World of Warcraft: 2.0 warrior macros use of PK

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World of Warcraft: 2.0 warrior macros use of PK

Post by Lampton on Sat 11 Sep 2010, 2:45 am

Man of few words said, from 1.0 times more like the research on the macro command, to 2.0 times, and there are many incompatible, but the habit of macro or preserved, a personal results and share with you. / Cast [stance: 1] Charge; [stance: 2] disarm; [stance: 3] intercept / cast Hamstring (Rank 3) / dismount explained: battle stance, charge, disarm defensive posture, violent gesture interception, three attitude both hamstring. dismount dismount command of General Application: see the enemy from the point of the macro directly in the EU, the first under the dismount, under the second charge, the third hamstring, it's that simple. I do not like to use the macro changes in attitude, because once the operational errors, a lot of wasted time. / Castsequence reset = 5 fatal blow, tearing, Heroic Strike / cast bloody violent explained: death macro, because of the increase of blood of the wild, so did the tear into the basic of this macro is not attached by means of death, reflecting the speed and faster heroic: This macro has BUG, that is strange to deal with immune or blood when people would be more cards, half the time the problem is not PK, do not see the Cavaliers opened invincible Yao Da, and to avoid death card. / Castrandom repression, beheaded / use green skeleton army horse explained: beheaded suppress macro, have beheaded first beheaded, not beheaded priority repression, there is no enemy targets can be launched from the application of a state of war: had beheaded and died trying to do together, and later found that this can be more efficient. / Script a = PickupInventoryItem; b = PickupContainerItem; a (16); b (4,18); a (17); b (4,17); a (18); b (4,16); a (18) ; b (4,16); explained: undress macro, 2.0 is still useful for applications: to be strange to go after, however, is still off weapons to, make some money is not easy. / Castrandom Sunder attack, lethal combat / stopcasting / cast [modifier: ctrl] Cleave; Heroic Strike / cast bloody violent interpretation: first death, re-Sunder, all CD on the heroic, split application Shun An CTRL: the preparation of this macro out not tested, it should be no problem, back test (the last few days of light hit the battlefield to the) / castrandom Whirlwind, Sweeping Strikes / cast cleave chopped (Level 5) / cast bloody violent interpretation: fighting pose is swept along hack, furious Attitude is the cyclone along hack, hack defensive posture that is smooth, even more than a few clicks of blood anger have been saving. / Cast [stance: 1 / 3] Defensive Stance / equipslot 16 Crusoe Lokern, chaos blade / equipslot 17 Blue skull fragments explanation: with shield, no need to say, and soldiers ready to pick up the shield of the brave killed a teammate in the top ranks to gain time. Applications: Warrior shield no reason to take. / Startattack / castrandom [stance: 1] repression, beheaded, died of combat / stopcasting / castrandom [stance: 3] beheaded, Mortal Strike / cast bloody violent interpretation: this is a universal macro online friends, not tested, but so everything can be controlled on behalf of the poor. I am useless, Oh brave: to be more lazy than I am lazy people (some say lazy people are always trying all means to make you lazy, so lazy people are smart, huh, huh)

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