC

A. Ax special bonus damage under natural (storm damage damaged by 5%)
1. On board a
H1 = 746.14 * 225% * (1 + W-Y1)

= 1678.815 * (1 +24. 3% -50.1%)

= 1245.68

4. On Cloth
H4 = 746.14 * 225% * (1 + W-Y4)

= 1678.815 * (1 +24. Of 3% -0.67%)

= 1974.29
Leather lock A and the calculation process is not shown, the principle is the same.

B. The damage hammer post (ignore a value of 15% protection, W '= W +15%)
1. On board a
H1 '= 746.14 * 220% * (1 + W'-Y1 & rsquo;)

= 1641.5 * (1 +39.3% -44.6%)

= 1554.5

4. On Cloth
H4 '= 746.14 * 220% * (1 + W'-Y4 & rsquo;)
= 1641.5 * (1 +39.3% -0.54%)
= 2197.97
According to actual PK, my results with the actual damage value of the basic line can be said to demonstrate success! Through this calculation, I found that post-earnings hammer post earnings slightly larger than the ax! Enhance each injury ranging from 200-300! After the death caused by combined assault crit bonus of 25%, 50% of talent available to suppress crit bonus, why should we worry not burst! Does appear to hammer> = ax> sword, the sword is too see the RP. Specialization in the hammer with the improvement of mankind, 3 precision ah! S4 hammer and more handsome than the large ax, Well, I solved this problem!

This algorithm is not too much trouble, the key is that I argued for a night on the feasibility of the method. I start here for your reference, please study the moral support of the soldiers are skilled are critical advise, lots of support, thank you!

Reference: A blog, a pioneer in exploring this issue were t / viewthread.php? Tid = 6485

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Re: Theme ax hammer on soldiers PVP talent choice of Sword Specialization (original, top look ah)

Post by Winther on Sat 11 Sep 2010, 3:04 am

Yi Zuo himself.
Ye no one back then?


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