PK10 scrolls out of work: Ahn'Qiraj War loyalty

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PK10 scrolls out of work: Ahn'Qiraj War loyalty

Post by Umber on Thu 02 Sep 2010, 6:42 pm

Abstract: From form to the story, the paper could have committed numerous pk typical error: ambiguous narrative, the characters thin, the concept of first, the focus out of control, etc., but all of it completely avoids the trap, showing good control over. If the shortcomings, the text may be the end of Raytheon's be honest, but even on this point I am wavering. His appearance may be some stiff, but it also is without the slightest feeling that he honestly, to the full complement of one of the most grim perspective. Raytheon may be aware of all the people, but his conclusion can not be undone, and his mouth these roles have been volatile over the inner experience. This is a very obscure and brilliant contrast.

Ahn'Qiraj War loyalty

Azeroth Stormwind Army reserve forces Pseudomonas approved

Applicant: Kaluo Fu • Mullen

Leave Date: January 1 to January 3

Leave the subject of: receiving friends and relatives to visit

Approval by: Horn • Wilson

Grounds for approval: Pastor brigade Kaluo Fu • Mullen served in the fortress during the Cenarion good, good at business, and the duty, because of the war for two consecutive years failed to return home on leave. The priest's fiance John • Terry was recently traveled far away to come to visit, special grant leave for three days.

"Garkisen Times" on February 1 headlines

Ahn'Qiraj hot sand the door smooth opening of Hong Kong businessmen will determine the approach

(Reporter Lacrouts) Azeroth forces open the door beetle, tens of thousands of soldiers rushed out of the zerg, the coalition into a bitter struggle. Hot sand Hong Kong businessmen will hold an emergency meeting for this situation to determine the future of trade policy.

At 5:00, the Alliance and the tribes of Azeroth coalition assembled by the commander of coalition forces from Ironforge to use sand scepter Raytheon marshal opened the door beetles. Unexpectedly, the door ambush insects, tens of thousands of people swarmed out of their pull, so the coalition forces into a bitter struggle. At the same time, Silithus of three insect nest insect appears headed by the great master Zerg forces, coalition forces reserve has been fully put into crackdown. As of press time, there are thousands of insects in the beetle who adhere to the door of the soldiers, while an insect nest not break.

For the development of the war, hot sand fortress Hong Kong businessmen in Cenarion hold an emergency meeting. After two hours of close consultation, the meeting reached the following consensus: first, to send negotiators to visit the coalition forces commander in chief of the elite, be sure to get all the orders for the supply of allied forces in wartime; 2, hot sand to mobilize all the forces in Hong Kong to protect the land and sea transport of the two lines smooth; 3 for Orgrimmar and Stormwind City Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce, the competition, to take necessary means to safeguard the interests of the Chamber of Commerce.

After the meeting, hot sand, Mr. Wage Mu Hong Kong businessmen will press spokesman, said in an interview, has been kicked off the Ahn'Qiraj war for the hot sand brought unprecedented opportunities for Hong Kong, Chamber of Commerce will spare no effort to grasp The opportunity to create a commercial for a new record. When asked about the issue of commercial competition, the spokesman expressed that no comment....


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